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search alliance is very hard to make money, the vast majority of users may be more love directly with sh419 or shlf1314, they will be set to the home page, unless you do a very good web site, is welcomed by the vast number of users, like hao123, but really can do is very difficult; if you really want the site has a certain user, can be like the tomato garden or the East China sea… So, make the Ghost version of XP for users to download, of course, to do the system to set the home page for their own web site address, but now no one so much courage, because I really do and do strong, Microsoft will not miss you. So the use of search alliance is very hard to make money, whether shlf1314 or sh419 search search alliance alliance.

In fact, the use of !

provides the goods with the help of Wangzhuan, Taobao and ah where we are the sale of goods, we set up their own independent shop the sale of goods in the goods; in the form of shoes and bags and so on, also has the form of virtual game currency; there are also part-time full-time to the network commodity trading network operators hope every month; collect 35 bucket, also have a desire to become the next Ma; in the e-commerce world, do, do, there must be a harvest, but make less money, the big and the small problem! But a lot of attention to the electronic commerce network is very ideal, hope their Wangzhuan dream

provides physical Wangzhuan, ah, this group of friends, not easy! Every night playing games to earn promotion game currency, do care, 50 Fen party popular network, brush credit, top posts, little advertising, voting, playing awfully, make confusion on the diverted out ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

webmaster Wangzhuan small article in A5, has attracted many new Adsense reading, many of them are students, may be attracted by the upstart network success, perhaps by various kinds of network advocate lie Wangzhuan way temptation, may think is that they have unique network creative and paranoid obsession Wangzhuan, perhaps · · · · no matter what the reason is, since in the higher army to know what is "soft" webmaster Wangzhuan, here a simple comment on various Wangzhuan, in line with the spirit of sharing, I hope with you to discuss Master Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

there is also one that is not only immoral but also illegal, on the Internet

provide the intellectual Wangzhuan, whether we see all kinds of skills in the online transaction information website Witkey, change the code, do LOGO, design the enterprise brand, to help people write soft skills and so on sale, this kind of group become rich difficult Wangzhuan outbreak, but become Jinling white-collar workers and even it is possible to read this article estimates! Wangzhuan Master disdain to earn a penny,

is N days ago, but because the usual GG didn’t make too much of it seldom go to visit the background, that search alliance no income although rarely, but with less product. What is the income of itself fall because of his negligence lost, or very depressed, put the search alliance code webmasters to see your

shlf1314 search alliance, after upgrading the ad code more simple and easy to use, and can automatically update the products together with the maintenance of the code, can save the trouble.

did not change!

is a name with Wangzhuan this network platform to make money by means of this network platform to sell their information services, intellectual skills, physical goods, to provide information services! When you Wangzhuan, whether the Internet will open , do you often use sh419 search all kinds of information, do you often refer to all kinds of A5 webmaster consultation you are free! Right, membership fees and jump out of the advertisement, the price of sh419 advertising, IDC advertising service A5; is, if the site is carrier so it’s main source of income is Wangzhuan advertising and subscription fees; well, a site if the flow rate is high, the number of registered high, high viscosity, then it is Wangzhuan king, this is all really want to Wangzhuan the people dream, unfortunately, very difficult, very difficult, but more daydreaming, too many people. You can’t beat yourself,

! According to official reports Some time ago to write an article about the !

today to log on to the shlf1314 AdSensem account with shlf1314 background, union search tips in the report page: if you search code generation before January 7, 2009, please click here to generate a new search code. After February 16, 2009, the old search code will not work properly. If you have friends in the use of shlf1314 search alliance products, no upgrade to upgrade code, can not use the old code expired.


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