This hand travel trading platform how to do monthly water 80 million


introduction: Mobile Games market after nearly a year of the outbreak, now began to fine transition in severe Mobile Games will become mainstream, so Mobile Games trading behavior gradually become the norm, the transaction as a commodity trading platform game entrance, should copy the end of the tour in the era of commodity trading or mode? Is another way to develop a set to conform to the characteristics of Mobile Games transaction?

in the second season of "NEW FACE", we uncover many CPT enterprise company boss veil, they are O2O, games, social networking and other areas of business Master, behind these entrepreneurs also have a wonderful story waiting for you to see.

PS: I hope that the second quarter of the exciting content can bring you are thinking and learning.

entrepreneur profile

Zhang Ming, male, born in 1979. A native of Xi’an.

graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University in 2000 and majored in electrical engineering, because of the love for early programming, the main focus is on the development of software technology, working place after Xi’an, Shanghai, Beijing, has accumulated rich experience in the development and management, in July 2010 created the magic tour swimmers swim trading platform, now as the magic travel network CEO.

at present, magic swim platform has accumulated 7 million 800 thousand users, the total monthly water 80 million yuan, ARPU value of 550 yuan, daily activity reached 65 thousand.

in the rest of the work, Zhang is very fond of travel, photography.

likes to travel in the process of looking at their lives and work in another way, can inspire some inspiration, and can have a different world view.

is easy to make people numb in normal life, and the passion of work requires more exploration spirit, and I do not limited to spiritual adventure, immersive can get more feelings." Zhang Ming


NF from the data to see, 2010 has been officially established for magic, in fact, that time is not really reached the Mobile Games outbreak, that is how to consider? Why would choose to cut from the Mobile Games trading platform

this position?

Zhang Ming: in fact, logic is very simple, it is also a Mobile Games game. At the time of the judge is the ultimate is the mobile phone terminal equipment, can replace some functions of many many intelligent terminals, including computer, mobile phone, so for the entertainment is very promising.

so in 2010 when it will predict Mobile Games development soon, and then we focus on the game itself, what kind of service in the game, will also have the same demand in Mobile Games, so early to look at this point.


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