Chinese richest 80 start empty handed now sitting on 159 billion 500 million

"remember, Liao, a generation must be stronger than the previous generation. The world is yours and ours, in the final analysis, it is the grandchildren." Previously, Wu Xiaobo in a column was so commissioned an in 60 after the boss "transformation of embarrassment and confusion liao".

today, teenagers in the past have indeed started to take over the world’s scepter. The Hurun Research Institute recently released a "rich list" start empty-handed 80, 21 after 80 successful entrepreneurs on the list, 5 more than last year. Total wealth of 159 billion 500 million, the average wealth of 7 billion 600 million.

when most of the 80 is still worried about the mortgage, they have been through their own business, breaking a piece of heaven and earth.

so, what is this young people’s new wealth code? Jun Jun through the list of the comb, to tell you in detail.

data source: the Hurun Research Institute Zhejiang network chart source:

section Wei

30 years old the youngest start empty-handed rich, known as the "HUAWEI

" Reengineering

list NO.18, Fortune 2 billion 200 million

"80 after the start empty-handed rich list, a list of the top 20 in Guangzhou, the only one selected – 30 year old Guangzhou vocabulary technology chairman and general manager Duan Wei, ranked eighteenth, the net worth is estimated to be 2 billion 200 million yuan. He was selected for the first time in the list of Guangzhou 80 after the rich, but also the list of the richest young. According to the company in 2016 semi annual report, the company’s total assets increased from 2015 at the end of to 1 billion 559 million, the expansion rate of up to 173.81%.

Duan Wei said that since childhood, he was said to be learning tyrants, but he thought he was just doing what he likes to do. When he was in college, he has identified the entrepreneurial path, so he began to toss a lot of things from the University, the sophomore summer to do a similar to the network project.

after graduating from Zhejiang University in 2008, 22 year old Wei Wei went to HUAWEI. Because he thinks HUAWEI is a place where miracles can happen. But when he entered the HUAWEI, found that the entire communications industry has reached a relatively saturated period, future growth may not be so quickly, "and this industry is not suitable for business, because not only relates to the product, also relates to the supply chain, production, quality assurance and other aspects of the problem."

spent a year at HUAWEI, and he left. He also made a number of other attempts, and finally joined the UC in Guangzhou, served as deputy director of the overseas division. "Just as I caught up with the fastest development of UC browser in those years." Duan Wei said, when the UC is in no overseas users, UC in his three years, UC brand will hit overseas, quarter surged nearly million active users, and occupy more than 25% market share in India, Vietnam and indonesia.

in UC three years, he was familiar with the whole of India and even the Southeast Asian market, know >

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