Website change program before and after

website, to choose a good use of the powerful security of the entire station program is the most important. But my 5 star network composition ( from preparing for production without taking this into account, such as a little bigger website, a little more traffic, there’s a small problem, a variety of problems. The minor problem is too slow to be processed in the review of the composition. It is difficult to handle. It means that the server will not support this function and that function will happen again. Only time and again to find the server’s technical personnel, people have repeatedly given me the right to open (I am also a virtual host user), but ultimately powerless.

because the color of the site is not suitable for primary and secondary school students, there is no certain attraction for primary and secondary students, so around March 10th, looking for network master to help change the program, change the color. It turned out, but it didn’t work. Nothing can be done. Help to deal with friends, by the way: "brother, you change this program, sooner or later have to change.". No change will hinder the website continues to develop. For the long-term development of the site is very unfavorable. I happen to have the same idea, so I asked about the price. As I expected, I promised to change the program by the way. Provide the risk guarantee by stationmaster net intermediary.

time goes by, and the database of the web is converted from MSSQL2000 to MYSQL, and the program is replaced with the latest version of dedecms. The server has also been upgraded. Maybe it’s technology. There are two small problems after my website conversion:

, all ID all the new composition, is very unfavorable for search engines.

two, all the papers belong to the administrator. All registered members have returned their compositions to zero. This is a big blow to the members.

for the above two cases, I began to solve the first problem, so I put all the old station data in the new station space to upload, because it is static page, so do not interfere with each other. The aim is not to lose too much IP. The effect is OK, but then I thought, if this continues, not what big benefit to the website, so in third days old all the data to be deleted, after consulting the webmaster friends online. A 404 error page was placed on the web site. It is said that it will not affect the weight of the website. Don’t mention it, it guarantees my keyword ranking and website speed. There is also a lot of members in the web site can not publish the composition during the accumulation of a lot of writing, the site is running, a large number of original composition emerged. This is also very beneficial to the website. This is what is done in the face of the first point. As you all know, I’m here only to tidy up. And contacted the reality.

in the second case, I did that. First of all, in the 5 star opened the first time, the timely launch of A.

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