Discussion on the responsibility and status quo of love and marriage websites and Solutions


because love and marriage sites often become the base of marriage fraud, especially some of my friends "lucky" has experienced such an event, so write down this text. Not only hope to improve the preventive abilities of school-age men and women, also want to give many dating websites an executable and effective solution to reduce fraud case.

love is sacred, marriage is solemn, love and marriage website is the modern communication mode, the first pass, there is an inescapable responsibility. So, more hope that many love sites do not just "customer is God" hanging in the mouth,


why is there widespread sex fraud

remember that in 2012 August, around a man because of the marriage age home reminders of the emergency as soon as possible in order to determine the other half, until now several well-known dating sites registered information, and pay a high membership fees, hoping to meet the other half.

one Saturday he was going to go out with a girl who met him on his dating website. Originally thought to have the opportunity to finalize the marriage, but did not expect is that the girl is a black restaurant liar, commonly known as "support".


day, a friend to see each other feeling and photo – like is the kind of difference is not as big, but also unknowingly to a very ordinary restaurant, just a fruit and drinks, the price is very expensive. He felt as if something was wrong, feel this restaurant is black restaurant, the girl is the bait, they have a bite of fish.

finally, the man found a reason and quickly left the scene, otherwise the loss would be more than thousands.

or more is the whole thing. Then I searched for Baidu keyword "marriage website fraud", search results are as high as about 1300000, the amount of fraud can not be estimated. This shows the universality and seriousness of marital fraud.

wrote this text, I just hope that love and marriage website to take the initiative to assume their responsibilities. But it may be a bit unrealistic to expect love websites to do these things on their own initiative. Because they themselves like some of the relevant departments, the difficulties of the mouth, but do not make any action.

the nature of marriage

what is marriage? Personally, marriage is a contract, and participation is partners.

this Contract consists of two parts: the spiritual contract and the material contract.

material contract, that is, necessary production and living materials, ordinary cars, houses, tickets and so on. This part of the contract is protected by relevant laws.

spiritual contract is the spiritual consensus outside the legal protection of both sides of cooperation, including family values, values and loyalty

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