Discussion on the deficiencies and correction methods of local real estate websites

often faces a thing for a long time, it is difficult to find the problem. Generally, there is no problem, there is the bottleneck of development, lost the growth of space, slowly, unknowingly disappeared. This is a basic law, as the saying goes, Those closely involved cannot see clearly.

"Crazy" real estate tide, the emergence of a wave of real estate networks, each other unlimited scenery. I drift with the tide more than three, after the occasional jump out, calm down, carefully examined, and found that the local property site there are a number of deficiencies.

one: once the pursuit of advertising, listings visual effects of poor

needless to say, everybody knows it well. Literally open a little bit famous local property network, it is not difficult to find, advertising occupies most of the space. Want to find a need for housing.

I saw it myself. A friend asked me for a second-hand room in my home network. You are very impatient to close the pop-up ads, then, squinting to find their own concern housing information, then the information attached to its geographical location query on Baidu maps, and then query its surrounding facilities (schools, hospitals, commercial establishments), query the bus line to the real estate and so on. For a long time, his computer even crashed. The reason is very simple, he originally configured bad computer, a while time opened a dozen Web pages.

I’m so ashamed. I’ve always felt so good about myself that my friends on the web have been so bad since then, I seem to have come to realize a serious lack of property: the real experience and needs of customers. We supply information should be combined with the map to do, it is the image very intuitive, especially second-hand housing information; and as far as possible will supply around the supporting information presented in the map, to give customers a glance feeling. What is more, in addition to the bus system implanted into the system, but also with weather forecasts, the other party can go to real estate, given time prompted, as a whole to visitors to care, thoughtful information services. This approach also undoubtedly enhances visitors’ stickiness of the site, improves visitor recall and site traffic.

two: a room price and timely display of transaction data, missing

secondary housing information display to achieve the effect of a room price is not difficult, but also the general secondary housing display is doing so. The key is new property development, this is a serious lack of many property networks, basically marked by the average price has been OK.

according to my three years of experience in real estate network, more and more visitors, which is concerned with the price of the house which are what apartment layout, apartment layout preferences, the transaction has been much, what is left in the apartment layout since the opening price trend, etc.. These issues are the concern of visitors, and it is the content of these concerns, our property network missing and unaware.

, we need to build a stream >

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