n order to start the business he cut off the power cord of all the washing machines in the univers

@X-Hang: it’s a good thing to do the house cleaning, if you’re doing the house surrogate… I can’t think about it,

@ choose one and one: which is entrepreneurship ah, a crime just

this case, not to think it as shameful anti thought wing has also been a lot of the criticism:


@ G: the rocks with the early years of the road to sprinkle the nail, then open a shop around the tire road.

is now the mobile Internet era, more and more young people to join the business, although now the cost of entrepreneurship is low, but the success rate is very low. Basically, 99% of startups will die.

in the operation of ten months time, saw its rise and decline, but also used to big ups and downs, but let me feel a lot is to see a change in mentality – peace of mind. Both the grassroots webmaster or standing webmaster, have a dream, hope that one day wake up in the morning to see the site traffic surge, saw a long time stop website traces of Internet users. This attitude is good, but is not realistic, so this makes many webmasters have a quick mind, impatience will stumble, impatience will give competitors an opportunity, impatience will let us become irrational! So I think this kind of mentality objectionable when you see SEO data always changing. You will reach another realm, and this is also the winner must state — and.

reported that in April 18th, "home generation washing" on-line. Guo Chaoyu to Hohhot as a starting point, to verify the entire project model. Team selected 6 universities for experiential marketing, the first time laundry laundry free.

this "forced trial", so that the platform orders continued to increase, the impact also radiation to the surrounding 5 colleges and universities, one day received the highest number of orders 1100 copies, the first month profit of 600 thousand.

out of a bad idea. One Thursday, he and his team chose a college with a large number of male students, cutting off all the power lines of the washing machine in the dormitory building. "Four days in the dormitory can not laundry, forcing them to use the" house on behalf of washing. "."

@ antipruritic Angel: so, we have to use the Internet to think about thinking, people can stick condoms, why can’t we cut wires,

@ handsome kill: key also himself broke out also immensely proud of

4 days later, the team received only one order. "The students do not believe that, in case of clothing lost, washed clean, washed out how to do, so it can not go on."."

Sohu reported 10 million, financing 1500 universities "curtilage generation wash" in the first line, no orders, even sneaked into the university dormitory, cut off all power line self-service washing machine…



because of this, the success or failure of the hero theory has been a lot of entrepreneurs agree, some of them some crooked ideas.

"house for washing", Guo Chaoyu,

had a netizen to discuss the future of SEO, two of us almost fell out on , his view is that SEO is every day to do the chain, Links, leave your website traces in each of the major sites or forums, and my view is that no SEO is real SEO. With the upgrading of search engines and intelligent spider crawling, relying on human intervention to obtain high traffic and ranking, this has become history. Since this year’s 6.28 events, almost 90% of the grassroots webmaster have realized this, relying on the past that kind of chain for the emperor’s time has gone forever, and now let me to the quality of the article. A readable articles than the much better > put all sorts of things together.

, the author’s full-time work is miscellaneous, involving IT, marketing, logistics and other aspects, but the most interesting to me is the old line —IT. The final since 2008 debut, IT Mopagunda has more than four years, four years in this time, feel the change of IT bound fast shocking. My so-called changes are mainly technical, not business, sh419 is still the Internet leader, followed by Teng Xun, NetEase, Sina and Sohu. From the rise of micro-blog to the present full flowering, and then to the recent anti-corruption effect of micro-blog, I feel the future of the world is still the internet. The author has long ago had a dream of opening a pure news and commercial website, but for a variety of reasons, it eventually ran aground. The author is not lazy, but there are many issues to consider, and in this respect does not have any advantage, so the second choice of technology website — rice network an entrance easier, compared with the general population.


recently, I read a book, "mentality is the cornerstone of success", the book’s philosophy is that a good attitude is the beginning of success, but also the cornerstone of success. Success, =80% attitude, +13% skills, +7%, others. After reading, let me benefit a lot, this book is mainly about marketing skills and strategies, and replaced by the author would like to say that the topic is for the road network and I love the browser no weight, no traffic attitude.

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