Change the way of thinking by Trish law method to improve Wangzhuan incomeHow to write a detailed pl

what is the target crowd gathered? For example, we operate a long time 10 yuan member promotion project, because Hui long time mainly to do money saving rebate business, so we want to find the target crowd

in order to overcome the aforementioned shortcomings, we need to do: 1, user top paste; 2, reduce the steps. The older man I know has done this he has licensed me to publish his method, because he says someone has already started doing so:

if we recall the general promotion, we find that there are too many steps to implement. To BBS and paste it as an example, general promotion way is BBS and stick it, post left links to attract users click on registration. There are at least two drawbacks:

first find the target crowd gathering place, especially BBS paste bar and group. Let’s take the forum as an example.

The defects of

first, if the user is interested in clicking on the link, then leave the forum or paste it, so that he does not top paste; if the user is not interested, he will not paste. In this way, no one posts, the post will sink, and the reading will drop…… Even more frightening is that the post with a link to the moderator is deep hatred in the flesh, it is difficult to escape the fate of being deleted.

‘s law and general generalization

I don’t know what is Tracy’s law, according to the old habits, sh419 search, sh419 encyclopedia explanation is this: " Trish Law refers to: " " any work difficulty and the step number is proportional to the square: for example, the job was done the 3 step, the 9 is the work difficulty, there are 5 steps to complete the other work, 25 is the work difficulty, it is necessary to simplify the work flow. "

Admin5 submitted an article named "role change: you still pick Witkey registration money task?", after they found my then asked some questions about the promotion details. In fact, many times the promotion of the effect is not good, are not appropriate means of promotion. Today to provide you with a train of thought, how to optimize their way of promotion.

‘s method of optimizing generalization steps with Tracy’s law

A few days ago in

second, too many steps to execute. We assume that in the sh419 post bar, a popular post bar issued a post, there is a user saw, click, but also registered. Then this process, at least of the following steps: 1, users see this post; 2, the user clicks on the link into the registration page left; 3, users determine the credibility and value of resources; 4, user registration is completed. In this process, there are at least 4 steps, according to Tracy’s law, the difficulty is 16. As long as users hesitate in any link, they may lead to failure. Therefore, the execution steps must be lowered.

for venture firms that are seeking funding, the business plan is the company’s telephone call card. The success or failure of a business plan often determines the success of an investment transaction.

    risk of start-up enterprises, the business plan is very important, a brewing in the project, often very vague, by making a business plan, write down the pros and cons of reason. After the detailed scrutiny. Entrepreneurs will have a clearer picture of the project. It can be said that the business plan is first to plan the enterprise to be created to promote the entrepreneurs themselves.

 ,   secondly, the business plan also helps to sell the planned venture business to venture capitalists. One of the main purposes of the company’s business plan is to raise funds. Therefore, the business plan must explain:

    1 the purpose of the establishment of the enterprise – why take risks, spend energy, time, resources and funds to start venture enterprises?

 ,   2 how much money do you need to start an enterprise? Why do you need so much money? Why are investors worth injecting money into this? The construction of the venture, the business plan for the development of enterprises set a more specific direction and focus, so that employees understand the business objectives, and motivate them to strive for the common goal. More importantly, it can be funded enterprises and suppliers, vendors and other companies understand the operating conditions and business goals, persuading investors original or new to provide funds for the further development of enterprises.

 ,   for these reasons, the venture plan will be the most important of the business documents that entrepreneurs write. So, how do you develop a business plan?

    how to write a business plan,

    business plan that can not provide investors with sufficient information can make investors excited, it will be thrown into the dustbin. In order to ensure that the business plan can "hit the target", entrepreneurs should do the following:


    in the business plan, and the enterprise shall provide all the products or services of the relevant details, including the implementation of all survey enterprises. These questions include: what stage of development is the product in? How unique is it? What is the method of distribution of products? Who will use the products of the enterprise, and why? What is the production cost of the product and how much is the selling price? New modernization of Enterprise Development >

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