MAOY how does individual webmaster select the theme of the website

every time when it comes to doing a variety of topics, many personal webmaster friends often sigh, now do not know what the theme of the site is good. With Baidu and Google search, it seems that what websites already have, and now do a "domestic exclusive", "domestic only" type of site is unlikely. Even if your website is "first in China", it will not take long to follow the trend of the website will emerge again and again. Regardless of the company or individual website, blindly follow the trend, what fire what new, follow what to do, this is also the Internet content theme repeated serious a big reason.

produces a large number of websites under the same topic, and there are not many winners at the end, and most websites are difficult to achieve the desired success. Such as QQ, non mainstream, music, and even webmaster sites. Some of the topics of audience, but had some sites The early bird catches the time if you do not have enough, capacity, time and money, or do not follow as well. Even if you do, you can only limit a small part of the traffic, it is difficult to become a climate, it is better to do other topics. As the saying goes when Ning foxnut not the tail, with the old site who has the famous grab traffic, as a theme let yourself flow. For example, you do mobile sites and mobile phone home, these veteran sites grab traffic obviously impossible, beyond them more impossible. But if you specialize in mobile software, mobile phones, wallpaper and other content, the odds are great, and it seems more professional website, more prominent user groups. Now many of these small theme websites are very moist, and many people look down on small topic websites, but small topics do not represent traffic and small profits. Small flow does not mean small profits, the key lies in the value of traffic, many times the value of 10 IP can exceed 100 thousand IP, such examples are not uncommon.

website theme selection is the first step to do the theme of the site, all sorts of strange things, as long as want to, a superb collection of beautiful things, you can make it. Ten subjects we often say: first class: Second Class: online job; online chat / instant messaging / ICQ; third: online community / discussion / mailing list; Fourth: computer technology; fifth categories: Web / web development; Sixth categories: entertainment website; seventh: eighth: travel; reference / information; Ninth / 10: family education; class: Life / fashion; each category can continue to breakdown.

, such as entertainment, is subdivided into sports, movies, music, and so forth. Music can be divided into MP3, VQF, Ra and so on. It can be divided into classical, modern, rock and roll. At the same time, the theme of each link and cross combination can produce new subjects, such as Tourism Forum (Travel + discussion), classic goal play (Football + video), so divided, there are thousands of subjects. Even train time inquiries, but also subdivided into K prefix, train time inquiries, T prefix, train inquiries at all times, EMU time inquiries and so on. The following principles should be followed for selecting a web site theme:

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