Blog was black harvest nine benefits Adsense growth path

two days ago, confused blog was hung black chain, the whole station up and down thousands of files are linked to the betting site links. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Blog has also gained me a lot through it. I always feel that the invasion of websites is a wonderful thing. Before that, I was looking forward to it. On site safety is not how much, this was linked to the black chain it took me two days to repair, but I was puzzled, confused daily traffic is not much, the blog itself has no weight, and hang up the link is the chain, the other party did not see my blog a daily update? This up link will be deleted immediately, so what is the point? The final conclusion, the other should be "novice", take my blog "practice"


dedecms said that this program vulnerabilities very much, it was over WordPress dedecms is wrong? In fact, web application security programs have bugs It differs from man to man., what, then the high site security defense also more powerful attack, perhaps dedecms bugs are more, but this is mainly black because I’m too lazy, don’t care about site security issues, dedecms’s official website released the patch did not update, so that two months ago I was yesterday to patch update, rough and check the website by black holes, if so, should be the dedecms variable injection raised two times by SQL injection vulnerability, and this is more than a month ago, dedecms’s official website has been released a patch, a month after the site was out of the question, this is lucky.

is a blessing in disguise, the harvest

one, I became the real webmaster,

said no experienced website right down and website is not really black webmaster webmaster, I think I have the experience of the former, and the latter, I successfully upgraded to a webmaster (and no experience fail the exam of the university is not complete, and I also realized, hee hee!)

two recognizes that hackers are just so

always thought how terrorist hackers actually think carefully, the other is not like us who do, or maybe a handsome guy or girl, but they were able to make this kind of hurt things really puzzling, and this event also allows me to deal with the site more calm incident, hackers are not aware of (this is just terrible was hung black chain, if encountered horse or delete the program, I would be unable to cope with the fact, after it is) can be calm, because hackers (relatively Kazakhstan) can’t guard, can prevent hackers general enough, because they don’t need to always attack website this is the reason, let the webmaster very awful.


three to help develop a backup website habit

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