Shenzhen 4 bicycle sharing companies issued a statement of autonomy Standard parking

[TechWeb] reported on January 24th news, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that 4 companies have been put on the Internet on 22 bicycles in Shenzhen issued a joint statement, will strengthen self-discipline, protect the ecological environment of Internet bicycle industry.


shared bike

business management, 4 companies will be fair competition, orderly delivery of vehicles, to ensure the progress and scale of vehicle delivery and management of their own ability to adapt.

security and services, will continue to improve vehicle technology, security and services, innovative management techniques, improve service and quality.

user management, encourage enterprises to establish a user’s personal credit management system and industry sharing mechanism, the use of new technology, to guide the user civilization ride, standardized parking.

it is understood that the current 4 enterprises in Shenzhen on the "shared bicycle" about 300 thousand vehicles, including 120 thousand cars, bicycles Mobell ofo8 million, bluegogo6 million, blue Xiaoming cycling 40 thousand cars. According to reports, the use of big data analysis can be "shared parking and riding bicycle user habits, especially in the area of the parking lots of vehicles, transportation and business planning and promotion will be based on the set point of bicycle parking. (Ming Yu)

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