What’s the outlet for personal websites for 03 years in 2008

rarely writes anything, usually as a spectator or as an observer. Like to see other people’s success stories, use other people’s shadow to control themselves. Many webmaster every day in the conflict are in doubt of their hard build websites can not succeed in the end, what is the way out? I am currently a source of Empire (www.ymdg.net) ordinary webmaster, I only use my 5 years experience writing experience. Only to share with you, go on.

03 years,

I graduated from college in June and started contacting websites in 03. It was pretty new at that time. Fewer companies have their own websites. Getting acquainted with the industry is because of my first job after graduation. A network company to do local real estate class website, at that time don’t know how he make money, because at that time, very few people know what the website is, and do not know what can get from the website. In learning to program website design, server security maintenance and so on to do such work, in the six months after the site has picked up a small city of 80% real estate agents have become members of the site, charges 1200 yuan a year. Also with the local TV station, the intermediary fees for membership websites of real estate information released for free on television channel properties, then the real estate intermediary website has member based, as has been implemented with charging intermediary fees can be extended to the bottom member of the real estate industry. Site did not step too fast, the second involved in property related decoration company. Many people know that when the decoration companies are learned from the newspapers between colleagues and friends, online to find some local decoration company channels is relatively small, because of the real estate intermediary in the background, so the website to enter the local decoration company like a lot of experience similar, let the decoration company to become a member, make recommendations on a regular basis local TV channel property. The company is not a lot of people, such a network company also has about 800000 of the income a year, at that time to help decoration company members to do a company web site to 8000-10000, because there were fewer people at that time.

          03 years of learning is from one door to the line, thanks to this year, let oneself to this network industry accumulation interest. Actually, it’s very important to do it. Sometimes, interest keeps people insisting on something. Maybe later, you will find that the past insisted on the final success because you have been interested in the dictates. Summed up 03 years of experience, is to do site, blind obedience, from a small place to start, such as intermediary companies from small start, with their own listings information to create their own local property site information features. Two. There are patterns of differentiation that differ from other websites. Such as fees, members can free television, real estate channels released. Differentiation model is the most characteristic of their website. 04 years post to

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