Riding Entrepreneurs don’t insult the intelligent bicycle LETV shelling

yesterday afternoon, known as sports released a "juvenile bicycle". Not surprisingly, because already heard. In fact, when I decided to ride the direction of entrepreneurship, it gave the team set up two "usual": all those who promote the movement of bicycles we firmly support, all riding enthusiasts are our friends. However, when listening to the music conference as the specific content, I really angry.

a simple review of the basic content of this conference LETV LETV announced: the first, and the National Bicycle Brand "Dove" strategic cooperation, together to create smart bike. Second, the launch of the bike is defined as the city’s recreational vehicles, but the main function is the safety lights, navigation, stepped frequency &, heart rate sensor and independent APP.

looked at a picture of cool photos and concept, I want to ask a bicycle as a product manager, "your heart riding a car?" if the city is recreational vehicles, why add such a complex of cool features and exaggerated shapes, buy vegetables aunt really care about heart rate variety cadence data? If it is a sport bike, why choose a bicycle in the low-end production focused around 400 yuan


intelligent and intelligent, funny, sad.


, please don’t use the Internet thinking fucking with bicycle culture


the whole conference filled with fast paced Internet and a group of people who never rode the Internet YY. But the bike is really not a simple capital game, is the need for true love driven, quietly do a user favorite products. The most critical thing is that the bicycle sport carries a culture, which is why the "beast riding" has always been in the process of product development with awe.

bicycle culture – depth of body and soul dialogue

I don’t know if I’m a standard riding enthusiast. The first long-distance riding five years ago, and my best friend now partner Gao Jiayang ride together around Hainan Island, was just starting to shoot in the downpour. We hid in a banana leaf under extremely awkward, never thought five years later, we created a "riding beast", a Hard Suits Inc focused on soft riding movement.

I like a person quiet ride, listening to the tire and the ground friction sound, control their breath, feel the physical constant overdraft beyond the spirit of pleasure. Every long ride is a spiritual catharsis, let me know more about myself, more understanding of life. Looked at a climb mountains, enjoy a ride over the beauty, is more inner peace and contentment, this is a different feeling in the world.

in my opinion, cycling is not simply a "faster, higher, stronger". Bicycle culture, this is a healthy lifestyle. When we are tired of the rush of city life

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