Talking about the skills of retaining web users

stood in the user’s point of view, the general Internet users are covered in order to find something of interest, we must grasp this point, lock users, content and complete as much as possible within the scope of supply for users, if your website does not have what content, or the readability is not high even if a little the user can not stay, not to mention two clicks, garbage station do good garbage station, only to earn advertising fees.

The appropriate paging

long text can first improve your web speed, but also can make your customers stay in your site longer, but also upgrade the site of PV, Why not?? but not for paging and paging, paging is a double-edged sword, not alert will let you customer dissatisfaction away, it must be careful.

make full use of popular keywords, if you have time, you can do as much as possible, you can use some popular keywords. With Baidu, GOOGLE search, look at the front page, if a is full of people’s home page, you can give up, if thrown all the inside pages, you can use this control popular keywords, the next step is to find out the ranking on the first page, the title, keywords, description, content copy down processing optimization, make your page showing a new look at Baidu, Google and other search engines before, because you are in the first place was basically processed, so all aspects will be more than the original "better and more outstanding. Finally, we do a good job in the station connection, then your web page should be more perfect, so perfect and perfect web page, why not worry about Baidu, Google double esteem and face up to it?

still wants to mention original content, the originality of website content is very important to a website. If you want to run your website well, I advise you not to be lazy and collect other people’s content. If you are keen on collecting, right when I said before is. You can do it yourself.

in fact, the original article is not complete, you write, the simplest method of making a brief amendment. this is my website, basically is original and for the original combination of updates, first amend the content title, modify the content of the text, text size, text changes, change the status of the text and so on.

retain users the most effective measures or the production of hot topics, hot topic is a focus that attracts people, you can target people near a stage is very concerned about the topic made a mutual contact hot topics, such as the stage of "Li Kaifu" topic according to the topic, making the catch the customers are interested in, let them be your website

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