Summit dialogue listen to VC in the face of crisis or listen to your own

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China General Manager Ouyang Bin

guests: Wang Zhidong, President of the hit technology, precious network chairman Li Song, general manager of fine network Hu Ziwei, UCWEB chairman Lei Jun, HiPiHi chairman and CEO Xu Hui.

Wang Zhidong: every time the financial crisis is good, the entrepreneur is dependent on VC’s support and investment, and often there is a contradiction between listening to their own or listening to VC, when the market is good, often listen to VC.

because you don’t listen to VC, he might say, for example, you have to finance, but if you don’t listen to Wall Street after listing, his stock will fall, and they will have different assessments.

I think the financial crisis is a very good opportunity, that is, I can finally do not listen to VC, because VC himself does not know what he is thinking, do not know what they are doing. So, I think it’s also a question for me to ask myself. When I was in the financial crisis, how do I listen to VC from the past and ask me to do the right thing and translate myself into doing the right thing by listening to myself?. What will we probably do next year against this principle?

Lei Jun: I answered the question. Google practices the first, everything is customer centric, everything else comes in.

host Ouyang Bin: what do you think of Li Zong,


Li Song: before this, some companies have the scale of it, the first thing to do now, in front of the time into the money is relatively easy, there are several projects in, no previous funding environment is relatively good, now to see their own projects, to choose three items, choose one of your most I hope to conclude, then there are two projects to reluctantly turned off. If not, there’s reason for self-discipline now.

second, now talk about costs, because income can be wishful thinking, but the most control is your cost. Second you need to see the cost, you have to everyone in the whole company of each position in the end what to do? What is the value of his, because a real problem is that many people will tell you things but inspirational, confidence is very important, but there are practical problems to deal with. As is Chinese Goujian history’s greatest story, he must still have a concrete step in how to survive three years, in turn call Wu Wang, to each company for each position each past performance can play what role in the company now, the reduced time must streamline. It’s cruel of you to do it, but your first priority is to survive, and then you can survive.

also said the income, if you are now just now founded the enterprise business model relies on advertising is not reliable, if the advertising model, to a user, and then have the income, have such features. If you look at the Internet for the first time, the winter is created inside

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