Twenty years of college graduates with nothing to do with the gap in all these two things

Abstract: successful investments are very similar, and the failure of the investment for each reason. As Lev ·, said by Tolstoy, "happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.".

had a year back, many people attended the reunion, some people in order to work, some people have already obtained occupation and investment success, compared to a huge gap, for many people, is a cruel thing.

why are you still running for life?

New Year’s Eve, the university group issued a red envelope to provoke a scuffle, the students together in a red envelope, grab red envelopes, as well as a variety of ridicule.

unknowingly, college graduation has been twenty years, in the process of stealing red envelopes and red envelopes also found that the gap between students has been very large.

some have become millionaires, billionaires, and some students are still running for life, there are several students have lost contact for many years.

don’t know how they’re doing now?

may also be on the road, perhaps…… in fact, I am very worried about one of the students lost contact, a few years ago also went to Fuzhou to find me, I hope he well.

because I have a college classmate has not been in the world for many years.

‘s new year’s day at noon to a high school classmate, is my childhood friend sit at home for a while, a few years ago he has been in the home of a factory to work too tired, went to Xi’an last year to help relatives at the supermarket, also have the opportunity to open a small supermarket.

but also chatted with me, so many years have been running for life, a little savings are not, at present there is no capital to open a small supermarket.

junior high school girls in the evening a few classmates together, I sent her in the past, and they talked about the stock investment, but also most of the loss is less.

in any case, in the life of forty or fifty years old, when students get a huge drop in the comparison, for many people, is still a cruel thing.

but this is the reality, but most of the students want to become a billionaire, not the one who is still living.

so, today I want to talk about this topic: what do you need to do to succeed in your career and investment?

what are the key factors of

‘s career success?

tells a story about a master who studies career planning and talks about how to have a successful career.

master walked into the classroom, open the computer, click on the PPT home page, there are only two lines:

career success depends on two points:

a, find a good industry.

two, to be a patient employee.

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