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market research is an important basis for new product development and management decisions. Abroad, many years ago there were people who did research. In China, the financial crisis in the past two years, enterprises pay more attention to market research, but the high costs of professional investigation organizations so that enterprises flinch, retreat and choose cheap online survey.

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not all the "air traveler" will fill out the questionnaire as a kind of entertainment. More "air traveler" is rushed to the money. They hide in different online surveys, specialized questionnaires, the service is paid.

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also transferred off to speak a little small business skills. Now too many registered air traveler, not everyone has to do. As a result, some people may not receive a list once a month, and some people earn thousands of dollars a month. Fill in the quality according to the questionnaire, and the pay varies from person to person. Nanjing senior air traveler.

so she chose more than 10 high degree of credibility of the website transferred off wide net, the content involves all aspects of tourism products promotion, consumption of cosmetics, even beer such women do not contact the general survey questionnaire, she received several. "A questionnaire usually pays only twenty or thirty yuan, and it takes more than a month to get it." She called the long process "waiting for Godot’s surprise": "when you forget about it, you suddenly find that you have a lot of money in your account. It will make me happy for a few days."

Click to enter a transfer off network reporter. According to web site customer service, the site has hundreds of members, and every day with a larger number increments. Just as the registered customer service novice, enthusiastically explains to the reporter: enterprise website, website launched air traveler. Depending on the length of the questionnaire, an average of 10 – 200 yuan will be paid for a questionnaire.

"air traveler" universal expert in making money

"long legs Meimei" is a reporter’s high school classmate. After graduating from college, she did not find a nine to five regular job, but walked around the city with her bag on her back. Along the way, she was walking part-time to earn money, to travel magazine contributions, do ritual miss, the road funny DV, uploaded to tudou. A few months ago, she joined the "air traveler" group. She said, tired, they find a place to rest, open the computer, do a questionnaire, which is a life of tension relaxation swap, does not plan to make money.

modern life regulating drugs

at home by clicking the mouse to fill in a questionnaire can also make money? The reporter recently discovered in Douban, a network of part-time team has always been very fire in the addition of a new occupation — "air traveler". group also has two or three friends of the signature changed to "I am", "today you do" this kind of nonsense words. A privately asked, they are through electronic questionnaire in a special web site to earn points, redeem prizes, cash coupons or "air traveler" group. "Pig Witkey network" has been "transferred off" included in the "new age of the Internet all sorts of occupations".

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