Business philosophy four steps to the development of nternet business talk about the development o

although I’m only an amateur, and the forum is not independent, but for the support and trust of the members, I will try to do the forum well, and I hope Members can and >

contact Wangzhuan from 06 years to now have 3 years of much time. In these 3 years, I have learned a lot of knowledge about Wangzhuan, also because of the higher, let me touch the free space, but also to the free forum, find themselves can do it, is very happy. So I started a free road of the site, because it is free, but more sets of templates, simple, and now I stand still free forum – freezing Wangzhuan forum.

forum is out of interest, just want to use their spare time on the Internet to get to know some friends, learn more about some of the information, oh, also want to experience when the owners of the fun! So the forum first not do Wangzhuan, but a comprehensive leisure class. After the forum established soon, I also contact Wangzhuan soon, found that many do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Forum on in every promotion, and if I want to compare the new Wangzhuan project is also often to each Wangzhuan forum to see, so it is the original forum to the freezing point at the beginning of the forum. Wangzhuan forum do not know, not to mention the development, just follow the direction of other forums, see what I can do is what they do, because I’m just an amateur, in the site belongs to a rookie, did not learn what site knowledge, just put out the framework of the forum, and then several posts in the above, do not know how to, how to promote the website optimization, just self-help links to other forum under the propaganda posts, however, by Often brush off, sometimes being banned. Because there is no plan of its own, so the whole of the forum has changed from time to time, hoping to do better. So, although much effort has been spent on it, the development of the forum has not been very smooth. But later, because of the time, is also the graduation work, almost did not do what the new Wangzhuan project, only a few surveyed have insisted that there was a time to stop the development of the forum also almost, so once also had to give up the idea of the forum, but after all is spent a lot of energy here, and there are a lot of member support, still not willing to, each time the Internet will be unable to restrain the emotions to look at the forum, I still insist on down. But before I mainly do is higher, do now is the main forum.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

This forum is just the beginning of the establishment of the

will contact Wangzhuan, because spare time when the university is adequate, often online, and did not know what to do, so the thought in making money online, sh419 search has brought me to the world of wangzhuan. Because of the higher to publicity, so the post everywhere, all right just go to the forum, also found free resources. Just begin to contact the free forum when I was around for a free forum, most of the Forum; also have a long time, but until now it only freezing the Wangzhuan forum.

topic: Internet career development four steps

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M: Internet companies want to survive and develop, must meet some of the needs of users.

O: overview of the network development process, to meet the needs of what will be the corresponding achievements of the Internet business.

m: through my years of observation and Research on the Internet, combined with the practice of E concluded that: in the era of network economy, J: "leading the demand" as the principle of judgment, C: stand in the height of history, future oriented foreshadowing method, the P1: P2: explore the demand, build the platform P2-1: to build business platform, build the operating platform, P2-2: P3: P4: follow up the effective marketing ideas, thus G produced a strong momentum of development to establish Internet enterprise, enterprising, innovation, leading the trend of the image, and get the majority of users and investors to.


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