Annual conference lecture Reboot Zhou Hongyi most afraid of big company disease

17 million 870 thousand yuan of employee benefits, a TAKISAWA Laura — let 360 years taylor. However, this year will be the hot field nouveau riche "speech, Zhou Hongyi is a big pot of cold water"". Three hours of lecture, 360 annual meeting, the old week the shortest and most solemn time. In the face of BTJS (Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan, Sogou) siege, old Zhou said never fear, and his concern is how companies get bigger breakthrough. In his view, let the company and employees Reboot (Zhong Qi), far greater than the benefits of incentives to bring. read more

Talk about the latest and most profitable Wangzhuan project

Do Wangzhuan

from now, probably about two years more! Look at the title, want to make money, people must hope to disclose the latest and most profitable Wangzhuan project, however, there is no what good Wangzhuan introduce to you, because when it comes to money? Man earns is little below! Just tell you (note how novice!) from scratch, from less to more than a process of accumulation, after all, the new project has accumulated in the old Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project on the


said the money, each Wangzhuan project, if you do a very thorough, I believe it can still make money, and I personally suggest that you work hard, don’t do Wangzhuan part-time! Personally, I first start from the free Wangzhuan (at that time a lot of people are to promote offline links from free blog in), my first click Wangzhuan is (other surveys, surfing approximately), the original pay is like $5, I finally went to $4.5, and later to pay $10, more heavy, had to give up! In fact, there was a small number of people the monthly income of tens of thousands of free Wangzhuan (I am a novice, no way!), these people are basically independent websites have their own, their job is to develop offline, then generate a new argument, Offline rebate! Then there have been a number of offline rebate software, what VIP offline rebate software, worth hundreds of thousands, but doing this, many new owners have bought such software to open the rebate business! Say money, of course is to enter the sooner the more money it! Reminds me of a classic English, The sooner you begin, the sooner you start earning a lot of money! Use the rebate software, there are a lot of people by selling their guide website, also made a fortune! Said so many words, personal advice is the best novice to do an independent the blog site, also, the operation of the operation! Do this industry is a process of accumulation! (as for how to build websites, is beyond the scope of this article. read more

The highest realm of Wangzhuan 100 Web sites let you fall asleep to make money

What is the highest level of

earned? In fact, this is not an exact answer, each one according to his lights, I think, can do it easily, lying in bed, make a lot of money, which should be regarded as the highest realm of Wangzhuan


today on Admin5 around, saw an article called "muffled money: hundreds of thousands of individual stationmaster business website", which makes me one of the earthquake, usually, I think a person has dozens of hundreds of websites, even the cattle, but did not think there are a few people have one hundred thousand sites, too what surprised me. read more

Adsense your search union code changed

today to log on to the Google AdSensem account with Google background, union search tips in the report page: if you search code generation before January 7, 2009, please click here to generate a new search code. After February 16, 2009, the old search code will not work. If there is a friend in the use of Google search alliance products, there is no upgrade to upgrade the code quickly, the old code can not be used expired.

, according to the official Google search Union reported that the upgrade code is more simple and easy to use, and can be automatically updated with the product, you can save the trouble of maintaining code. read more

am the founder of the new electronic business experience to talk about and do not give up the two

some people say that this is the best era of hardware entrepreneurship. "Cambrian type" of the new outbreak of hardware to bring a spring in Shenzhen. And yesterday afternoon, by Xu Xiaoping, the Chinese partner of the team leader of and Shenzhen to create a few strong springs out of the spring, the hardware business forced to do very high. "More than more than large, deep, more than the soft hard", a sense of the full picture of the hardware business because the message board of pleasure "high teacher venture pressure to do not move the topic brings the climax constantly. read more

Zhang Zhaoyang will abandon sogou Earn PPTV

Following the

3B after the war, Zhang Zhaoyang recently set by Sogou acquisition events, and to pick SB indistinct heavy war. Although there seems to be in smooth water from Robin Li and 360 weeks, in fact, the cannon position is not on the matter, we can guess that they are brewing to the upper hand with a.

regardless of that, I’m just curious Zhang Zhaoyang to "tease" to the Sogou 3B intention? Just H and private chat, I see light suddenly. This coincidentally, hidden behind hanging machine, perhaps Zhang Zhaoyang and Wang Xiaochuan buried in the open echoed each other. read more

Mobile phone advertising praised

some time ago and a friend about mobile phone advertising, the friend first to the sentence: "spam"? I am very depressed at the time when you hear these words, but then think carefully, is perfectly logical and reasonable. First, from a user perspective, in the mobile phone through the network login, advertising content through mobile phone contact every day in addition to SMS and MMS, no other advertising content. Coupled with the media on the type of advertising messages to be demonized, the image of spam messages will quickly build up in the user’s mind. Because China is a good thing since ancient times not to go out, bad news. Sometimes, spreading false propaganda, this illusion will spread quickly. So, let me depressed for granted, let the media industry is also a matter of course. Because the mobile phone advertising, now indeed appeared praised situation. read more

Wang Xing founder of the United States Mission ten years where is the sense of crisis

Abstract if I want to make a revolution, I want to make my own life. I always fear, very careful.

Group founder Wang Xing (micro-blog)

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported on September 13th

Wang Xing entrepreneurial story is good, because there are ups and downs, there is growth. This month, a new book devoted to Wang ten years of business listing, entitled "nine wins and one defeat".

book author Li Zhigang has repeatedly interviewed Wang Xing himself, this book presents the experience and thinking in addition to Wang himself, has spent a lot of space to describe Wang Xing the backbone of their entrepreneurial team to gather together to complete their common goal. read more

Owners want to make money must see how to earn more to avoid letting GG K off

It’s getting harder and harder to make money on the

network now because it’s mature. But it’s not without the possibility of making money. Not as good as GG is the first choice of the income of each owner, does not affect their own traffic, advertising regular, stable income, high prices are the most attractive place GG!

then how to do GG, make better use of it to bring you more income, I said with you today! Some people do think that GG put more advertising to make more money, in fact put GG advertising is wrong, that you are not in the GG company website content promotion. But mainly in the promotion of GG advertising. read more

10 years transfer road lucky 14 new board companies transfer how difficult

data statistics, the average time for 2.25 years to review the board, the motherboard for the past 2.42 years, SME board for the past 2.05 years. In the long road to the board, we also look to do too many companies struggling and helpless. However, in the 10 years on the road to the board of the lucky child, there are 3 in 2016 after the smooth meeting……

a lot of people have not thought of, in the years after today, the new board has become well known.

is now in the new board, trading activity and the overall level of valuation although it is difficult to match the A shares, but the speed of its development is staggering. Up to now, three new board listed companies close to 11000, with a total market capitalization of nearly 5 trillion yuan. The new board will pay close attention to the increasing and the transformation from the initial expansion and subsidies lead to a large number of companies competing listing, slowly because of low barriers to entry in listed companies is uneven, often criticized, along with the continuous improvement of the system and the high enthusiasm everyone, liquidity problems have long plagued the development of three new board attracted a wave of hot, after a long period of barbaric growth, the new board gradually and out of order, and the emergence of a number of successful transfer business, new opportunities will follow. read more