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can have the "startup" Startup as a special term used to refer to companies that are capable of rapid growth. If all the companies are essentially similar, but some of them because of luck or founder efforts and eventually led to the rapid growth of the company, so we don’t need a separate vocabulary, we only need to be divided into the "very successful company" and "less successful company".

when I say startups are being set up as companies that can grow rapidly, two things. On the one hand, it’s subjective, because most startups don’t do it. But also, startups are essentially different from other companies. Just like in the same environment, the seeds of a red shirt have a very different destiny from a pea seedling.

This is why

so, when after the summer vacation, people are going to school, and I was in a factory, I remember when I was in the Mid Autumn Festival is a day before, oh, this day can be really memorable ah. So, a year spent in the factory, it is because the relationship between my father and discord, decided to resign. At that time my mother told me to go back home first, so that we wouldn’t fight every day. It was September, and I set out on my way back home. After I returned to my hometown, I helped my grandfather finish the rice, and a week passed. The thinking of this can have a good time, who knows when a phone call, my mom, she said, had a job in Guangzhou, is to work in the hotel, is to work as an apprentice to pay 1800., to tell the truth, the first time feeling is not willing to. Have not returned home for 7 years, this time back home for a week, basically help me grandfather harvest rice. There is no spare time. I was almost finished, but I called when I was most excited and said it was only 3 days. In this way, I set foot on the way to Guangzhou. When I arrived in Guangzhou, I stayed at a relative’s house for a day and went to work at that hotel on the second day. I had to work at 4 in the morning. On the third day, the master said he would help me with the entry formalities, but when he came to the personnel department, the person who handled the procedure said: "this person is underage and can not go through the formalities of entry."." I was not surprised at the time, as had already been expected. I told my parents at the time that people might be underage in such a big hotel, but they said there could be, and I didn’t want to argue with them.

after a few days, one of my relatives said that an electronic processing is recruiting people, I did not say anything, calm into the processing plant. It’s an electronic tin spray. After a period of time, because there are a large number of chemicals, coupled with the machine’s more than and 200 degrees at the time of the working environment at 45 degrees, but it is very hot weather, soon appeared skin allergy. But I didn’t care.

Abstract: understanding growth is an essential part of an entrepreneurial company. When you start a business, what you really do is to solve problems more difficult than the average company. Your mission is to find some rare creative ideas that can grow quickly. Because these ideas are so valuable, they are hard to spot.

but as a matter of fact, startups do have different DNA than other companies. The difference between shlf1314 and barber shop is not because the former founder is lucky or very hard, but in the beginning, shlf1314 and barber shop is not the same.

startups is a company that is defined as a company that can grow at a rapid rate. "Just be created" does not allow a company to become the "startup" definition and Internet technology is not detached / "entrepreneurial company", risk investment is not, these startups are not important. The only important thing is growth, and the other concepts we add to startups are all from growth.


, it’s important to understand that if you want to start a business. Starting a business is very difficult. You can’t expect to stand on one side and succeed in doing nothing. You must realize that the growth of your company is the most important thing for you to pursue. Once your company grows, everything else will follow. That means you can use the term "growth of the company" as a compass to do almost anything.

with the passage of time and the reality of society, I grew up at a tremendous speed. One day, I wake up, every day on the Internet playing games have been boring, I know, can not go on like this. Although many people say I’m young, I know I’ll grow old again, and I have to speed up now.

, let’s start with an obvious and often overlooked distinction: not every new entrepreneur can be called an entrepreneurial company. In the United States, thousands of companies are established every year, and only a small percentage of them can be regarded as "start-up companies". Most services like restaurants, barber shops, plumbing business etc.. These are not startups, except for a few exceptions.

, 16, is supposed to stay on campus for a lot of people and wait for the final exam. And I chose to come to this society. Said to come to this society, in fact, at the age of 14. At that time, because I was in a period of youth rebellion, coupled with my father and my relationship is not good, every day in a row. Since I didn’t want to stay at home every day, I finally made a decision when I graduated from grade six, and I was going out to work.

wants to grow fast, and you need to have a product that has a huge market demand. That’s the difference between a shlf1314 and a barber shop

I told myself that it was better to lead a challenging life than to live in the fog of my life. Because of me >

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