Carefully explore jumei com’s successful operation philosophy

‘s daily sales reached 500 million yuan, more than 2 million orders, and the peak period of more than 1000 orders per second, in addition, the logistics department fully operational, the day there are 400 thousand parcels issued. Yes, this is the powerful give us 3rd anniversary anniversary day sales data, is not strong enough and shock. To tell you the truth, sales transcripts like this. In China’s emerging electricity supplier sales system is indeed rare, but why the growth of only 2 years of the United States can achieve such a huge change, I think there are several operational philosophy that we need to learn.

chose the right market at the right time. Yes,’s success in addition to its price advantage, more is to research and analysis of the market, compared to around 2010 most merchants settled in comprehensive group purchase field is not the same, began to build a vertical cosmetics electricity provider platform from the beginning, but when began to get involved, like Jingdong, Suning and Taobao are not on the field of discovery, which makes can accumulate and dig yourself in 2 years time, and achieve better development. But beauty affects women and fashion, is a billion level market, therefore, a good entrepreneurial project is not something more perfect, but the choice of a potential and competitiveness of small businesses, to avoid the edge, is the development of a new business.

is good at using marketing strategy. As 80 representatives, Chen Ou itself in the use of popular media is quite well, not only that, Chen Ou also combines the brand features of, released a series of Chen outI, a time for’s popular name especially the main audience on both sides of the Changjiang River, college students and other young groups of women, the potential consumer to bring is huge. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the United States can not only promote Chen Ou using traditional publicity channels, but also personally on TV shows, such as "you", in the television exposure more on the United States to continue to promote the brand culture and value, large-scale propaganda plus line from the beginning of 1st anniversary, take two forms of voice and I speak for myself, now brand influence has been quite deep.

stagger the conflict between peer development. As everyone knows, in addition there are many cosmetics business platform, like the electric grid,, cosmeceutical nets are Lasafo, which is one of the most influential, as started earlier than, more resources than the United States, celebrity (Li Jing) than a company of poly meiqiang that is a huge barrier for any one to get involved in the cosmetics industry enterprises, and can influence on the development of it is good, this should be attributed to’s business philosophy, and the long short solution. Le Feng attaches importance to the development of its own brand. It is an integrated mode of "social shopping guide + man’s economy + its own brand and agent brand", while is the B2C based on the brand name

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