Business for 16 years finally injuries listed on the horizon

Tianya community today announced the transfer of shares of the prospectus and the financial statements and audit reports, announced that it will be listed on the new board. Issue 90 million shares, par value of $1 per share. According to this calculation, the horizon valuation of about 1 billion yuan.

has set up a network of 16 years, the community has finally listed.


and the end of the world appeared almost at the same time has spawned two NASDAQ listed companies, Sina and micro-blog, the total market capitalization of more than $6 billion. There appeared earlier than Xicihutong has just been elong to the price of 85 million yuan sold. Another famous network community, 2004 was sold. According to the 2011 prospectus, stripped to 1000 oak holdings, at a price of $18 million 100 thousand.

ten years ago, the world had been planning overseas listing:

registered in 2005 the world holding company in the Cayman Islands, IDG and

of the investment;

2006, Lenovo, Google, Tianya get Jiangnanchun joint investment;

Google in 2007 China began to provide support to the end of the flow and cooperation in the development of "Q & a" and other products;

2010, the end of the world to $2.9 / share price to buy back the shares held by the Google ordinary shares of 1000000, overseas listing plan was aborted.

after 2010, the skyline did not catch up with the boom in the development of mobile Internet, gradually fade out of sight. At present, they are the main products of the Tianya forum and local portal Hainan online, revenue mainly rely on advertising and game intermodal.


according to financial statements, in 2013 and 2014, the main business income of the world’s top 107 million 178 thousand and 800 yuan, respectively, a slight decline compared to the same period in. Losses further expanded from 31 million 613 thousand and 300 yuan to $44 million 658 thousand and 200.

and after a year, the net assets of the net from 29 million 65 thousand and 500 yuan dropped sharply to $4 million 947 thousand, net assets per share was $0.05, less than par value of $1 per share.

skyline in the equity public transfer instructions, admitted that the company’s financial risk can be attributed to:

continued losses, operating cash flow continued to be negative, low net assets per share.

explained that the company is currently based on user needs to adjust the strategic direction, continue to increase R & D personnel, and other aspects of investment, from online advertising revenue to the game of the community formed by the personal income of value-added services as an important direction of the company.

mobile social platform for the construction of the interests of the community around the game, >

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