The fellowship of uncertainty

first_imgAhhhh you can remember it now.  Your first day as a new leader, spent quietly gazing into your crystal ball, painting for you a roadmap to change.  Oh, if it were only that easy, but alas, life is never quite so simple.  If you’ve ever wondered how you were going to implement sustainable change in your teams…congratulations…you’re a life member of the fellowship of uncertainty.Though organizational change is uncertain, here are four ideas to help bring your crystal ball into focus!COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATEOpen and honest dialogue can be a catalyst for building relationships of trust between not only you and your team, but among team members as well.  This is especially true when dealing with a certain level of uncertainty for future endeavors as leaders attempt to guide employees through organizational change.  A lack of communication can lead to a culturally broken organization in which trust can nearly cease to exist, resulting in rampant negativity as employees dedicate more time to spreading gossip and rumor, than becoming active and productive in helping the organization achieve success.  Trust has to be the priority if your organization ever dreams of successfully implementing change, and trust can only be achieved through effective communication that promotes mutual understanding.  Create an open door policy and an environment of inclusion in which your team feels comfortable expressing their ideas, including dissenting viewpoints.  Trust promotes equity, empowerment, teamwork, and creativity; traits that are absolutely necessary to cultivate change leadership. PERSONAL AND INDIVIDUAL VISITS           Any great leader will personally visit with each employee in an effort to more fully understand individual perceptions and needs.  Each individual is unique, as we are all products of different environments and experiences, resulting in varying perceptions that effect how we each encode and decode information.  This deeper understanding of the individual is absolutely crucial to begin the process of breaking down barriers to communication and rebuilding a positive culture.  A lack of individual understanding can lead to resentment and animosity, resulting in a lack of feedback, poor relationships, defensiveness, and poor listening skills.  Take time now to actively listen and respond to your team.  SHARE AND INSPIRE VISION   No organization will ever thrive if leaders do not enhance employee relationships by sharing a common vision and mission.  Therefore one of the most difficult, yet rewarding challenges of leadership is creating and nurturing an organizational culture focused on a common goal. The fruit of this experience is that your organization will become a culture of one; a people of purpose and a culture of excellence.  In order to win, organizations must have a positive culture that inspires employees and helps them understand how their goals tie to the overall strategy of the organization.  We all need to feel that we belong and that we contribute to a greater cause.  We need our work to be meaningful and nothing feels better than to know that success came as a result of our efforts. We as leaders should clearly articulate how employees contribute to our success.  Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that positive cultures are critical for overall success and that the mission of the business must be linked to the objectives of its people.  Those who find meaning and purpose at work are happier, healthier, and more productive. INSTILL CONFIDENCEI believe that we miss out on some of life’s fullest opportunities because we do not believe in ourselves or what we can become.  As leaders, our words can have a powerful impact, exhibiting the ability to either create or destroy.  The foundation for success lies in our ability to build and inspire confidence in others.  As you focus on employee development, through transparent communication, a culture of innovation, encouragement, education, positivity, and family will develop.  We as leaders will be the most effective as we come to realize that our greatest success is measured in how well we have built relationships, and inspired our people to be the best they can be. 124SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Joshua W. Poole Joshua W. Poole began his credit union career as a part-time teller, shortly after graduating from high school in 1999.  He has a passion for leadership and change management, and … Web: Detailslast_img read more

COVID reinfections are possible. Should we worry?

first_imgThe patient walked into the Washoe County community testing station in the US state of Nevada on April 18 with a sore throat, dry cough and a headache, but no reason to worry.He was only 25, had no prior medical conditions, and although the PCR nasal-swab test for COVID-19 he took came back positive, he was soon feeling well again.Thirty five days later, he was rushed to the emergency room, short of breath and with a raging fever, and placed on oxygen support. Other viruses While it is hard to say for certain how widespread or frequent COVID-19 reinfections will end up being, scientists can look to similar viruses for clues.Lia van der Hoek, an expert on coronaviruses at Amsterdam UMC, has studied the pathogens for decades.She was the lead author on a paper published last month in Nature Medicine investigating the four other coronaviruses that humans can catch. The study charted 10 healthy individuals over the course of more than 30 years, and found that patients were infected multiple times with the virus. One patient was infected on 17 separate occasions over the study period. “COVID-19 will probably behave the same,” she told AFP. Shaman also studied the circulation of other coronaviruses, following 12 healthy individuals and proving they could be reinfected a second time. He said that evidence from other respiratory viruses suggested widespread reinfections of COVID-19 was by no means impossible. COVID-19 ‘never going away’ While many governments are basing their hopes of a full economic recovery on a vaccine, Van der Hoek said there may never be a single, entirely effective COVID-19 failsafe.”The problem with coronavirus antibodies is that they wane so quickly and you can get reinfected with the same strain,” she said. “So it could be that you need repeated [COVID-19] vaccinations all the time.”This one will never go away. There is no way we can get rid of it. It will stay with us for the rest of humanity.” Too soon to tell? Frederic Altare, director of Immunology at the Inserm Research Centre of Oncology and Immunology Nantes-Angers, said there was currently little evidence that COVID-19 reinfection was going to be a “major issue” given the low case figures.”With the number of people who have been infected there are only a dozen or so proven reinfections — that’s not much,” he told AFP.But others said it was difficult to accurately gauge reinfection numbers given the relative lack of testing during the first wave this spring. In other words, many people could have in theory been infected in March or April and remained asymptomatic, only to test positive later in the year when they were reinfected, but this time with symptoms. According to Jeffrey Shaman, professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, the main obstacle to ascertaining reinfection numbers is that SARS-CoV-2 — unlike other coronaviruses that circulate among humans — is brand new, epidemiologically speaking. “The world has only been dealing with this for a number of months,” he told AFP. “We don’t know if [reinfection] is going to be common or as likely to be equally severe as the initial infection.”It’s really important to understand what this virus is ultimately going to do and how challenging it’s going to be to make a universal vaccine,” Shaman said. He had become the first confirmed US case of COVID-19 reinfection. Up to now, there have been only a handful of similar cases worldwide, and experts say it is too early to draw sweeping conclusions from such a small head count.But the prospect of getting reinfected with COVID-19 — and getting even sicker the second time around — could have a significant impact on how governments chart the path out of the pandemic.In particular, reinfections may render the idea of herd immunity — that is, a sufficiently high percentage of people eventually becoming immune to COVID-19 — unrealistic.center_img “Reinfection cases mean that in some people, the immune response is not enough to protect them from infection or disease,” Akiko Iwasaki, a professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University, told AFP.”Reinfections from SARS-CoV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19] mean that immunity acquired through natural infection is not perfect.”Researchers who documented the Nevada patient’s case offered a number of possible explanations as to how he could have gotten sick twice.He may have been exposed to a very high dose of the virus the second time around, triggering a more acute reaction.Alternatively, it may have been a more virulent strain of the virus. The study, published this week in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, listed other confirmed reinfections in Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Ecuador. Topics : Herd immunity ‘dangerous’ On Monday researchers in the Netherlands released the case study of a 89-year-woman who died after contracting COVID-19 twice.She had been treated for cancer, and her immune system was damaged as a result, making her more susceptible to severe infection.As the world searches for a vaccine, Iwasaki said that any eventually safe and universal inoculation would need to generate higher levels and longer lasting immunity in people than through natural infection.”Fortunately, some vaccine candidates appear to do exactly that.”But reinfections likely meant that any hope of naturally occurring herd immunity “would not be possible”, Iwasaki said.”Based on what we know about COVID-19, it would be too dangerous to try to achieve herd immunity through natural exposure to this virus, as it can be lethal or detrimental in people of all ages.”There is also the grim prospect of so-called antibody dependent enhancement — when antibodies actually make subsequent infections worse, such as with dengue fever.While there is currently no proof that occurs with COVID-19, Shaman said he knows of no-one who can rule that out.last_img read more

Coroner had attacked gay marriage

first_imgNZ Herald 4 March 2013The coroner who declined a full inquest into the suicide of a gay soldier is a Mormon church elder who attacked same-sex marriage in a submission to Parliament, saying it was an unnecessary “social experiment”. Gordon Matenga put the submission before MPs just three months before declining to open an inquest into the death of Corporal Douglas Hughes, 26, who took his own life in Afghanistan. His submission brought a carefully worded rebuke from Attorney-General Chris Finlayson on the involvement of the judiciary in political issues. Mr Finlayson said judges and coroners could make submissions “in appropriate circumstances” on well-established technical legal issues. “It would be wise for members of the bench to avoid submitting on issues that could be seen as politically contentious.”…Mr Matenga is a former bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a recently appointed president of the cluster of congregations led from Temple View in Hamilton. In November, he put forward a submission to Parliament which opposed Labour MP Louisa Wall’s private member’s bill allowing gay marriage. “Changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry is completely unnecessary and would serve no useful purpose,” he said. “A man and a woman are required to produce children. To allow same-sex couples to marry is a social experiment. There is no evidence to suggest that children will not be affected by it.” The Chief Coroner, Judge Neil MacLean, was unavailable for comment. read more

Mum pushes for abortion law change

first_img‘She had to go through it alone’ – mum wants abortion law changeNZ Herald 27 August 2015A woman has told politicians the harrowing background to her daughter’s suicide attempt, in a bid to have abortion law changed.Hillary Kieft, of Stratford, appeared before the Justice and Electoral select committee and, with pauses to regain her composure, outlined what had happened to her family.Mrs Kieft’s daughter had an abortion at 15 years old before she attempted suicide a year later, in 2010.Only then did the Kiefts learn that their daughter’s boarding school arranged for a procedure through a Family Planning clinic in Hawera, and failed to offer any post-abortion support.Mrs Kieft’s petition, which was signed and presented to Parliament by Whanganui MP Chester Borrows, wants legislation changed to ensure parents were notified before daughters are referred for an abortion, and to ensure there is “a fully informed consent” from those undergoing the procedure. parents about children’s abortions – motherRadio NZ News 27 August 2015Hillary Kieft has presented a petition to Parliament, asking for an amendment to the Care of Children Act, which is now before the Justice and Electoral select committee.Mrs Kieft told MPs today that in 2009 her daughter, who was 15 at the time, had an abortion without the family’s knowledge and any support.She said the teenager was left infertile, had struggled with depression, and attempted suicide.“As a family, we are standing together to see a change for parental rights. We do not want other families to go through the pain and suffering we have had to endure.“The current law intends to protect girls. So, as a mother, I want to know – show me how.”There was a double standard, she said.’s-abortions-motherParliament considering petition on abortion law changesStuff 27 August 2015A Taranaki mother who has endured years of sleepless nights fearing her teenage daughter was taking her own life is calling for abortion law changes.Hillary Kieft, of Stratford, struggled at times to keep her composure in the Justice and Electoral select committee on Thursday where she was speaking to her petition.She’s asking to give parents assurance they would be notified before daughters under the age of 16 were referred for an abortion.Kieft’s daughter, then 15, was taken for an abortion in Hawera in 2010 that was arranged by her school and was dropped home to her parents where they were told she had been to a counselling appointment.A year later their daughter attempted suicide and it was only then that she confided she had been taken to a Family Planning clinic for an abortion and had not received any follow-up counselling or medical treatment. read more

Therwhanger, Herring are heaviest Modified hitters at Cardinal’s Black Gold special

first_imgEUNICE, N.M. (March 13-14) – It didn’t take long for Michael Therwhanger to show he could run with the heavy hitters at Cardinal Speedway.Therwhanger won the first start of his IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified career, along with $600, in the opening night Black Gold Showdown program at Eunice.“It was a heck of a night. I’ve been nervous about it for months,” he admitted the next morning. “I still can’t believe it. I’ve watched the video like 14 times to make sure it really happened.”Christy Barnett kept the race close and finished second. Triston Sikes was third.Therwhanger had started from inside row two. He passed Slade Johnston near midway and led to the checkers despite several late cautions and Barnett’s best efforts.“I never dreamed my first win in a Modified would come this quick. A lot of the heavy hitters from around here were behind me and I didn’t know what to expect, ” Therwanger said, noting that the victory came on engine builder Jacob Penner’s birthday. “This is something my dad Mo and I get to do together. It’s a good time.”Herring earned $700 for his Saturday efforts. He started third, went inside Caleb Stone for the lead on the fourth lap and led to the end of the 20-lapper.The race was interrupted just once by caution, with five circuits to go. Herring was able to pull away as Josh McGaha finally got the best of Stone in the tussle for second.Colby Deming led Mark Lord and Michael Lang across the stripe in Friday’s Stock Car feature. Top three in the Southern SportMod main were Dustin Robinson, Brandon Ross and Alec Smith.Defending Charger Chassis Southern Region champion April Phillips was the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock winner. Runner-up was Jon McGowan and Gerald Spalding Jr. was third.Keith Cagle, Deming and Gary Kerr ran 1-2-3 in Saturday’s Stock Car main. Gerald Spalding Sr., John Davis and Gerald Spalding Jr. made up the Hobby Stock top three.Cory Williams was promoted to first in the Southern SportMod main when Robinson was disqualified in post-race engine inspection for ported heads. Justin Shaw was second and Brian Ray Flowers third.Drivers earning $500 along with top point totals for the two days were Barnett in the Modifieds, Deming in the Stocks, Shaw in the Southern SportMods and Gerald Spalding Jr. in the Hobbies.March 13 Feature Results Modifieds – 1. Michael Therwhanger; 2. Christy Barnett; 3. Triston Sikes; 4. Neil Flowers; 5. Dean Deming; 6. Jerry Harpole; 7. Butch Reid; 8. Austin Huskey; 9. Vince Ogle; 10. Jeremy Montgomery; 11. Bob Sikes; 12. Greg Jenkins; 13. Blake Hoten; 14. Dan Aune; 15. Josh McGaha; 16. Toby Herring; 17. Caleb Stone; 18. Bob Sikes Jr.; 19. Cory Davis; 20. Slade Johnston.Stock Cars – 1. Colby Deming; 2. Mark Lord; 3. Michael Lang; 4. Keith Cagle; 5. Jordan Lathram; 6. Tim Pfalzgraf; 7. Vince Ogle; 8. Colin Deming; 9. Dustin White; 10. Hunter Russell; 11. Jake White; 12. Cody Kays; 13. Mart Wampler; 14. Gary Kerr; 15. J.D. White; 16. Jack Miles; 17. Danny Criswell; 18. Justin Thomas; 19. Bud Ohliger; 20. Justin White; 21. Cary White; 22. Randy Madry; 23. Cody Stone; 24. Shawn McCarty.Southern SportMods – 1. Dustin Robinson; 2. Brandon Ross; 3. Alec Smith; 4. Justin Shaw; 5. Tanner Houston; 6. Cory Williams; 7. Sam Hodges; 8. Robby Crabtree; 9. Brian Heard; 10. Junior Dosher; 11. Roger Armstrong; 12. Kevin Brown; 13. Joey Klemish; 14. Trey Harpole; 15. Brannon Davis; 16. Michael Maraschick; 17. Rodger Pierce; 18. John Reid; 19. Brian Ray Flowers; 20. Johnny Parke; 21. Lance Moore.Hobby Stocks – 1. April Phillips; 2. Jon McGowan; 3. Gerald Spalding Jr.; 4. Ryan Wilkerson; 5. Shawn Miles; 6. J.R. Patman; 7. Wesley Mayer; 8. Halie Brown; 9. Clint Day; 10. Gerald Spalding Sr.; 11. George Ross; 12. Kade Ogle; 13. Wayne Chadwell; 14. Ricky Thomas; 15. Jerrad Steele; 16. Patrick Hill; 17. John Davis; 18. Cameron Eddings; 19. Larry Yeley; 20. Lee Yeley; 21. Sean Layman.March 14 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Herring; 2. McGaha; 3. Stone; 4. Justin Cass; 5. Johnston; 6. Ogle; 7. Barnett; 8. Reid; 9. Harpole; 10. Flowers; 11. Triston Sikes; 12. Bob Sikes; 13. Bob Sikes Jr.; 14. Montgomery; 15. Hoten; 16. Dillon Hill; 17. Deming; 18. Steve Owens; 19. Owen Puckett; 20. Tim Ridgeway.Stock Cars – 1. Cagle; 2. Colby Deming; 3. Gary Kerr; 4. Lathram; 5. Lang; 6. Jake White; 7. Ogle; 8. Pfalzgraf; 9. Wampler; 10. Dustin White; 11. Miles; 12. Lord; 13. Ohliger; 14. Kays; 15. Thomas; 16. Madry; 17. Russell; 18. McCarty; 19. Criswell; 20. Stone; 21. J.D. White; 22. Colin Deming.Southern SportMods – 1. Williams; 2. Shaw; 3. Flowers; 4. Klemish; 5. Houston; 6. Pierce; 7. Smith; 8. Hodges; 9. Armstrong; 10. Crabtree; 11. Brown; 12. Parke; 13. Reid; 14. Heard; 15. Davis; 16. Eddie Ledbetter; 17. Billy Beckham; 18. Ross; 19. Maraschick; 20. Robinson.Hobby Stocks – 1. Spalding Sr.; 2. Davis; 3. Spalding Jr.; 4. Patman; 5. Brown; 6. McGowan; 7. Wilkerson; 8. Steele; 9. Phillips; 10. Chadwell; 11. Mayer; 12. Ogle; 13. Day; 14. Miles; 15. Thomas; 16. Lee Yeley; 17. Ross; 18. Scott Sullivan; 19. Hill; 20. Anthony Betancourt; 21. Alex Neal.last_img read more

Manuel Lanzini and Dimitri Payet goals lift West Ham to win at Crystal Palace

first_img The Eagles appeared to have held on for a point despite playing the entire second half with 10 men following Dwight Gayle’s brainless red card. But West Ham’s pressure paid off when Argentinian winger Lanzini rifled home in the 88th minute and Payet put the icing on the cake in injury time. Late goals from Manuel Lanzini and Dimitri Payet floored 10-man Crystal Palace as West Ham snatched a dramatic 3-1 victory at Selhurst Park. Carl Jenkinson had put the visitors ahead with his second goal in two matches, but Yohan Cabaye equalised moments later with a twice-taken penalty. Payet had already threatened twice for West Ham before, in the 23rd minute, he slid the ball to former Palace winger Victor Moses, who fed overlapping full-back Jenkinson in the area. The Arsenal loanee had sneaked in behind the daydreaming Wilfried Zaha and neatly tucked the ball past Wayne Hennessey with the outside of his right foot. However, two minutes later Jenkinson was the central figure as Palace forced an equaliser. The right-back and Gayle seemed to collide as they both stretched for the ball in the box, but referee Mark Clattenburg ruled in the Palace forward’s favour and pointed to the spot. Cabaye duly tucked away the penalty, only for Clattenburg to order a retake after spotting Gayle had encroached into the area. Nevertheless, Cabaye held his nerve and lifted the ball high into the opposite side of the net despite Adrian getting a hand to it. Gayle may have been breathing a sigh of relief at that stage but his next reckless act, a needless lunge on Payet, earned him a booking. That proved costly for the striker when, in another rash challenge, he caught Cheikhou Kouyate late and was sent off a minute before half-time. Not for the first time this season, Eagles boss Alan Pardew hauled off Zaha at half-time, while Andy Carroll was introduced shortly after as the Hammers attempted to make their numerical advantage count. Diafra Sakho glanced Jenkinson’s cross against a post but it appeared West Ham would head back to east London frustrated. But when Carroll headed fellow substitute Mauro Zarate’s cross back across goal Lanzini was on hand to smash the ball past Hennessey. And in stoppage time Lanzini’s through ball sent Payet clear and the Frenchman deftly chipped Hennessey to seal West Ham’s fourth away win of the season. TWEET OF THE MATCH “Good to see Alan Pardew applaud the @whufc_official fans before kick off, a different view to the fans to Big Sam” – Ian Abrahams @BroadcastMoose PLAYER RATINGS Crystal Palace Wayne Hennessey: 6 Martin Kelly: 6 Scott Dann: 6 Brede Hangeland: 6 Pape Soure: 6 Yannick Bolasie: 6 Jason Puncheon: 6 James McArthur: 6 Yohan Cabaye: 6 Wilfried Zaha: 5 Dwight Gayle: 4 Subs Bakary Sako: 6 Mile Jedinak: 5 Joe Ledley: 5 West Ham Adrian: 7 Carl Jenkinson: 6 James Tomkins: 6 James Collins: 6 Aaron Cresswell: 6 Cheikhou Kouyate: 7 Mark Noble: 6 Manuel Lanzini: 8 Victor Moses: 6 Dimitri Payet: 7 Diafra Sakho: 6 Subs Andy Carroll: 6 Mauro Zarate: 6 Nikica Jelavic: 6 STAR PLAYER Manuel Lanzini – T he young Argentinian looks so composed on the ball and his all-round display was capped by a deserved late goal. Also found time to set up the third for Payet. MOMENT OF THE MATCH Payet put the icing on the cake for West Ham with his fifth goal of the season, collecting Lanzini’s pass and deftly lifting it over Hennessey. VIEW FROM THE BENCH Both managers use a 4-2-3-1, to good effect so far this season. The sides were cancelling each other out until Gayle’s red card, allowing Slaven Bilic to bring on Andy Carroll and go with two up front. Palace almost held out but the pressure finally told. MOAN OF THE MATCH Dwight Gayle – A striker who has worked so hard to get into Palace’s team promptly took himself out of it with two reckless tackles before half-time. Almost cost his side further before that, having encroached when Cabaye took his first penalty. WHO’S UP NEXT? Leicester v Crystal Palace (Barclays Premier League, Saturday October 24) West Ham v Chelsea (Barclays Premier League, Saturday October 24) Press Associationlast_img read more

Kylian Mbappe: Argentine Bull dubbed Mbappe in Honour of Football Star

first_imgBuenos Aires, July 17: Mbappe, a 22-month-old bull weighing 920 kg (2,028 lbs) named after the young French national football team star, was the first specimen to enter Argentina’s 132nd Livestock, Agriculture and Industry Expo on Monday. bull – described as a “moderately-sized” animal with “high breed quality” during the show’s opening event – hails from the Curaco farm, owned by rancher Luciano Trappa. “In this year of World Cup passion, we want to honour the figure of the winning national team,” Trappa said of 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe, who won Best Young Player at the world soccer tournament. IANSlast_img read more

Asian Games Bridge is not gambling, more challenging than chess: gold winners

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Asian Games News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Jakarta: India’s Asian Games gold medal winners in bridge on Saturday said that their sport should not be treated as gambling for it involves skills and not luck.Pranab Bardhan and Shibhnath Sarkar on Saturday won the men’s pairs gold in the debut sport of bridge in the Asian Games. India has also won a bronze each in the men’s team and mixed team events.“It’s game based on logic. It’s a mind game like chess but more challenging. In chess you play one on one. Here you are playing with your partner, with whom you can’t speak during the match. You have to understand each other’s move. You have to judge, what I am thinking with my cards,” Bardhan, 60, said.Also Read | Indonesia announces surprise bid for 2032 Olympics “It’s definitely not gambling. Everybody gets the same hand (first set of cards), so no luck is involved. It’s up to you to respond to the situation,” said Bardhan who has been playing with Sarkar as a team for the last 20 years.Bardhan said one must love and respect his cards.“The set that you have in your hand, will not come to you with same combination again. You got to respect what you have. I always say you must love your cards, only then you can develop the game,” he said.Sarkar said it’s a game of young and the perception that only the old people play is wrong.“The Singapore team had young players. There are a lot of players who are in their 20s. It’s also not a sport for the elite. In West Bengal, you have all kind of people playing the sport,” said Sarkar, who is a teacher at Jadavpur University and a fan of legendary singer Kishore Kumar.Bardhan recalled an incident when he was to leave for Montreal to compete in a championship and he had to visit the passport office for renewal.“He (passport officer) asked me, tum jua khelne Canada ja rahe ho (you are going to Canada for gambling). I told him you have not read my file properly. He was an educated man but still did not know, it’s a sport and not gambling. Sensible people would not think like that.”Nirmal Rajagopalan, the honorary treasurer of the Bridge Federation of India, said the officials were striving hard to dispel the negatives attached with bridge.Read More | ISL 2018-19: Tim Cahill officially announced by Jamshedpur FC “We are in touch with people to have bridge introduced at the inter-university games as a sport. We are also seeking a meeting with the All India School Board to have this game introduced at schools. The perception is changing and this medal will help further,” Rajagopalan said.“There are at least 5000 players registered with the federation.”Bardhan and Sarkar, who also won a gold at the Asian Championship last year, said they did practice by playing against a computer at least two hours every day. last_img read more

Tennis News Sumit Nagal qualifies for US Open 2019, to face Roger Federer in first round

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Tennis News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New York: Earning a dream Grand Slam debut for himself, Indian tennis player Sumit Nagal sets up the US Open first round clash against one of the greatest players of all time — the legendary Roger Federer — on Monday. When Nagal stepped on the court to take on Brazil’s Joao Menezes in the final qualifying round on Friday, he would not have thought a win would pit him against a global superstar, who has 20 Grand Slam titles to his name. Nagal lost the first set but regrouped for a 5-7 6-4 6-3 win over the Brazilian in two hours and 27 minutes.  The 22-year-old Indian has become only the fifth Indian player to feature in a Grand Slam singles main draw in this decade. Somdev Devvarman, Yuki Bhambri, Saketh Myneni and Prajnesh Gunneswaran are the only ones who have played at Tennis Majors. Nagal had also become only the sixth Indian player to win a junior Grand Slam title in 2015 when he won Wimbledon boys doubles with Nam Hoang Ly of Vietnam.  With Prajnesh also playing in this US Open, India now will have two players in the Grand Slam main draw for the first time since 1998 when legends Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi competed at the Wimbledon. Prajnesh is set to clash with Cincinnati Masters winner and world number five Daniil Medvedev, who conquered Novak Djokovic during his title triumph.  Nagal came into the US Open qualifiers confident, backed by terrific results during the clay court season. Consistent results on the Challenger Circuit meant that he broke into the top-200 for the first time in his career and has now earned himself a chance to play a match which every tennis player dreams of. He had started the year outside the 350 bracket and had to overcome a difficult period, encountering injuries but came back strong.  India’s Davis Cup captain Bhupathi, who was the first to spot Nagal’s talent and took him under his wings to provide support, said it’s a career defining moment for the 22-year-old from Jhajjar in Haryana. “Nagal has been unlucky with injuries and has worked very hard to get back to this level.Playing Roger at the US Open at night is every qualifier’s dream and nightmare and I think this experience will both be a confidence booster and a career defining moment for him,” Bhupathi told PTI, reacting to Nagal’s impending Grand Slam debut.  So what Nagal needs to do to not get overwhelmed when he finds Federer across the court? “He needs to enjoy the moment and go for his shots,” suggested Bhupathi.  First time since 1998 that India will have two players in one Grand Slam.Sumit Nagal will face Roger Federer in the first round.Prajnesh Gunneswaran is set to clash with world number five Daniil Medvedev.center_img highlightslast_img read more

Orange overcomes sloppy first half, limits costly turnovers

first_imgPISCATAWAY, N.J. — The halftime message from John Desko was clear. After his team turned the ball over eight times, failed to win a faceoff and mustered just two goals through the first 30 minutes, the Syracuse head coach made sure it would come out of halftime differently.‘He just told us to wake up and play our game,’ said SU attack Tim Desko. ‘Don’t turn the ball over, be patient and just put the ball in the back of the net.’And with that, the message was received.It took the Orange just one minute to score after the break, when Jeremy Thompson fired in a bullet from 15 yards out. Then it was Desko’s turn to respond to his coach. After Desko scored, Cody Jamieson tallied two-straight goals to push the Syracuse lead to 6-0 with four minutes to play in the third quarter.After a slow first half, the Orange offense responded. The group scored five goals in the third quarter, went 5-of-8 at the faceoff X and turned the ball over only four times.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textOnce the offense got started, it was hard to contain. The first-half struggles became a mere memory.‘We rushed some things in the first half and weren’t making good decisions,’ Desko said. ‘In the second half, we had some good possessions and scored real early. I think we got more comfortable as a result.’Rutgers goaltender William Olin had seven first-half saves on 13 Syracuse shots. He came out on fire, using his feet and shins to stop shots. Olin held Syracuse scoreless through the first quarter. The last time the Orange failed to score in a quarter was against Hobart on March 23.Syracuse has made a living jumping on teams early. Prior to Sunday, the Orange had outscored its opponents 38-13 through the first 15 minutes. It has led nine of those 10 games after the first quarter. But the story was much different Sunday. Five minutes into the game, Jovan Miller left his defender in the dust. He took a running shot off one foot on the left side from 10 yards out. Olin stuck his shin out and made the save. And that was hardly the only time Olin relied on his lower legs.‘We were shooting low, and he was guessing low,’ said SU attack Chris Daniello. ‘We just had to change it up at halftime. We relaxed out there and changed up our shots.’After Desko sent the message during the break, Syracuse came out and shot higher. Olin could not keep up.He finished the game with 14 saves on 36 SU shots but let up five goals in the third. Syracuse responded to its coach and figured out the Rutgers defense.‘We executed and got better looks,’ Daniello said. ‘They weren’t quick to slide, so if you got by the first guy there was room to get a shot off, and that is where we capitalized.’A long stretchThe past week has been a busy one for Syracuse. After three consecutive night games on the road, the Orange will finally return to the Carrier Dome on April 24 to host Providence in an afternoon game. The trip began against Princeton at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., Then the Orange headed to Ithaca, N.Y., to play Cornell. And Sunday night, the week concluded with a win at Rutgers.Three road games and three wins. But Syracuse is excited to get home.‘We got done with a long week,’ Joel White said. ‘Three tough road games, all at night. To come away with three good wins is real nice and a great step in the right direction.’Not only will the Orange get to play an afternoon game, but it has six days to prepare for another Big East matchup against Providence Saturday.Head coach John Desko felt the tough schedule may have been the cause of a slow start.‘I think anytime you play three games in one week and you play the likes of Princeton and then Cornell and then Rutgers all on the road, I think it takes its toll a little bit,’ Desko said. ‘I am proud of the group. I think we adjusted.’A new No. 1?Syracuse entered the game against Rutgers as the No. 2 team in the nation. When the Orange wakes up Monday morning that may be much different. On Saturday, No. 1 Virginia fell to No. 5 Duke 13-9 in Charlottesville, Va. With the Syracuse win, the Orange is likely to claim that top spot come Monday. That is a spot the Orange held to begin the 2010 season. When it lost to Virginia back on March 7, it fell to No. 2 in the polls, and the Cavaliers replaced it. But now, it is the Orange who will likely replace Virginia.Since falling to Virginia, SU has gone on a tear. It has reeled off wins in each of its last eight games, defeating five top 20 teams during that stretch.  Published on April 18, 2010 at 12:00 pm Commentscenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more