Lessons learned from the first site

2007, with entrepreneurial passion,

started my first web site in my life,.

by the end of 2007, close the website.

Because of the space

is expired, do not want to renew, a little bit of traffic so I lost the courage to do.

started the DIY forum in early 2008 (bbs.diybL.com), but this time I reviewed the first failed website construction and conducted a special study on.

The lessons learned from

‘s first web site are as follows:

1. made a lot of mistakes in his own thinking. He thought that when the website was on the line, someone would visit;

2., the direction of the development of the site is not sure, every day there is no reasonable arrangement of time for maintenance, work on a little more busy time, ignore the website construction;

3. website publicity is not in place, resulting in the lack of popularity, should be launched around friends, classmates, colleagues, and more advertising;

4. to link up, so that more people know your website;

5. anyway, websites should always backup;

6. originality of things conducive to search engines included.

experience, in the new construction process, we must redouble our attention, hope for the new webmaster can also help; but can also see in another article Admin5: easy to add new traffic forum is my little experience

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