Please move the circle 20 people make 300 million valuation of the company 50 million A round of fin

project source: Tencent Chong Chong space

August 2015, Wyatt circle announced the re 50 million yuan A round of financing, valuation of the company reached 300 million. Please move the circle from May 2014 on the line since, in just one year, has accumulated 30 million users in App sports ranking jumped to the first.


coupe with a golden key ring is born, the initial product line was the pursuit of capital, to get tens of millions of angel investment in 2014 before the product has not yet been introduced in 2015 A round of financing, with the rapid growth of user data in the fierce competition in the market is coming into the B round of talent shows itself.

in addition to the capital circle is recognized, Yue won the BAT’s favor, in 2014 won the best circle Yue Bao new awards, and 2014 Golden Bear Award in 2014 Baidu, Baidu Chinese application only sport award, 2015 was selected as the Tencent public record space "double hundred plan", the Tencent public record space "double hundred plan" is Tencent with 10 billion traffic support 100 home market capitalization of over 100 million companies, therefore, in support of the Tencent, Wyatt circle jumped the "double hundred" benchmark ranks.

and the user side, running sports in this year is the pig on the tuyere. Circle of friends is now the fire is not the sun, but the sun sun child delicacy, sun sports health, on the one hand is to show positive transfer, is a positive energy, is also a breakthrough in social vertical movement.

Behind the

strong user demand in this positive energy, according to Wyatt moving coil CEO Hu Maowei said "Wyatt circle with the greatest good, at least to the price, to bring the most people’s health", and as the core value of the product concept, the experience of using half of the current circle of Yue see, compared with the same products, products with mechanism of games, human demands of social sports, scale, strong technology step algorithm such as the four major product competitive advantage, and the only implementation of motion platform profitable, and the founding team "Hu" five entrepreneurial spirit to cultivate sports will, but no movement the habit of user groups.


founder Hu Maowei

Wyatt circle

five product advantages:

first, the game of the product mechanism: the first sports bonus red

The founding team

Wyatt zone game background, CEO Hu Maowei served in the Tencent office served as the QQ game hall positions. For people, the movement is a strong desire to implement the low, the user needs is a belief in the support of the campaign. Hu Maowei said, in order to find the faith support team did a lot of attempts, such as movement of the sun off WeChat share mechanism, perennial cumulative number grade superiority, is the application of the 2015 very hot red scene, Yue ring is arranged a game like task system, complete the task road > 2000

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