Gdim Izik Victims’ Families & Friends Create Coordinators Association

Rabat – The Association of the coordinators of Gdim Izik victims’ families and friends was founded Friday on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, celebrated on 10 December. The choice of this day to create the association stems from its belief that “the right to life is the most sacred human rights. The right to life of our 11 sons was savagely violated. They were murdered in cold blood while doing their duty during the dismantling process of the Gdim Izik Camp on November 8th, 2010, in the suburb of Laayoune city”, the association said in a statement.The association aims to inform about the victims of Gdim Izik, who were working as members of public forces; martyrs of the national duty. It intends to use all legitimate means, against all attempts to obliterate the horrible crime against our sons, preserve the memory of the victims and pay tribute to them; as the law must be definitely applied against the culprits.It also aims to represent the families of the victims in the different national and international forums and give voice to the real victims, and defend the legitimate interests of the victims’ families, according to the same source.Based on the above-mentioned objectives and following the decision of the Court of Cassation to refer the case of the murders to the Court of Appeal and schedule the hearing on December 26, 2016, the association decides to “take all necessary measures to follow and observe this trial and seek to join the plaintiff to inform the Court about the sufferings of the victims’ families and highlight and present their legitimate and rightful demands”.The association, which calls upon all bodies and persons who believe that it is a just cause to support the association, considers that referring the case to the Court of Appeal “is an important opportunity to highlight the sufferings of the victims’ families and to stand against all attempts to disregard the criminal nature of the acts, present the culprits as victims themselves or totally ignore the crimes against our sons who were actually the real victims”.It takes this opportunity to reaffirm that it believes that justice will be served in the court, as an effective judicial redress mechanism, which “will indeed highlight the criminal acts against our sons who were murdered by the perpetrators in a barbaric and inhuman way, mutilating, urinating on and distorting the corpses”. read more

Soccer Sabotage: Moroccan Coach Accuses Egyptian Team of ‘Intentionally’ Injuring Star…

Rabat – With the second leg of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) championship final only days away, Morocco’s Wydad Athlétic Club (WAC) and its Egyptian rival, Al Ahly, have sent each other a volley of messages on social media.The two teams are set to clash on Saturday in Casablanca at Mohammed V Stadium where one of the teams will be declared the 2017 tournament champion.Houcine Amouta, the Moroccan coach of Wydad, accused the Egyptian players of intentionally injuring Mohamed Ounajem, Wydad’s brilliant forward. Throughout the tournament, Ounajem had consistently been one of the star players of the Moroccan team.Playing against Al Ahly on Saturday at Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, Ounajem made a brilliant assist to Achraf Bencherki, who scored  the team’s only goal with a beautiful header.However,  Ounajem left the pitch during the first half of the game due to an injury. Speaking to Moroccan  media outlets afterward, Amouta accused the Egyptian players of targeting Ounajem on purpose.“Unfortunately they purposefully injured him because he was very dangerous,” he said.Amouta, 42, has previously coached the FUS of Rabat and Qatar’s team Assad, winning titles for the latter. Despite losing a key player, the outspoken manager expressed optimism that any of his players would give a great performances in Ounajem’s absence, as is expected in a game like this.Amouta made it clear that his team has no option but to win, adding that the club will do its utmost to keep the cup in Casablanca.“All Morocco is mobilized so that Wydad can win a cup, which Moroccan teams haven’t won for a long time,” he said.The last Moroccan team to win the CAF Champions League title was Wydad‘s longtime rival, Raja Club Athlétic (RCA), in 1999.In the years since, Moroccan teams subsequently failed to reach the finals, except for Raja in 2002 and Wydad in 2011.On Saturday, Wydad will have a chance to catch up with RCA and add a second  title to its list of accolades. Although Wydad managed to bring last week’s game to a 1-1 tie in the first leg, Al Ahly remains a tough competitor with 8 prior CAF Champions League titles.While the Egyptian media is optimistic that their team can snatch another title from the mouth of victory in Casablanca, Wydad will have to prove them wrong. read more

TransCanada raises quarterly dividend, reports Q4 profit up from year ago

Companies in this story: (TSX:TRP)The Canadian Press CALGARY — TransCanada Corp. raised its dividend as it reported its fourth-quarter profit rose compared with a year ago.The pipeline company says it will now pay a quarterly dividend of 75 cents per share, up from its previous payment of 69 cents per share.The increased payment to shareholders came as TransCanada reported a profit of $1.09 billion or $1.19 per diluted share for the quarter ended Dec. 31, compared to a profit of $861 million or 98 cents per diluted share for the same quarter a year earlier.Revenue totalled $3.91 billion, down from $3.62 billion.TransCanada says its comparable earnings for the quarter amounted to $1.03 per share, up from 82 cents per share a year earlier.Analysts on average had expected a profit of 96 cents per share for the quarter, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon. read more

UNbacked conservation project helps save Tanzanian forest

27 July 2010Thousands of hectares of fragile mountainous forest in north-eastern Tanzania have been preserved through a recently completed seven-year biodiversity project managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Thousands of hectares of fragile mountainous forest in north-eastern Tanzania have been preserved through a recently completed seven-year biodiversity project managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).The Eastern Arc Mountains project, financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), was concluded last month after an independent evaluation reported that at least 10,000 hectares of forest had been saved from destruction, and that the rate of forest loss had been reduced by 10 per cent.River flows from the Eastern Arc are the main source of water for at least a quarter of Tanzania’s population. They produce more than half the country’s hydro-electric power. Water, electricity and non-timber forest products from the area generate over $175 million every year, according to UNDP.The Tanzanian Government has nominated the forest ecosystem for recognition by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.The project was selected because an estimated 70 per cent of Eastern Arc’s rich and unique forestland had been destroyed mainly through farming and timber harvesting. Only about 5,400 square kilometres of the original 23,000 square kilometres of forested area remained on the mountains.UNDP worked on the project with the Tanzanian Government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic bodies and village administrations, to develop community-based conservation initiatives.Conservation efforts included the preservation of the Uluguru native reserve in Morogoro region, a popular tourism destination and home to more than 100 unique plants, bird species, mammals and amphibians.Some 300 people from 10 villages in the region were trained in new methods of agriculture and livestock husbandry.“The Eastern Arc strategy defines what the Government and other actors in Tanzania need to do to ensure the conservation of the Eastern Arc mountains and their global biodiversity importance,” said Nik Sekhran, principal technical adviser for biodiversity and ecosystems at UNDP. read more

UN welcomes South Sudan as 193rd Member State

South Sudan’s independence from the rest of Sudan is the result of the January 2011 referendum held under the terms of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the decades-long civil war between the North and the South. “At this moment… in this place… the world gathers to say in one voice: Welcome, South Sudan. Welcome to the community of nations,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said after the Assembly adopted a resolution, by acclamation, to admit Africa’s newest country. Mr. Ban, who was among the UN dignitaries who attended the independence ceremony in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, last Saturday, pledged the world body’s assistance as the country shapes its future. “The commitment of all Member States will be essential as South Sudan moves forward,” he stated. “Together, let us say to the citizens of our newest Member State: You now sit with us. We stand with you.”Assembly President Joseph Deiss said today marks a “historic” moment for Africa and for the world community. “Today we are firmly entrenching South Sudan in the community of nations in the same way as other Member States with the same rights and responsibilities. The universality of the United Nations and the values that are enshrined in its Charter are thereby enhanced,” he stated.“I am confident that South Sudan will contribute to promote the objectives of security, peace, prosperity, friendship and cooperation between peoples as they are promoted by the United Nations, and this for the good of the people of South Sudan, for the good of the region and for the entire African continent.”Speaking on behalf of South Sudan, Vice President Riek Machar said he was “honoured and humbled” to stand before Member States to convey the gratitude of his Government and people to the Assembly for admitting the new nation to membership in the UN.He paid tribute to all those who participated in the long struggle for South Sudan’s liberation. “That struggle cost our people millions of lives and untold suffering. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten.”Mr. Machar also pledged that his country will work to foster peace in its region, while building a strong and viable nation at home. “When we started our journey we could hardly imagine that the road would lead us to this point, however much we may have hoped for it. Now, we must move forward together to fulfil our people’s aspirations.”As South Sudan’s flag was hoisted at UN Headquarters, Mr. Ban pledged that the world body will work with the country to realize all the hopes and dreams the flag represents. “Like your flag, let us rise. Let us rise, together, to the challenge.”The latest country to join the world body had until now been Montenegro, which became the 192nd UN Member State on 28 June 2006, just weeks after it gained its independence from Serbia. 14 July 2011The General Assembly today admitted the Republic of South Sudan as the 193rd member of the United Nations, welcoming the newly independent country to the community of nations. read more

New car market posts 12th successive month of growth in February

5Astra2,1815Qashqai6,136 Mkt share ’1350.0%48.5%1.5%42.9%52.7%4.3% 6Qashqai1,8566Golf5,748 FebruaryTotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness % change7.9%-3.0%20.5%26.6%28.9%-4.4%-1.4% Mkt share ’1253.7%44.8%1.5%39.5%56.8%3.7% 10Juke1,10610Juke3,628 82081,4238Polo4,322 2013210,392105,164102,1073,12190,357110,9679,068 New car market growth continues in February, ahead of key plate-change market in MarchUK new car registrations rose for a 12th consecutive month in February, with a 7.9% rise to 66,749 units.Increase was on par with average growth posted during the last three months and above the 6.4% average growth posted in the last 12 months.Given the subdued nature of the economy, the growth is likely to be the result of market specific factors – notably replacement demand being enticed through attractive deals and offers on new, more efficient cars.February is typically the lowest volume monthly market in the year ahead of the plate-change in March. In 2012, February accounted for 3% of the annual market, whilst March took an 18.2% share.Private registrations have risen for 14-consecutive months, with volumes in February up 28.9%.Registrations of Mini segment cars rose 135.7% in February and have doubled during the year-to-date. The Supermini segment strengthened its position as the largest segment, with a 35.6% share of volumes in February.Demand for petrol cars rose a fifth in the month, supported by the growth in private demand and Mini/Supermini segments. Alternatively-fuelled cars reported a 26.6% rise in February volumes.Low volume monthly markets can see big percentage change differences in year-on-year comparisons.The Ford Focus was the best selling model in February, whilst the Ford Fiesta took top spot in the year-to-date.SMMT is expecting new ’13’-plate registrations in March to be just ahead of last year’s 372,835 units.Click through to download the full February 2013 news release and data table.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 201261,86833,32427,88565922,72337,4121,733 Mkt share ’1253.9%45.1%1.1%36.7%60.5%2.8% Mkt share ’1348.4%50.3%1.2%43.9%53.6%2.6% Year-to-dateTotalDieselPetrolAFVPrivateFleetBusiness Year-to-date 2012190,721102,50485,4392,77875,416108,3336,972 201366,74932,32733,58883429,28235,7591,708 3Corsa3,2143Corsa8,392 February 2013 best sellers 1Focus3,8531Fiesta11,561 4Golf2,4134Astra7,643 9C-Class1,3179C-Class3,673 7Polo1,43772084,382 % change10.3%2.6%19.5%12.3%19.8%2.4%30.1% 2Fiesta3,6552Focus9,647 UK new car registrations rose 7.9% to 66,749 units in February 2013.Registrations over the year-to-date increased 10.3% to 210,392 units.Growth boosted by private demand again, with February securing the highest growth in the private market since the end of the Scrappage Incentive Scheme in Spring 2010.Registrations of petrol and alternatively-fuelled cars rose more than a fifth in February.February is typically the smallest volume monthly market, ahead of the registration plate-change in March.“UK new car registrations have risen every month for the last year with February continuing the trend, growing 7.9% year-on-year boosted by the highest increase in private consumer demand since spring 2010,” said Mike Baunton, Interim Chief Executive, SMMT. “However, February is traditionally a low volume month as motorists look forward to the plate-change in March, but attractive new car deals are sustaining the market. New models are delivering ever greater fuel efficiency, practicality, refinement, technology and predictable ownership costs, so motorists are seeing the benefit of new car purchases.”February 2013 new car registrations data Best sellersFebruary read more

Can College Football Schedules Be Fixed

Embed Code Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s episode (Aug. 22, 2017), we ponder the Indiana Pacers’ allegations that the Los Angeles Lakers tampered with the Pacers by trying to lure Paul George to L.A. Next, we’re joined by SB Nation writer Bill Connelly to preview college football. We talk about the validity of preseason polls, the lack of parity in NCAA football, and which metrics are most important. Plus, a significant digit on Felix Hernandez.Here are links to what we discussed during the show:Tom Ziller at SB Nation wrote about whether tampering should still matter in the NBA.Check out more of Bill Connelly’s work in SB Nation’s 2017 College Football Preview.On Monday, the Associated Press released its first poll of the college football season, and results were mixed, according to The Ringer’s Shaker Samman.Significant Digit: 51.8, the number of wins above replacement that Felix Hernandez has produced in years the Mariners did not make the division series of the playoffs. More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed FiveThirtyEight read more

Microsoft to kill off Zune branding

first_imgMicrosoft‘s Zune brand has been much maligned over the past half-decade or so, and it’s a shame, because while it never caught the public’s imagination like the iPod did… it’s still one of the best PMPs on the market, boasting features like song-sharing that Apple still hasn’t managed to catch up to. Over the years, though, the Zune brand has become a bit of a joke… mostly because it’s the first concrete example of Apple leading the way (with the iPod) and Microsoft, for all of its billions, being incapable of catching up. AdChoices广告Now, according to Paul Thurrot, Microsoft is looking to kill the Zune branding once and for all, moving existing Zune services into the Windows Live and Windows Phone 7 ecosystems, among others.“My sources tell me that the Zune brand is on the way out and that all Zune products and services will be moved into other businesses, including Windows Live. Zune will essentially cease to exist under this plan.” That’s a shame, but hardly unexpected. The Zune brand is synonymous with the 2006 PMP wars, but Microsoft lost those, and Apple won. No one cares about PMPs anymore, unless they are baked into their smartphones, and that’s the new battlefront for Microsoft: they need to beat the iPhone now, not the iPod. The Zune line, excellent as it was, is a relic. Future Windows-based PMPs will use Windows Phone 7, not Zune technology. Microsoft may have spent a lot on the brand, but they never went anywhere with it. It’s time to move on.Read more at Win Super Sitelast_img read more

9 great reads from CNET this week

first_img Tags Post a comment Tech Industry It was a busy week for geek culture news with the debut of both Avengers: Endgame and the second installment in the last season of Game of Thrones. Amid the hype, Amazon shifted its two-day Prime shipping to one day, we learned more about an upcoming IPO for Uber, and Facebook put a $3 billion price tag on its privacy woes as it readies for next week’s F8.Here are more stories you don’t want to miss:Screen time is rising and it’s ruining us. Here are 11 ways to cut backHere’s how I did it. (And you can, too.) Getty Images The Nintendo Game Boy was a console designed to last for a lifetime (my lifetime)On its 30th anniversary, we take a look at what made the original Nintendo Game Boy so special.nintendo-gameboy-5.jpg Andrew Hoyle/CNET Life with the Galaxy Fold, screen crease, notch, air gap and allWe know about the Fold’s screen problems. Now let’s talk about the screen itself.216-galaxy-fold Sarah Tew/CNET Avengers: Endgame is here — My 59-hour Marvel movie marathon’s reached its endI’m holed up in a theater watching 22 Marvel films back to back. I’m hating that it has to end (but loving Captain America).abrarcropped @alheeti_3 TikTok’s quirky videos are the hot new way to find fameThe app for super-short videos is creating a new crop of social media stars.TikTok US Launch Celebration Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Avengers: Endgame review — Marvel’s ultimate love letter to fans tops Infinity WarDon’t worry, this one is spoiler-free: The Russos’ wholly satisfying superhero epic, a sequel to every MCU movie ever, doesn’t waste a second.avengers-endgame-imax-poster-cropWeed tech heats up with a new smart vaporizer from Apple, Microsoft alumsThe newest app-enabled vaporizer on the market is the Firefly 2 Plus, and it shows how Silicon Valley is looking to cash in on cannabis as legalization picks up steam.firefly-2-plus-hero-shotPatient names, treatments leak among millions of rehab recordsExclusive: The exposed data affects nearly 150,000 people.cybersecurity-hacking-11 Angela Lang/CNET Will Amazon Prime make one-day shipping the new norm for online shopping?Even as Amazon pushes ahead, expect other retailers to struggle to match Ben Fox Rubin/CNET 0 Amazon Prime Hacking Nintendo The Avengers Share your voicelast_img read more

Safety of Alaskabound fuel barges under scrutiny

first_imgThe Gulf Cajun tug, right, tows the Zidell Marine 277, a 430-foot fuel barge Nov. 27. A day earlier, the barge detached from its tug, the Jake Shearer, far left, in Canadian waters on Nov. 26 near Bella Bella, British Columbia. (Photo courtesy of Canadian Coast Guard CCGS Gordon Reid)A near-miss involving a Skagway-bound tug and tanker barge hauling millions of gallons of fuel through the Inside Passage has reignited debate in Canada over shipping petroleum through its territory.Listen nowIt was big news the next day in western Canada. The incident near Bella Bella, British Columbia, in Canada’s portion of the Inside Passage was just a few miles from a similar incident last year.In October last year, the Nathan E. Stewart tug had just unloaded its fuel cargo in Ketchikan.Its distress calls to the Canadian Coast Guard were obtained and published by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper.About 29,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. A nearby clam fishery used by the Heiltsuk First Nations tribe remains shut down 13 months later.Canadian authorities had been criticized over a delayed response and slow cleanup efforts.When last Sunday’s close-call involved the tug Jake Shearer and a 430-foot barge loaded with fuel, there was renewed outcry and concern.Harley Marine Services, the parent company of the tug operator, isn’t commenting, citing the open investigation by Transport Canada.But in Bella Bella, the community of 1,600, people have been listening intently to chatter on the VHF radio and talking to crew members and Coast Guard officials.“The actual tug and barge was hit by a rogue wave, causing one of the pegs that holds the tug to the barge to break and that led the crew to release themselves completely from the barge because it was putting the tug in danger,” William Housty, the Heiltsuk First Nations’ incident commander in Bella Bella, said.Two crew members were reportedly able to jump from the tug to the loose barge to drop its anchor.Otherwise it could’ve run aground or broken up on a rock pile he said he could see from the air just meters away.“We’ve had these two incidents in the last year, it’s really kind of magnified these sort of tugs and put into question whether these tugs are actually capable of handling the seas in this part of the world,” Housty said.In the wake of the wreck last year, restrictions on barge traffic had recently been tightened by Canadian authorities.The tug Jake Shearer and its barge were apparently heeding new navigation rules on transiting fuel vessels that required them to avoid certain narrow straits in the area.“The American tug and barge industry have been going up and down this coast for over a century,” Kevin Obermeyer said. Obermayer is chief executive officer of the Pacific Pilotage Association which regulates marine navigation on Canada’s west coast.The association routinely issues waivers to the fuel companies so their vessels aren’t required to have a Canadian pilot on board as is required of other heavy vessels.Since the Exxon Valdez spill, the U.S. requires vessels carrying petroleum cargo to have an approved contingency plan for spills and fires. Canada doesn’t.“The oversight that we do is make sure that the officers and the crew on those vessels have been going through these waters sufficiently to have the experience and knowledge to do it safely,” Obermeyer said.We cannot bear all the risks for American companies traversing through our territorial waters, the Oceans Protection Plan requires tangible & timely solutions. We are calling for an Indigenous Marine Response Centre. Too much too risk. #JakeShearer #NES— Marilyn Slett (@bellabellabc) November 27, 2017But critics say that might not be enough.The Canadian government has proposed banning full-sized tankers in the Inside Passage even though they don’t use that route.Tugs and barges hauling fuel — like the Jake Shearer and Nathan E. Stewart — would remain exempt.“We’re banning something that doesn’t occur but we have all this marine traffic passing through our Canadian waters and Canadians are saying look we’re taking all this risk but we’re getting no benefit,” Joe Spears said. Spears is a retired maritime law attorney who runs an oceans consultancy in Vancouver. “This is pretty much a live issue and it affects Alaska and I think we need to sit down and talk about this because of all of Southeast Alaska depends on these tugs and barges to get the refined petroleum product.”There’s no tracking how much fuel is shipped north to Southeast Alaska.One industry estimate offers an estimated 50 millions gallons annually.But there’s no hard data kept by the U.S. or Canadian authorities.But it’s a lot — because of the geography and the demand.Fuel retailers in Southeast Alaska say the loss of fuel deliveries by barge would be unthinkable.“Depending on how cold it is, we can haul up to 400,000 gallons of heating fuel in a month or more,” Phil Isaac of Ike’s Fuel in Douglas said. His family has owned the company that trucks heating fuel around the capital city for more than a half-century. “There’s just no way we could haul that in. The barges – the barges can bring up a million gallons at a time. There’s no way to replace that.”People in Bella Bella understand that — they get their fuel delivered the same way.“There’s people along the coast that live here and depend on the resources in this area for survival.” William Housty said in Bella Bella. “To put all that at stake for the movement of fossil fuels is very difficult for people to fathom.”Four days after the incident Canadian authorities admitted they’d grossly under-stated the amount of fuel carried in the barge.The vessels are carrying about 3.7 million gallons of diesel and gas – more than three times it had previously disclosed.The confusion, the agency said, came from mistaking liters for gallons.last_img read more

Kadapa Six member gang arrested for selling Gutka

Kadapa Six member gang arrested for selling Gutka

first_imgKadapa: Kadapa police arrested a six member gang allegedly responsible for selling banned Gutka and recovered Rs9.80lakhs Gutka pockets and Rs 40,000 cash from them on Tuesday. Addressing press conference here on Tuesday. The accused were identified as S.Sivakumar, M.Srinivasulu, of Pendlimarri mandal, K.Venkatasubbaiah Tummuru village of Pendlimarri mandal, M.Satishkumar Nagira Gutta village of Pulivendula mandal, T.Venkatasubbaiah Pulivendula town, M.Ramesh Kadapa city. Also Read – TDP to open shelters for victims of attacks Advertise With Us Addressing press conference here on Tuesday Kadapa city DSP U.Suryanarayana said following tip off police conducted raids at Pabbapuram village in Chinthakomma dinne mandal and nabbed the accused while selling the Gutka under a bridge. The DSP appreciated the police officials of their initiative in arresting the accused. Kadapa rural CI S.Vinay Kumar, Chinthakomma dinne SI N.Rajeswara Reddy and others were present.last_img read more

Youth crushed under train

Youth crushed under train

first_imgMap of RajshahiA young man was crushed under the wheels of a train at Belpukur rail-gate in Puthia, Rajshahi on Tuesday, reports UNB.The deceased is Emdadul Haq, 22, son of Rezaul Karim of Khudrajamia village in the upazila.Sudhir Babu, officer-in-charge of Puthia police station, said the train hit the young man when he was walking along the rail tracks around 1:00pm, leaving him dead on the spot.On information, police recovered the body and sent it to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy.last_img read more

The Jockey who Died MidRace but Miraculously Still Won

The Jockey who Died MidRace but Miraculously Still Won

first_imgIf the obituary of Frank Hayes had contained any mention of the Sweet Kiss of Death, it wouldn’t have been entirely euphemistic. Hayes, 22 (although his age is sometimes listed at 35), was riding a horse named Sweet Kiss in June 4, 1923, steeplechase at New York’s Belmont race track when the jockey’s heart gave out. He died, reports said, sometime after taking the lead in the grueling, two-mile race.But Hayes miraculously stayed in the saddle even over the last jump, not falling out until Sweet Kiss, a 20-1 long shot, crossed the finish line ahead of the pack.Belmont Park in 1916.It wasn’t until the horse’s owner and friends rushed in to congratulate him that they realized he hadn’t just fallen in exhaustion.A news report the following day in the Auburn, New York, Citizen, dramatically described the outcome:“Death clutched Francis Hayes, steeplechase jockey, as he rode his first winner yesterday at Belmont Park. Sweet Kiss, his mount, cleverly handled, came across the finish line a length ahead of the favorite, Gimme, with the lad swaying from side to side.”The Jockey by Toulouse-Lautrec (1899)“Hayes was valiantly but weakly tugging at the bridle as death gripped his heart and the mists swam before his eyes. Sweet Kiss cantered 100 yards further and stopped. The jockey crumpled in the saddle, slipped slowly over his mount’s sides, fell face downward and lay still.Dr. John A.H. Voorhees, track physician, hurried to the fallen jockey. ‘Heart disease,’ was his comment.”Because Hayes stayed in the saddle across the finish line, he was declared the winner, the only recorded case of a jockey winning a race while dead. The usual post-win activities, such as weigh-in, winner’s circle posing and the like were, of course, waived.Hayes stayed in the saddle over the last jump, not falling out until Sweet Kiss crossed the finish line.Hayes was buried in his colorful silks three days later. The race was his only win as a jockey.It was also the last race for the valiant Sweet Kiss, who was from then on referred to in the notably superstitious racing community as the “Sweet Kiss of Death.”Female Jockey FALLS Off Her Horse Right at the Finish Line!As for why Hayes died in the saddle, there is strong evidence his own training regimen was a contributing factor.Hayes worked more often as a horse trainer and stable-hand. When he decided to ride, he had to drop 12 pounds, from 142 to 130, in three days. It is likely he was dehydrated from “sweating off” water weight, creating an electrolyte imbalance known to throw the heart into chaos.The owner of Sweet Kiss, the horse he rode to his death, attended the funeral.He likely never heard the crowd cheering in the end.“A great roar swept out when she came home first,” the Auburn paper said of Sweet Kiss’s win.News of Hayes’ wild last ride was carried well beyond local newspapers. In fact, his obituary was even in the Washington Post, which reported kindly on his passing:“Hayes ambition in life was to win a race. He tried once in Canada and failed, and on his second attempt, he won, but the strain on his heart was too much, and he died after crossing the finish line on a horse trained by him and owned by a lifelong friend. J. F. Frayling, the boy’s employer and lifelong friend, and Miss A. M. Frayling, the owner of Sweet Kiss, the horse he rode to his death, attended the funeral.”Kentucky Derby. Photo by SayethThe rigors – and dangers – of making weight have long plagued certain athletes, such jockeys and wrestlers. To ride in the Kentucky Derby, a jockey plus his equipment can only weigh 126 lbs. That means most jockeys must weigh less than 118 lbs. to meet the requirement.While more is known about the risks of dropping to much weight – especially water weight – too fast, jockeys all have their tricks to keeping trim.Race for the prize of the “Derby”Laffit Pincay Jr., the world’s “winningest” jockey, allowed himself only 600 to 750 calories a day when racing. He was known to eat half of a single peanut for lunch, slicing it into slivers. He had the odd treat, including cake, but would chew the food, then spit it out instead of swallowing.Read another story from us: The Legendary “Battle of the Sexes” Horse Race that Ended in TragedyFor exercise, Pincay would speed-walk instead of run, because running increased muscle mass, and therefore, total body weight. To this day, many jockeys emulate this exercise regime.Terri Likens’ byline has appeared in newspapers around the world through The Associated Press. She has also done work for ABCNews, the BBC, and magazines that include High Country News, American Profile, and Plateau Journal. She lives just east of Nashville, Tenn.last_img read more

The Cowboys should trade Dez Bryant and the Patriots would be the

The Cowboys should trade Dez Bryant and the Patriots would be the

first_imgIt’s a loaded Blazin’ 5 Friday in The Herd.Donovan McNabb recently said the Cowboys should trade Dez Bryant. Colin agrees 100%. The AFC is dominated by quarterbacks, while the NFC is won in the trenches. Star wide receivers don’t win in the NFC. The Cowboys offensive line is the real star of the team. If they did trade Dez, the perfect team to trade for Bryant is the Patriots. They have a history of trading for wide receivers, and Belichick and Brady wouldn’t be intimidated by Bryant, and could cut him in a second if he’s a problem. If you compare Bryant to Randy Moss when they traded for him, Moss was far more disgruntled and had more question marks than Bryant does. It’s not even close. Moss set records with Brady, and Bryant could be a huge upgrade from the their current wideouts.“Dez hasn’t quit or ripped the team. You think Dez is high maintenance? Randy was the poster child of dysfunction. New England went and rolled the dice and made offensive history.”Green Bay won by 16 against Chicago last night, and Aaron Rodgers threw for 300 yards. Colin is selling all his Packers stock. A 16-point win, at home, over a Bears team with a weak defense, playing their third string quarterback just isn’t impressive. It’s not all Aaron Rodgers’ fault. A lot of it has to do with the attrition in the Packers front office. They’ve lost Seahawks GM John Schneider, Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie, and Chiefs GM John Dorsey. All have had tremendous success, and their loss is showing with the Packers talent deficient roster. The Packers window is closed.“They’ve had a brain drain in the front office. Ted Thompson can’t keep losing people like this. And they’ve become overly reliant on the draft.”Dodgers fans are panicking like Cubs fans after dropping Game 5 last night. The Dodgers are starting Kershaw in Game 6 at Wrigley, a winnable game. If they win Game 6, a Game 7 at Wrigley is far from a home field advantage because all the pressure will shift to the Cubs. Stop acting like the sky is falling.Also, Colin runs down the games he’ll be watching this weekend, and why he never eats steak alone.Guests:Michael Lombardi – Former NFL GM and Fox Sports NFL Insider is in-studio discussing what’s wrong with the Packers’ talent acquisition philosophy, why an organization needs to diversify it’s portfolio in acquiring players, whether Dez Bryant to New England would work, and his Week 7 NFL picks.Reggie Jackson – MLB Hall of Famer and “Mr. October” is in-studio discussing his upcoming documentary The Making of Mr. October,  which premieres on FS1 on October 23, what he thinks about player celebrations, analytics and replay in baseball, and how he’s  supporting technology education for underprivileged youth in inner cities.Lee Jenkins – Sports Illustrated Senior Writer is in-studio to discuss his recent article on Russell Westbrook, his OCD tendencies, how he’s misunderstood, his complicated relationship with Kevin Durant, the impact Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City on Westbrook, and his mindset heading into the 2016 season.Clay Travis – Founder of Outkick the Coverage and host of Outkick the Show joins The Herd to discuss Colin’s position that the SEC, aside from Nick Saban, is poorly coached, whether the SEC has become predictable, whether Texas A&M has a prayer this week against the Tide, or if anyone has a prayer against the Tide this year.last_img read more

Intrepid TUI form PEAK Adventures

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H Intrepid Travel and TUI Travel PLC have announced the formation of PEAK Adventure Travel Group, an alliance of independently managed adventure travel specialists. PEAK will combine Intrepid with TUI’s global portfolio of adventure brands, forming a strategic venture of 20 businesses with a combined revenue of AUD400 million. Intrepid co-founder Darrell Wade has been named chief executive of PEAK, with TUI’s John Wimbleton announced as chairman of its board.”With the adventure travel market set to grow significantly in the coming years, this new venture will firmly position PEAK Adventures as the sector’s global leader,” PEAK Adventures chief executive Darrell Wade said.  “In addition to providing a one-stop shop for adventure experiences, the  creation of an independently managed company offers enormous potential to introduce new products for agents to sell while cost synergies across the business will potentially deliver greater value holidays to a fast-growing sector.” PEAK Adventures will look to provide new opportunities for growth including new products, markets and destinations through a multi-channel and multi-brand strategy.  Brands included in the venture are Adventure Tours Australia, Gecko’s, Guerba, Intrepid Travel, Oz Experience, Peregrine, Pinnacle Tours, Sawadee and TrekAmerica, among others.last_img read more

Low Rates Push Sales But What About the Homeownership Rate

Low Rates Push Sales But What About the Homeownership Rate

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Low Rates Push Sales, But What About the Homeownership Rate? July 28, 2016 455 Views Freddie Mac Homeownership Rate Mortgage Rates New Home Sales 2016-07-28 Seth Welborncenter_img Mortgage rates have been hovering near historic lows for the past several months. Even with an increase of 3 basis points from last week, the average 30-year FRM for the week ending July 28, 2016, is 3.48 percent—only 17 basis points above the all-time low set in 2012, according to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) released on Thursday.The housing industry continues to benefit from these near-historic low rates, which fell below 4 percent in July 2015 and have stayed there since.“The 10-year Treasury yield remained flat this week in anticipation of the Fed’s July policy meeting. Mortgage rates, on the other hand, rose another 3 basis points to 3.48 percent,” Freddie Mac Chief Economist Sean Becketti said. “Nonetheless, home sales continue to benefit from the persistently low mortgage rates with June’s new home sales coming in at an annualized rate of 592,000 homes—its fastest pace since 2008.”The 15-year FRM also bumped up by 3 basis points from the previous week, from 2,75 up to 2.78. It is still down from the same period last year, which it averaged 3.17 percent, according to Freddie Mac.While the low rates are leading to home sales, those sales may not necessarily be improving the homeownership rate. For starters, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that mortgage loan volume application for the week ending July 22 was down by 11.2 percent from the previous week.Also, HUD and the Census Bureau reported on Thursday that the U.S. Homeownership rate declined from 63.4 percent in Q1 down to 62.9 percent in Q2—its lowest level since 1965.Although the homeownership rate is now at its lowest point in more than five decades, Trulia Chief Economist Ralph McLaughlin said, “the drop isn’t statistically significant from a year ago. However, if the decline is real, it is more likely due to a large increase in the number of renter households than any real decline in the number of homeowner households. While the millennial homeownership rate continues to decline, it’s important to note that the decrease could be just as likely due to new renter household formation as it is their ability to buy homes. Certainly low inventory and affordability isn’t helping their efforts to own, but moving out of their parents’ basement and into a rental unit is also a good sign for the housing market.” Sharelast_img read more

Summer Luxe At The PierreNew York NY – Reported b

first_imgSummer Luxe At The PierreNew York, NY – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineNew summer deals and happenings at The Pierre, Le Caprice and Two E Bar/Lounge this summer: The Pierre’s Summer Ease package: The Pierre offers summer respite in its freshly renovated guest rooms. Guests enjoy special rates while experiencing the legendary Pierre hospitality. Located on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park, guests are just steps away from the park’s walking and jogging trails and the city’s best shopping. This offer includes 10% off the best available rate, complimentary continental breakfast for two guests at Le Caprice Restaurant or in-room dining and a complimentary shoe shine. For Taj Inner Circle Silver and Gold Level Members, an additional 10% discount is applied. All reservations are a minimum of 2 nights.The Pierre’s 80th Anniversary: On October 1, 2010, The Pierre will celebrate an 80-year legacy of unsurpassed hospitality, sophistication and impeccable service. For 80 days leading up to The Pierre’s big birthday celebration, the hotel will be quizzing travelers with 80 questions about the hotel’s history. Those that answer the questions correctly will enter a drawing to win a complimentary weekend in The Pierre’s Presidential Tata Suite. Contest details will be posted on The Pierre’s Facebook page: in style and reap benefits. The three U.S. Taj Hotels offer Jaguar and Land Rover owners complimentary valet parking when guests dine or spend a night at The Pierre, Taj Boston, or Taj Campton Place, San Francisco.Pierre staff is looking extra sharp these days thanks to new uniforms created by Cintas. The elegant design won the “2010 Image of the Year” award from The North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD). TWO E Bar/Lounge World Cup fever! Every patron who watched the final game at Two E Bar/Lounge on July 11th at 2:30pm got a shot at winning a 5-night stay at the new Taj Cape Town, South Africa. The prize included daily breakfast for two in the Mint brasserie as well as spa treatments in Jiva Grande Spa. The trip is valid for a full year from the drawing, which took place at the conclusion of the game.Summer Solstice cocktail celebration begins! Every two weeks, The Pierre’s bartender chooses fresh ingredients to create several variations of a classic libation. The first round kicks off June 21st with $18 carafes of sangria in five refreshing flavors: Pomegranate, Japanese, Strawberry, Rosemary-Cucumber and the classic Sangria. A two-course, prix fixe lunch is available. read more

Burglary suspect arrested in Paphos

Burglary suspect arrested in Paphos

first_imgPaphos police have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with a burglary and using fake documents.The Georgian national had reportedly been working with a fake Polish ID at a hotel in Yeroskipou.In addition, a guest from the hotel told police he had stolen two phones from his hotel room.The two phones were found at the home of the suspect.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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