Cities and municipalities that do not determine the amount of the lump sum for renters, it will be 750 kuna per bed

first_imgAt the 10th Session of the Parliament held on November 21, 2018, the final proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Income Tax was extinguished.In the discussion at the Committee, it was noted that the Government of the Republic of Croatia with the Final Law on Amendments to Income Tax regulates the amount of the lump sum if local government units do not make a decision on the lump sum income tax for renters in tourism per bed or accommodation unit in the camp. . Legislative changes regulate the range of this lump sum. The lump sum may not be less than HRK 150 or more than HRK 1.500. By the way, so far the lump sum was 150 kn. The Government of the Republic of Croatia regulates that in cities and municipalities that do not determine the amount of this lump sum, it amounts to HRK 750.However, interestingly, if the towns and municipalities do not make a decision on the amount of the lump sum, which is lowered to the local level by the new law because so far the decision on the amount of the lump sum was made by the Ministry of Tourism, the Government of the Republic of Croatia regulates of that lump sum it amounts to HRK 750.It was further stated that such lump sums should be earned as revenues of local governments where the property is located and not where the owner has registered residence. This type of real estate represents a burden for the infrastructure of local self-government units due to the large influx of tourists over the summer without adequate financial compensation. The proponent replied that such lump sums were related to the residence of the property owner and not to the place where the property is located.More information/TRANSITIONAL AND FINAL PROVISIONS TRANSITIONAL AND FINAL PROVISIONSArticle 30(1) Representative bodies of local self-government units are obliged to make decisions from Article 2019 of this Act for 17 which will prescribe the amount of flat tax per bed or per accommodation unit in the camp by 31 January 2019 and submit them to the Tax Administration no later than until February 15, 2019. The adopted decision shall be applied until a new decision is made in accordance with Article 17 of this Act.(2) If the representative body of the local self-government unit does not make a decision within the prescribed time limit, the amount of the flat tax per bed or per accommodation unit in the camp shall be determined in the amount of HRK 750,00.(3) Article 14 of this Act shall apply when determining the annual income tax for 2018 and onwards. Furthermore, it was said in the discussion that the decision on the amount of the lump sum is determined by the local self-government unit, and the funds from renting real estate in tourism are received by the local self-government unit where the property owner is registered. In this way, one local government unit affects the revenues of another local government unit. It is also pointed out that such real estate is rented in tourism and no holiday home tax can be charged for it. It was pointed out that such a problem is particularly pronounced in small places on the sea and the coast, where most renters do not have a permanent residence, so small places have no income from it. The proponent replied that this was a factual situation under the Income Tax Act. Among other things, it was noted that for non-resident foreigners as owners of real estate in tourism, revenues go to the budget of the local government unit where the property is located.The Act was passed at the 10th session on November 21, 2018 with 79 votes in favor, 51 against, 1 abstention, and the Income Tax Act, which will enter into force on January 1, 2019.So, the summary of everything is how the final bill gives local governments the opportunity to make decisions on the amount of flat tax payment per bed or per accommodation unit in the camp in the proposed range from 150,00 to 1.500,00 kuna. If they do not make a decision on the amount of the flat tax, it is determined in the amount of HRK 750,00.Hosts in family accommodation, talk to your representatives in municipalities and cities, to your representatives you have chosen in local and county elections, about the amount of sojourn tax and make sure the decision is made, so that later we would not know.Side dish: FINAL PROPOSAL OF THE LAW ON AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW ON INCOME TAXcenter_img Article 17In Article 57, after paragraph 2, new paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 are added as follows:”(3) In the case referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article, the representative body of the local self-government unit is obliged to issue a decision prescribing the amount of flat tax per bed or accommodation unit in the camp, which may not be less than HRK 150,00 or more than HRK 1.500,00.(4) The decision of the representative body of the local self-government unit referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article may be changed no later than 15 December of the current year, and shall apply from 1 January of the following year. per bed or per accommodation unit in the camp.(5) Local self-government units shall submit the decision of their representative body referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article to the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration within eight days from the day of its adoption for publication on the Tax Administration website. “.last_img read more

Ex-MP McClymont takes policy role at top master trust provider

first_imgMcClymont served as an MP from 2010 to 2015. He is currently a member of the UK regulator’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group, which is developing a cost reporting standard for asset managers, and is a board member at the Tax-Incentivised Savings Association. Source: PLSAGregg McClymont (centre) appears on a panel at a PLSA conference with Graham Vidler (left) and Sir Steve WebbHe has also co-edited two books comparing pension systems from around the world, with Andy Tarrant, a former adviser to the Labour party who became head of Policy and government relations at The People’s Pension in 2016.At B&CE, McClymont will take charge of policy and external affairs when he joins at the end of this month. He said he would also be working on the development of an “occupational health solution that will improve the lives of workers by treating health equally to safety, catching symptoms of ill health in the workplace early and helping them to stay in work longer”.B&CE – originally founded as an industry-wide pension and health benefits provider for construction workers – launched The People’s Pension in 2011 in response to the UK’s automatic enrolment legislation. It now caters for nearly 4m workers from multiple industries. B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension, the UK’s biggest defined contribution (DC) master trust, has hired former Labour party pensions spokesman Gregg McClymont as director of policy and external affairs.McClymont joins from Aberdeen Standard Investments where he was head of retirement, a role he held since losing his parliamentary seat in 2015.Patrick Heath-Lay, B&CE’s chief executive officer, said: “Gregg’s commitment to delivering better retirement savings outcomes for working people is well recognised throughout the industry and in parliament.“He has been a tireless supporter of automatic enrolment and a vocal campaigner for improved pensions options for UK workers. As a not-for-profit organisation, this aligns with B&CE’s aims and values and we are thrilled to be able to benefit from his extensive policy experience and industry expertise.”last_img read more

4 Garrison Officers Mess Squash Club to mark World Squash Day

first_imgThe 4 Garrison Officers Mess Squash Club in Kumasi will commemorate this year’s World Squash Day, to be climaxed by a competition with Obuasi Club.The is set aside to celebrate the game, considered  the number one sport for overcoming cardio vascular diseases worldwide.This year’s occasion falls on Saturday , 13th OctoberCaptain of the 4 Garrison Officers’ Mess Squash Club Lawyer Francis Coffie, has been sharing detailed line up of activities for the day.He says it will be used to promote squash locally and internationally as members strive with the world body to make it an Olympic sport.The occasion is marked for the first time in Ghana, and Mr. Coffie and his team want the game recognized as other sporting disciplines. “The Professional Squash Association of England found the need to establish a day to give the game that projection globally so that people will buy into the game, play it and then have it listed as an Olympic sport,” he said.“Even though for now we have it as a Commonwealth sport,  there’s the need to push it a level higher to the Olympic stage which is a bigger platform,” Mr. Coffie added.Mr. Coffie who is also Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Bar Association says other unknown categories of competition for the day will be outdoored.“We are going to have exhibition games open to the public to teach them the rudiments of the game and, as part of the celebrations, we have been encouraged to bring out our own creative tournaments that will suit the particular location to draw attraction to the game”, he intimated.“We are going  to have a game of squash called Kitoma [on the day]. We will play the triathlon as well as the grudge matches to determine which will, more or less, be like a match play,” Mr. Coffie explained. He is encouraging  the public to take interest in squash since it reduces the risk of cardio diseases, especially, among people with sedentary life styles.last_img read more