SEO talk about the misunderstanding of the external chain

1. to find similar sites. (a similar one high authority)

2. get a HTML page >, and then hang to the home page friendship link. Write on similar website map (let Baidu quickly included this page) as long as it has not been K similar site.. can be added to this inside

3. all the links in this page of the station are also get a link.htm such as this link.htm there are 100 stations so you outside of the chain will also appear in the 100 station this only needs to be a leader in OK a


4. added to a webmaster to modify that file… And other people from the group sharing download to own station… Management is also convenient.. I feel it on small type site is good. This is different from the site navigation like.. but there are similarities, make a special link for sleep the forum should also include all classification. Also. No matter what a bad place site

5. must not send some irrelevant outside the chain, or else on the site will be counterproductive

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