The guns outside election offices are bad enough, but Barr wants guns inside the counting process

first_imgNote the wide range of activities suggested in this letter. It’s not just that you can send someone with a gun down to “investigate” the not-so-violent crime of potential voter fraud, you can send an armed federal agent to “prevent” crimes that haven’t happened. In other words … you can stand someone in to fiddle with the safety on their Glock while the elderly woman in front of them tries to decide if that mark for Joe Biden is dark enough to count. Do you think so, ma’am? Do you really think so?The raft of frivolous lawsuits being cranked out by Trump are being thrown out of court left and right, but Barr doesn’t need to go before a judge to make a request for adding some real heavy metal to the voting process. By a complete coincidence, the letter telling federal prosecutors to send forth their troops came just before Trump issued a statement saying: “We want all voting to stop.” When someone asks why the process is going so slowly, the answer might be that it’s difficult to work when you’re genuinely “under the gun.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – As The New York Times reports, Barr’s Wednesday letter practices some very careful lawyering. Election law actually does prohibit the positioning of armed federal officers at polling stations, because legislators rightly perceived that having someone in uniform standing over voters with a rifle lent things a very developing-world appearance. In addition to looking bad, it’s simply bad.But the hairsplitter general determined that just because you can’t direct a barrel at voters when they’ve got their pens over a ballot doesn’t mean you can’t wring some sweat out of the person trying to read the ballot. As the Department of Justice letter notes, election law “does not prevent armed federal law enforcement persons from responding to, investigate, or prevent federal crimes at closed polling places or at other locations where votes are being counted.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Investec launches environment strategy to target decarbonisation trend

first_imgInvestec – which runs $142.4bn (€125.3bn) globally – claimed the investable universe of companies for the new strategy opened up a “$2.5trn growth opportunity” for investors who were “exploring investment around long-term portfolio decarbonisation”. Investec Asset Management is to target investment in companies supporting the drive for decarbonisation with a new strategy launching today.The Investec Global Environment Fund will buy stakes in companies with “carbon avoided” scores, calculated using the EU’s emissions trading scheme methodology, which assesses how companies offset and reduce their carbon emissions.Deirdre Cooper, co-manager of the fund with Graeme Baker, said the data incorporated “Scope 3” emissions alongside environmental revenues. These are indirect carbon effects from a company’s value chain that are often omitted from common measures of carbon footprints.“The world has embarked on its third energy transition: a relatively rapid shift in favour of low-carbon energy,” Cooper said. “Electricity needs to take market share from all other forms of energy, as we electrify transportation and heating… Investment is required in all the related value chain.” Deirdre Cooper, Investec Asset ManagementThe estimated universe of funds was more than 700 companies, the asset manager said, with a total market capitalisation in excess of $5trn.Cooper said less than a third of the companies were in the MSCI ACWI index and none were in the FTSE 100.“They will grow a lot faster than the rest of the market,” she added.Pension funds, asset managers and other institutional investors have been placing greater emphasis on cutting the carbon footprints of their investments in recent years. More than 400 institutions have backed the Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change since it was launched last year, calling for policy intervention on carbon pricing and other climate change policies. John Green, co-CEO of Investec Asset Management, said the new strategy emerged from a review of the group’s natural resources capabilities, which concluded that the future of the sector was set to change “radically”.“There’s an overwhelming sense that so much ESG investing is only about disinvestment and exclusion,” Green said. “There’s been very little discussion about what we do on the positive end – how does the pension fund community take positive steps on climate change?”While exclusion was an important part of climate change investing, Green argued that the same was true for portfolios that “positively and consistently invest in companies that impact and benefit from the energy transition”.“It surprises me that so little has been invested in this space: we estimate $15-20bn has been put to work. In context that’s a very small sum.”The fund launches today and “will be made available to both institutional and retail clients in key markets globally”, Investec said. Institutional share classes are priced at a 0.75% annual management charge.Further readingClean energy investment needs policy clarity on carbon price, say MPs A committee of MPs last year urged the UK government to extend carbon pricing to cover the whole economy to accelerate decarbonisation Energy transition ‘could seriously hit funding of Dutch schemes’ Dutch pension funds could lose up to 17 percentage points of their funding as a result of the energy transition, according to research by consultancy Sprenkels & VerschurenWorld leaders must do their bit in climate change fight, say investors Institutional investors active in the fight against climate change turned the spotlight on governments ahead of last year’s G7 summit in Canadalast_img read more

Adderall policy changing at health center

first_imgThe University Park Health Center plans to crack down on the recreational use of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications around campus, but students say the new policies won’t stop them from accessing and using drugs like Adderall.Effective May 1, the UPHC will institute policies that require a more thorough medical and mental examination of students seeking ADHD medication.The policies are aimed at streamlining the process of prescribing these medications and preventing their use for non-medical purposes. Some students use ADHD medications to increase their focus as they prepare for tests or other difficult assignments.“If students are seeking medications, they have to follow certain protocol,” said Dr. Ilene Rosenstein, director of student counseling services at the UPHC. “It’s really tightening up who gets the medication.”Students who seek a prescription for ADHD medications, including Adderall, will need to have written documentation of their medical need from someone who has diagnosed the student. Students who haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD or a similar condition will need to go to the counseling center, which now has an extensive process for determining need.Rosenstein said the purpose of the new policies is to properly diagnose students because some who come to the health center don’t actually need medication and some who need medication aren’t always diagnosed correctly.The UPHC is also concerned with the illegal use of ADHD medication, particularly Adderall, by students who believe the drug will help them enhance their performance in school.“We don’t want to be giving out drugs to people who don’t have the need,” Rosenstein said.Although there is no way of tracking illegal use of Adderall on campus, Rosenstein said more thorough examinations by the UPHC and the counseling center might decrease illegal use of the drug.“We’re doing thorough assessments — we may even call family, ADHD is not something that [just] occurs later on in life,” she said.Students, however, believe the illegal Adderall use on campus will continue despite any changes at the UPHC.Albert Sung, a sophomore majoring in biology, said he has noticed many students receive their Adderall from off-campus sources to circumvent UPHC policies.“People are too afraid to try and go to the health center for Adderall, since it’s definitely an illegal use,” said Sung, who noted he doesn’t use Adderall. “It’s just easier to get it from other places, so these new policies won’t really affect the supply of under-the-table Adderall at USC.”A student who wished to remain anonymous said he gains access to Adderall through those who actually have a legitimate need for ADHD medication. He said that at his fraternity, many students who have ADHD give their medication to other members who need help studying.“Since most people who give out Adderall are the ones who actually have ADHD, I don’t see how this [policy] will help,” he said. “Students who need it will get it. The school can’t control what people do once they’re diagnosed and have filled out a prescription.”last_img read more

Wiseodds: Tapping into the rise of social betting

first_img The last few weeks has seen Wiseodds launch its poker-inspired platform which has already been integrated into the BetConstruct offering. The platform promises to allows punters to compete against one another in ‘poker-inspired rooms’ to predict the outcome of sporting events.SBC spoke to Lilit Nikoghosyan, Head of Operations at Wiseodds, to find out more about the company’s peer-to-peer product, including how it’s set to help operators differentiate their offering and tap into the rise of social betting SBC: Can you tell SBC readers what is it about the peer-to-peer platform that differentiates it from other betting platforms?LN: The Wiseodds platform allows players to bet against each other instead of competing against an operator. The product is designed to increase the winnings of players and reduce the risk to operators by mitigating cash flow as the winnings are taken from the pot available on the table at that time. Therefore, we have created a low-risk, ring-fenced ecosystem at the player’s table with almost no risk (or loss of revenue) to the operator. For the player, there is a greater chance of winning higher stakes with lower bet amounts.SBC: How does the new platform take social gaming to a new level? LN: When joining a Wiseodds table, players are able to see what fixtures other players are betting on, which then allows them to tell friends to join the same table and compete against them in real-time. They have the ability to check their bet slips as well. All of this makes the game experience far more sociable and exciting than a traditional sportsbook product available on the market. At a time when operators are constantly looking at new ways to attract millennials and Generation Z, Wiseodds taps into the growing popularity of social betting and allows groups of friends to interact with each other when wagering on their favourite sports. SBC: Why has Wiseodds identified Europe and Asia as key markets for expansion?LN: We want to start with the European and Asian markets, as strategically these territories are more mature from a sportsbook perspective. With this maturity markets are ready for new and innovative ways of approaching casino and sports betting. Currently the number of products with key differentiators in the market right now is low. Wiseodds gives operator partners a clear differentiator in markets, especially those who enjoy being first-to-market in situations. SBC: How will the variety in table options better engage with punters?LN: We created a variety of tables where punters can place various and different types of bets such as Under Tables or Over Tables. This enables players to create bets more quickly and easily than the standard betting slip that you find in traditional sportsbook products. It also adds to the choice of a player. While we could have the most innovative idea in the world, if it had only one option it runs the risk of being stale. With a number of different tables, players can try new things, identify their favourites and stick to them, rather than being funneled into a singular choice. SBC: What are Wiseodds’ plans for 2020?LN: While we are aware there is market uncertainty at the moment, it hasn’t dampened our spirits and we still have exciting and ambitious plans for 2020 and beyond. We were delighted to attend ICE London in February 2020, which was particularly successful and we have already begun signing deals with targeted platform providers and operators. They have recognized that the Wiseodds product offers an exciting opportunity for them to partner with an innovative solution within markets that are both competitive and saturated, giving them a differentiator. With our help and support, they will educate players how to use a new product, which in itself is an exciting journey. It also gives them a great retention and acquisition tool with a truly unique offering. Our strategy is to integrate seamlessly with platforms, which is something we are able to do within 24 hours which is testament to the impressive technical team we have built at Wiseodds. With an impressive speed-to-market and innovative product, 2020 should be a very exciting time for Wiseodds! New Polish poker table in BetGames section for STS July 15, 2020 Nuno Gomes joins BetConstruct and FeedConstruct as brand ambassador June 18, 2020 StumbleUpon Submit Share VBET agrees Armenian Premier League and Armenian Cup sponsorship August 13, 2020 Share Related Articleslast_img read more