While he was traveling while also earning a billionaire


this is a laughter poor prostitute era, everyone is yearning for the life of financial freedom. The ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny, not to mention financial freedom, in China single is a house can be pressed 80, 90 were short of breath, especially in such a big city in the north of Guangzhou shenzhen.

in Beijing, if you start to work at the age of 22, you will need to work until you are 70 to buy a house of $3 million (outside the rings) by the age of 8000.

If you

the annual salary of 300 thousand, is the income level of Beijing young people in the top 10%, then your financial freedom distance how far? It is said that in Beijing you have at least 50 million sorts of financial freedom, you earn a lifetime is not enough


you are not poor because you are not capable, you are poor in thinking. Ordinary office workers, every day is nothing more than a matter of: when wages rise? Ah, the end of the year award can take a few months ah? Next year the company can give me a raise of 30%?


if you do not have the ability to start a business, you can not become an annual salary of one million executives, the annual salary of ten million working emperor, then learn to invest may be the only chance for you to achieve financial freedom.


if you focus on the Internet venture capital circles, last week you must be excellent step China article acquisition drops the scraper, but you may not know is that drops travel’s massive success, has become the most personal Chinese people will make money. He is a bit of angel investor Wang Gang, according to the current valuation of $35 billion drops to count, he invested 700 thousand yuan to Cheng Wei about 4 years ago, today’s return has been far more than 3 billion 500 million.

angel angel investor Wang Gang

of course there are many ways to invest a lot of different ways and risks of investment is not the same. Today to introduce a global investors in the eyes of the same character: Jim – Rodgers.

international investor Rodgers

Rodgers at the age of 5 to show amazing business minded, 27 years old when he founded the quantum fund, at the age of $37 earned $14 million, he then chose to retire, has completed a total of two trips around the world.

he is known as the most rich vision of international investment company, is one of the most successful American securities industry practitioners. Buffett on his evaluation is: grasp the trend of the master and no one can invest.

one, when you play mud age, he started a business, 27 years old

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