Advertising League ads cheated finally learned how to choose the Alliance


website is growing day by day, and the team of our webmaster is also expanding, which has spawned more and more advertising alliances. What is the advertising alliance, many webmaster all know, advertising alliance with their own platform advertisers in their ads, and then they went to pull the webmaster, registered as their members, and members in station advertising code, finally through the registration, click, sales to get your own royalty! To put it plainly, they represent our website’s advertising position, and act as intermediary between our webmaster and advertiser.

In fact, the

advertising alliance, our website advertising is a layer of color, they helped us find advertisers, help us deal with all matters of cooperation, so we webmaster get the money, this is a beautiful thing for us. However, there are frauds in every industry, and advertising alliance is no exception. As more and more advertising associations emerge, many alliances have credit problems, which seriously damage our interests.

said, I have to mention six months ago some experience, at that time, my site rankings and traffic are not high, automatic access to advertisers very few, but I want to earn money. See many websites are doing GG and Baidu advertising alliance, they all said that the two alliance of good credit, and gold, I will apply for GG to earn dollars, did not expect is that the threshold so hard, finally did not make such a dollar bounce.

does not apply to GG advertising, slowly but there are many unknown alliance to look for me, see them automatically to find the door, I don’t have to apply, my heart still flattered, not even agree on how to consider an alliance, not long after I discovered a problem with their data, they the data is not updated every day, and their statistics are not accurate, old say their statistics system is very stable, very helpless people, one month down I have no confidence, do not earn what.

eat a loss, or to earn money, the League still to do, in order to find the good reputation of the union, I found the advertising alliance evaluation network, the online evaluation also saw before I cheated the alliance, users of its credit rating is poor, if I knew before this website that it would not suffer. Where the election of a comprehensive evaluation of users better in data released on the alliance, they will not appear fairly fair, deduction amount phenomenon, the income of the site also grew slowly, I have more energy to do optimization to improve traffic.

advertising alliance can bring great convenience to our webmaster, but choose not good, there will be a lot of problems, for the development of the site, not to damage our pockets, we must be on the league’s reputation, quality of service, the checkout is on time, their service is not steady stability evaluation, so as to to protect our interests, our stationmaster income was more.

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