Do stand first person to low key do stand but also low key

, this is my first article in the webmaster net. It’s always been written by others, but I can’t help talking to you today.

I run a

only three employees of small advertising company, because the Olympic Games after the end of the business becomes very weak, so I began to ponder over it on the Internet, I finally opened the world ‘s this station, the first is the purpose of the company’s business. Please put up a part-time designer so as to do. The company save not a small expenditure (all the full-time designer salary is high). On the fourth day of my website, something happened, and it was this that made me want to say something to you.

on that day, the company received a phone call, and the other party’s words made my receiver completely confused, so I transferred the call to my side. The other person’s first sentence is: "I want to be someone else’s station.". I was also ignorant, and asked: "what is the meaning of the other station?" the other replied: "you is a black station." I was a little surprised, but I was curious. I asked him: "why do you want to black his station?" "because the station owner is too hung up," the other party’s tone seemed very exciting. "Then how did he do that?" I asked more curiously. "I have a same content and he has always been our station, LiangJia Railway Station Each one minds his own business., but recently the guy in order to raise their own station, actually the say my station is how garbage, and how is his best. So I want to black his station, see how he is one of the best law. I see you well all the network service of this one, so we want to ask you for help".

finally I turned him down because, anyway, the black station wasn’t right at first. But from this seemingly insignificant things, we have to sum up some of the lessons learned, that is low-key life, low-key stand. If too "hanging" as mentioned in the same extreme offend people lead to black station, it is very worthwhile. Of course, if you have enough manpower and money to play this boring game with them, that’s the exception, because you have exceptional capital. But if you are just a personal webmaster, then it is better to do less than


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