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has experienced changes in the 2014, trial and error, entered in 2016, more and more enterprises began to try to embrace win-win situation. 2017, marriage + Internet business will be more return to business rationality, industry consolidation situation will open.

wedding reservations, you can tap the value of the supply chain

when other people play computer games, when people are watching movies online, when people chat, and think of themselves at this time in the online money, it is a sense of accomplishment and pride. I pay a monthly income of thousands, but the income of Wangzhuan have different significance. Once I break my own path on the Internet, it is possible to achieve financial freedom and achieve passive income. This is what I aim to achieve.

contact Wangzhuan for three years. From the beginning of PC to play balls, then set up their own websites, along the way through a lot of ups and downs. 2009 is the network of money to make the winter, Xiao Xiao cold wind so many owners heart retreat meaning. A master said: don’t crush Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, just a legend. I just love the Wangzhuan, and is obsessed with. Wangzhuan have with my life even with my body. Here I list five reasons I love wangzhuan.


wedding pie

channel type platform, from point to chain

this is not a sleight of hand, no more than chicken eggs for sale, the money on the network not casually send an ad can earn, what you need to find out what users want to continue on, people think. Therefore, a good Wangzhuan master, must be a good master of psychology. He is good at analyzing what users think and want, and then formulate strategies for online marketing according to these.

character: Beauty reviews general manager of marriage division Yang Feng, commercial director of publicity, Nanjing sh419 Nuomi wedding wedding network CEO Zhao Xueyang, the wedding party co-founder Ren Liru, Tao Wang Chong, pat Co CEO for shoot founder Sun Peng, Ji Wu Yi, wedding wedding partnership tycoon founder Qin Yan and honey wedding hall remember the founder Zhang Yehan and Qian hunt overseas Honeymoon Wedding founder Gai Yongbo, the other unnamed person in charge of the enterprise is no longer mentioned here. At the same time, marriage also contacted several benchmark attention wedding industry investors and senior industry researcher, Zheng Rongxiang marriage students monitor, respectively do in-depth communication and observers from the investment perspective, to facilitate cross to get some useful information.

, I’ve been improving for three years. But I feel like I’m just trying hard to die

2, can timely understand the Wangzhuan project information.

5, Wangzhuan can make me learn how to do business.

talks about the plight of the wedding booking platform: phased and regional. Nanjing Wedding Network CEO Zhao Xueyang said: we put the platform positioning for the Nanjing wedding, see the name to know, we didn’t expect the rapid expansion of a short period of time with a city, we firmly believe that: cultivating regional market needs.

3, you can make money online.

stands on the time node of "leaving the old and welcoming the new". The marriage vane summarizes the key words to record the growth process of the married enterprise: live, cool down the capital, brand precipitation, embrace the win-win situation and pan entertainment. Only by taking the pulse, can the enterprise develop healthily. To this end, we have arranged 10 entrepreneurs, 4 investors and 1 senior researchers in the trade to consider the depth of the wedding market.

a few years ago I knew of Ma Yun, Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, why should people, but I do not know shlf1314, Gu sister, but because I Wangzhuan, I must pay attention to the network information every day, then I know Wangzhuan, understand, Wang Tong, Wang Zijie, for a long time, know some frontier Wangzhuan project. So I occasionally make a small fortune, and no longer ask three, 250.

entrepreneurs rethink: every subdivision has its own pits,

4, Wangzhuan can make friends.

years of experience in contact with a lot of Wangzhuan, although senior swindlers or duped yourself from, but I also met a lot of friends. When I sometimes can’t get on the Internet and do things, I can contact them by telephone to help me deal with them in time. Although we haven’t met each other yet, they seem to have known each other for a long time.

The enterprises involved in the

no matter what kind of industry you are going to do, you want to break through a single point, and then plan the whole industry chain business.

a few years ago I was a tennis fanatic, I was just playing online games . But after several years of Wangzhuan experience, today I can not only their own website, do some optimization, I can even put on the advertising code or website link ads I can even make money; on my web members free Wangzhuan training, and received a good evaluation.

beauty group general manager of division of marriage Yang Feng comments: the development of an industry will experience different stages. The first is to have the richness of content, SKU, and would consider the scene, and finally to make the difference. There will be some integrated service providers in the future, from the service point of view is a whole, but in the industry point of view, there are still some social division of labor exists, that we can do big things.

sh419 Nuomi married business director of publicity mentioned: "not all companies can have this strength, one up will be able to shop a whole industry chain one-stop service.". For this landing service company, or have their own entry point, to be able to make their own entry point to do a deep, and then consider other directions.

1, Wangzhuan can induce me to keep learning, and constantly improve their skills.

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