The webmaster please look at the Baidu straight

no one who convinced in this era, there is a gangster named Baidu, he made millions of webmaster to love, he can let the webmaster get up after the first site, and then rinse after brushing.

the parents, can not listen, leadership instruction can unheeded advice for Baidu, but the announcement, entrance exam is not so serious, big guy Studuy, words repeated to pay tribute, but his deterrent is so amazing!

pull the wool, drop down, do not touch the pain body, but what a torture does not let the webmaster made my


, webmaster is likely to say of injustice, no way, Baidu bring us flow, Baidu bring us benefits, Baidu is our God ah, this fantastic argument, the webmaster every day in the call, the media also followed the banner, thus forming a vicious circle, Baidu is cut, the higher prestige the new sites included, more slowly, more people are desperately on the front page of Baidu links, Baidu and Baidu tried to please, but did not appreciate, there are people out of the "is playing hurt, strict is the love theory, the strange thing is, this theory we have received. Here, I just want to make a few points of my own, thank you very much Admin5, give me the right to speak, thank CCTV, thank you…….

first discussed whether Baidu brought us traffic

old users are aware, in the absence of the search engine era, then only represented by the YAHOO web directory and search engine development, let us experience down convenient, fully aware of the Internet information flow, which is the historical progress, is a search engine for the web directory is inevitable, is a the trend, so the atmosphere uses many excellent search engines, such as google. Google earlier than Baidu, even without Baidu, there will still be more people know the search engine.

here, let’s suppose, if we don’t have Baidu, will we still have traffic? The answer is yes, because people will Google or something else.

if you have 100 people to find information about the QQ, even more than 10 of Baidu, but still 100, did not come out, Baidu has to do is to snatch the Google and other search engine market, and the webmaster daily staring at the counter, they concluded that Baidu brings to them the flow. In fact, we turn to think, if not Baidu, you flow almost unchanged, but the source is different. To know a really good, he in Baidu and Google are among the best or not much difference between the position.

again, is it possible that Baidu has improved our economic performance

The desire to buy

is spontaneous and subjective and does not increase with Baidu. Let’s assume that there are 100 people who want to find information about the TV set and have a desire to buy. According to the current market share of Baidu, 60 >

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