Classified information 08 years’ development of second hand websites

is now flooded with local websites such as classified information, secondary sites, and so on. It’s a big pile of searches on Baidu. For example, you search Tianjin second-hand, the same site has 6-7, I think most of them are individual stations, smaller, how to survive?. No matter what it is, it becomes garbage. So how did the secondary network survive? I have a suggestion for you to see:

first wants to register a good name domain name, many second-hand nets all contain the 2S word in the website, this is for lets the visitor remember well, attracts the repeat guest. Than, Guangdong, used, Zhengzhou used, also useful zip code, registration, such as 022 is the city’s area code. Of course, the domain name, but also to choose a good space, because it is a local site, the daily IP500-1000 has been good, and some new sites are less than 200IP, many people hang a domain name is to sell. My suggestion is that when it is done, it is necessary to do it carefully, and then there will be all, it will be out of many practitioners, recognized by the public.

domain + space + program = this is only the first step; even

second is promotion, I suggest from two points, first, from the network promotion, optimize one or two key words, more to the local BBS communication. The two is due to the local station is close to real life, so to promote from the real life, you can print some advertising alone, let a student to give you publicity, early for businesses free login information, if the development of good development, every 10 VIP, at least more than 3000 months. My Tianjin second-hand ( is built a professional classification station, the local factory fee. Each year you can earn 3-4, which is much more realistic than what GG and other alliances, we do not just think about brush flow, ranking, earn advertising fees, not close to the site of life is not destined to last long.

pull the business at the same time, the best in the local radio station, at best, now most of the city is the economic radio, many students just listen to the night, you can spend a little advertising, do it for a month without advertising, became famous? Let the public know your site is more important than 10 thousand IP. (but it’s a bit expensive.)

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