nternet entrepreneurs to beware of falling into these four pits rapid expansion is not necessarily

Abstract: ganji.com, beautiful, sing, rain doctors, the four venture project is to use the Internet to transform traditional industry products are all in a certain sense, this is the current hot plate business, this paper describes the pain they experienced in the business.


said, Ganji, beautiful singing, rain doctors, the four entrepreneurial projects have a common early investors — bluerun. Recently, in the blue chi new fund conference, the founder of the four companies to share the pain of their years in the entrepreneurial experience.

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of the project, in a certain sense, is the use of the Internet to transform the traditional industry products, which is the current hot business sector. The pain in their entrepreneurial experience, every entrepreneur are likely to encounter, if you don’t want to die in the entrepreneurial pit, should take a look at these cases provide experience and lessons.

rapid expansion is a good thing?

Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung recently go to where is a popular figure, and he had just played nearly ten years of war of the 58 city rivals together. The speculation is that ganji.com experienced a bottleneck. In fact, 3 years ago, Yang Haoyong in a very painful way through the bottleneck.

"in 2012, suddenly found that the company’s business growth, the need to buy advertising, the number of people from dozens to hundreds of people, the highest two thousand people. It was a great test for us, and we went through a lot of pain." Yang Haoyong said.

rapid expansion period, the company’s huge advertising investment, large-scale recruitment, rapid growth of ground troops, the creation of many new channels, and in Shanghai, Guangdong opened a branch. But no brakes were forced to put off the Guangdong branch. Today, Yang Haoyong given argument is that when the monthly loss of twenty million, very difficult.

despite various problems suffered a rapid decline emerge in an endless stream, flow, financing money quickly burn, but to seize a good track, ganji.com later still being sought after capital.

too dependent on a large platform can do?

beauty says it’s a woman’s business. 2011, in 2012, mainly for Taobao diversion, can also be said to be dependent on the survival of Taobao.

in 2013, said the beauty of a bottleneck, founder Xu Yirong and his team has been confused: the next 5 years after the beauty of the said where?. Also in this year, beautiful, mogujie.com and other shopping guide website suffered a ban on Taobao.

by the end of 2013, Taobao began to block us, not allowed to say that the diversion of beauty, the ban let us suddenly awake." Today, Xu Yirong will thank Taobao for the sniper.

can say that the growth of beauty is called

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