The guns outside election offices are bad enough, but Barr wants guns inside the counting process

first_imgNote the wide range of activities suggested in this letter. It’s not just that you can send someone with a gun down to “investigate” the not-so-violent crime of potential voter fraud, you can send an armed federal agent to “prevent” crimes that haven’t happened. In other words … you can stand someone in to fiddle with the safety on their Glock while the elderly woman in front of them tries to decide if that mark for Joe Biden is dark enough to count. Do you think so, ma’am? Do you really think so?The raft of frivolous lawsuits being cranked out by Trump are being thrown out of court left and right, but Barr doesn’t need to go before a judge to make a request for adding some real heavy metal to the voting process. By a complete coincidence, the letter telling federal prosecutors to send forth their troops came just before Trump issued a statement saying: “We want all voting to stop.” When someone asks why the process is going so slowly, the answer might be that it’s difficult to work when you’re genuinely “under the gun.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – As The New York Times reports, Barr’s Wednesday letter practices some very careful lawyering. Election law actually does prohibit the positioning of armed federal officers at polling stations, because legislators rightly perceived that having someone in uniform standing over voters with a rifle lent things a very developing-world appearance. In addition to looking bad, it’s simply bad.But the hairsplitter general determined that just because you can’t direct a barrel at voters when they’ve got their pens over a ballot doesn’t mean you can’t wring some sweat out of the person trying to read the ballot. As the Department of Justice letter notes, election law “does not prevent armed federal law enforcement persons from responding to, investigate, or prevent federal crimes at closed polling places or at other locations where votes are being counted.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

Rental demand spike: Tenants are fleeing Sydney for Brisbane

first_imgBrisbane’s rental vacancy rate has tightened for the fifth straight month, new data shows.BRISBANE rentals are filling up fast as fed-up southerners flee Sydney for the sunshine state, new data shows.While the nation’s biggest property market becomes littered with empty homes and desperate landlords slash rents to try to hold on to tenants, the Queensland capital’s rental vacancy rate is shrinking as rising demand eats up surplus stock. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE The latest figures from property valuation firm SQM Research reveal rental vacancies in Brisbane fell to 2.9 per cent in July — down from 3 per cent in June — marking the fifth straight monthly decline this year. Sydney’s vacancy rate is now the highest in 13 years.Sydney’s vacancy rate is now the highest in 13 years, with 2.8 per cent of the city’s units and houses unoccupied, yet the asking rent for a three-bedroom house in the city is still the highest in the country at $707 a week.SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said the data showed many residents were leaving Sydney and heading north in search of more affordable housing and a better standard of living. A SLICE OF THE CARIBBEAN IN QLD Mr Christopher said the gap between Brisbane and Sydney house prices was the largest it had been in at least 15 years.“For southerners, there’s definitely a standard of living benefit through doing the move — provided they can find a job in Brisbane or thereabouts,” Mr Christopher said.“Up until two years ago that was the problem, but the Brisbane economy has been rebounding thanks to the end of the mining downturn and so job creation has increased and it’s become a little bit easier to do that move and find a job that goes with it.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus17 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market17 hours agoSQM Research managing director Louis Christopher.Mr Christopher said he expected surplus rental supply in Brisbane to continue to be absorbed in the next 12 to 18 months.“Two years from now, the market will signficantly favour landlords,” he chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the online portal had recorded a 12 per cent rise in demand for rental properties in Brisbane in the past 12 months.Demand for houses was up 7.2 per cent and views per apartment listings were 16 per cent higher than a year ago. NO TOILET, NO KITCHEN, ALREADY LANDING OFFERS In Sydney, demand for units and houses had fallen 25 per cent over the same period.“We track rental demand on views per listing and Brisbane is well up, so it’s not surprising we’re seeing this drop in the vacancy rate,” Ms Conisbee said.“There just seems to be this recovery occurring in the Queensland economy and renters are often a better indicator of what’s happening than buyers, because they can be driven by speculation.” A house for rent in Stafford, Brisbane. Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt.An estimated 9886 residential rentals are sitting vacant in Brisbane, compared with nearly 20,000 in Sydney.Despite vacancy rates tightening, rents in Brisbane are holding firm, with surplus stock being absorbed by rising demand, easing concerns about the inner city’s apartment oversupply.The asking rent for a house in Queensland rose 0.1 per cent in July to $452 a week, while unit rents held steady at $370 a week. BRISBANE DEFIES PROPERTY DOWNTURN center_img REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee.Ms Conisbee said the inner suburbs of Newmarket and Windsor in Brisbane’s north and Camp Hill and Holland Park in Brisbane’s south were the most popular among prospective tenants, along with Greenbank in Logan.TOP 5 BRISBANE SUBURBS FOR RENTAL DEMAND1. Holland Park 2. Newmarket 3. Greenbank 4. Camp Hill 5. Windsor (Source:, based on views per listing)last_img read more

4 benefits of a relationship break.

first_img 69 Views   no discussions Share Share Sharing is caring! LifestyleRelationships 4 benefits of a relationship break. by: – August 24, 2011center_img Share Tweet Dating Couple. Credit: Public Domain, Wikimedia CommonsRelationships end for a variety of reasons including fighting, mixed emotions, career choices and a loss of attraction for the other person. A relationship break occurs when the relationship has reached its climax, or when both parties feel the need for some alone time. Relationship breaks are not a true breakup, but a great way to find out what you are looking for in the relationship within a given amount of time.Find yourselfWhen we think of a relationship break, we often associate it with dating other people. However, unless you have had almost no previous dating experience, this method leads to jealousy and feelings of regret if you decide to get back with your partner. Taking a break to have “me” time gives you the space you need to rediscover your goals and ambitions that may have been lost in the relationship. If you decide to get back into the relationship after the break, you will have a clear set of goals for yourself and the relationship as a whole.Do you really want to be with your partner?Have you been with the same person for years and discover that you may not want to be with them? Taking a break from the relationship offers two benefits in terms of whom you want to be with. You may decide that you miss your partner and you want them back, or you may find out that dating someone new is a healthier relationship option for you. Either way, you benefit by knowing what you want in your current relationship or with a new partner.What are your career goals?In hard economic times, it may be hard to find your dream job. However, often times we settle when we are in a relationship in order to stay with our partner, whether that is taking a job you don’t want in order to stay in the same area as your partner, or sacrificing going back to school to land a higher paying job because of the stress it would cause to the relationship. When you take a break from your relationship, it gives you time to understand what you want for your career if you were not with your partner.Is your partner the “one”?Another reason that we take breaks from our relationship is to determine if the partner we are with is the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with. I’ve met many people who took time off from the relationship to date other people, only to come back to their partner and get married. However, this approach only works if both people want to try this. Otherwise, it can cause mixed emotions, including jealousy knowing that the person we have feelings for is dating someone else. However, it can strengthen a relationship if you and your partner realize that the relationship is what you are both really looking for.By Josh Tulianolast_img read more

Miller: Dodgers reaching the World Series comes at a high cost – for fans

first_imgLOS ANGELES — They are all just little boys now, these grown-up Dodgers and Astros ranging in age from 22 to 40, chasing a childhood fantasy.Beneath the eye black and beyond the analytics, the pursuit remains that innocent, that quaint.Yes, each of them, as naive kids, dared to test the limits of the human imagination by long ago dreaming, “One day, I really want to win the World Series presented by YouTube TV.”Seriously, that’s the official name of this event, baseball not wanting to miss any chance to maximize commercial opportunities. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error It seems a little unsavory, perhaps, this blatant encroachment of capitalism on such an altruistic American institution.All this and still no cheap food given away, either. At least Taco Bell is willing to offer each of us a free Doritos Locos Taco should a Dodger or an Astro steal a base during the first three games of the World Series.Finally, something we can all root for together, something to unite this country – a food-like product with the same nutritional value as a rosin bag.Thankfully, most everyone has decided to ignore these awful endorsement-laden series names and hold tight to tradition.Makes sense, seeing how baseball is so wedded to its past that there is still a pregame meeting to review the ground rules, not one of which has changed since roughly the invention of first base.But let’s not be shortsighted about this. The World Series does mean big money, the least expensive ticket for Game 1 on Tuesday, as of this writing, approaching $800 on StubHub.And here you thought advancing this far in baseball’s postseason required the players to sacrifice. Evidently, this deep into October, everyone has to give until it hurts, the fans included.“I’ve seen a lot of baseball games in my life,” Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling said. “I don’t think I’d pay $800 to see one. But, if you’ve waited 29 years … they might have been saving up this whole time. Now they’re ready.”Indeed they are, the anticipation such that the cheapest ticket for a potential Game 7 at Dodger Stadium already has exceeded $1,000, a price that, if this series goes that far, will eventually be a bargain.For the best seats available Tuesday, right behind home plate, three tickets can be had for $30,000, give or take a grand.“I don’t have that much money in my bank account right now,” Dodgers catcher Kyle Farmer said, and he laughed but I don’t think he was kidding. “It’s amazing really.”Stripling, a Cowboys fan, said he once spent “in the hundreds” to attend an NFL game in Dallas.The notion of investing tens of thousands of dollars, however, for the right to be as close to the World Series as possible? That’s someone else’s world, even for a guy privileged enough to work 60 feet, 6 inches from the plate.“Is that going to be like Leonardo DiCaprio or somebody?” Stripling said. “Who can afford that? That’s crazy. I imagine they are wealthy, die-hard Dodgers fans. We’re happy to have them.”That, apparently, is just the cost of doing business when your business is rooting for a team long on ancient history but short on recent good memories.Approaching three decades since the franchise’s most recent World Series appearance, the 2017 Dodgers at last are offering their fans an escape, an escape to paradise, potentially.“I guess you could look at it like you’re going on vacation, a nine-inning vacation,” infielder Charlie Culberson said of justifying the cost of tickets. “You get to see good baseball and the Dodgers play in the World Series. I think it’s worth it.”It’s worth it, no question, to the players, each one of whom, somewhere along the way, pretended he was facing a clutch situation – two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded – in a World Series presented only by his childhood imagination.“Winning the World Series is really all that we play this game for,” pitcher Clayton Kershaw said, and, I’m just guessing, it’s easier to dismiss your $33 million salary when you’re the one being paid the $33 million salary.That’s not to suggest any of the Dodgers or Astros are in it just for the money, especially at this stage. I genuinely believe all these guys would play this series for free.The payoff of being a champion should exceed any dollar figure, no matter how much the title sponsor kicks in.center_img Can’t blame the people running this sport. Why not supplement existing revenues to the absolute fullest? Businesses have to survive, right? I mean, the Dodgers’ latest television deal is worth barely $8 billion.Frankly, I’m surprised Major League Baseball hasn’t tried to sell the prime ad space being wasted elsewhere, like in the batter’s box, along the foul lines and on Yasiel Puig’s tongue.Video: Dodgers vs. Astros World Series preview:In case you missed it, the Dodgers advanced here by first winning the National League Division Series presented by T-Mobile and then the National League Championship Series presented by Camping World.last_img read more

USC, Clay Helton about to find out what championship expectation really means

first_imgMeyer is the bull’s eye, but other coaches — James Franklin, Matt Campbell, John Harbaugh — are darts. USC can’t miss if it moves on from Helton, or you’re asking the same question in four years or fewer. That’s a huge problem for USC.Tennessee didn’t answer that question when it moved on from Butch Jones, and it led to one of the most disastrous coaching searches of all time. Given what happened with Kingsbury at USC and the pressure mounting on Swann and Helton, they deserve a chance to silence the doubters. If the Trojans start 4-0 going before facing Washington and Notre Dame, then the entire conversation changes.Or, maybe it doesn’t. That’s what happens when it’s a Pac-12 championship-or-bust mentality at a school that might not have the winning hand. If USC doesn’t win the Pac-12 championship in 2019, then what happens next?That is the question after USC athletic director Lynn Swann made comments on Thursday that, regardless of context, put more pressure on coach Clay Helton to deliver a conference championship this season. MORE: Ranking Pac-12 coaches for 2019 season”The expectation is that we’re going to win the Pac-12 championship,” Swann said (via ESPN). “We want to be in the picture and the conversation about the national championship, on the national scene. That’s where it starts.”We’re not going to get there if we’re not winning our own conference, so we’re going to make that step and move it forward that way,” he said. “Clay knows that. Clay knows that’s always the first goal and move it forward from that point.”If it’s Pac-12 title or bust, then what will bust look like?USC has wrestled with that since sanctions levied from the post-Pete Carroll era. Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian were fired during the season in unceremonious fashion, and Ed Orgeron and Helton served as interim coaches. Helton seemed to steady the program with a Rose Bowl win in 2016 and a Pac-12 championship in 2017, but the problem is Trojans fans expect those two things in the same season.That’s the biggest issue with the USC coaching job in general. Helton’s accomplishments have been drowned out by a 5-7 season, Kliff Kingsbury’s resignation after serving as the program’s offensive coordinator for 34 days and rampant speculation that Urban Meyer will come out of the studio and take the job by 2020.It’s a question about those expectations. Consider where USC stands among schools that have spent the entire decade as an independent or in a power conference. Here are their records since 2010, via State10417.8603Clemson10222.8234Oklahoma9723.8085Stanford9427.7776LSU8828.7597Wisconsin9230.7548Florida State9030.7549Oregon8930.74810Oklahoma State8532.72611Georgia8834.72112Michigan State8534.71413Notre Dame8135.69814USC7840.661T-15Auburn7841.655T-15Michigan7640.655That is the rub. USC, despite being largely dysfunctional for an entire decade, still has the 14th-best record among Power 5 schools. That’s not the expectation, however. USC is considered by many to be one of the top-five programs of all time, not the third-best program in the Pac-12 behind Stanford and Oregon.MORE: USC 2019: Schedule, roster, recruiting and moreSwann wants USC to be a part of the national scene. If we’re being honest, so does the Pac-12. This is a conference that is 3-6 in New Year’s Day Six Bowls, has not made the College Football Playoff in either of the last two seasons and is considering pushing kickoff times to 9 a.m. on the West Coast to increase visibility. When the Trojans are good, they can kick off whenever they want, with everybody watching. Reggie Bush did this against Fresno State in 2005 well after midnight on the East Coast.That circles back to the pressure on Helton this season — and what USC will really do about it if it’s Pac-12 championship or bust. Look at the first half of the schedule: Fresno State, Stanford and Utah come to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; the Trojans travel to BYU and Washington, then Notre Dame after the bye week. By Oct. 12 we will have a much better idea of where USC stands in that national picture, and where Helton’s future is with the program.Here’s a stat to keep in mind: The last time USC had back-to-back losing seasons was 1960-61 under John McKay. The legendary coach won four national championships after that, however, and set a standard that’s nearly impossible to match.USC won the Coaches Poll national championship under John Robinson in 1978, and Carroll led back-to-back national championships in 2003-04, but every other coach since has struggled with the spotlight. Most of Carroll’s accomplishments have been vacated by probation, and that puts even more pressure on USC if it decides to move on from Helton.Look at the other Power 5 programs with similar records to USC this decade:— Notre Dame fans have this conversation about Brian Kelly every year, and he has led the Irish to a pair of unbeaten regular seasons.— Michigan is going through that with Jim Harbaugh, who left the NFL battles with Carroll for a job defined more by his 0-4 record against Ohio State than for the progress of three 10-win seasons in four years.— Auburn’s Gus Malzahn has coached in a BCS championship game and won two Iron Bowls against arguably the greatest college football dynasty of all time, and he’s on the hot seat week to week.It’s hard to coach at Notre Dame, Michigan and Auburn. USC might be even more difficult because it’s easier to win there. Auburn has Alabama. Michigan has Ohio State. Notre Dame has an independent schedule. The Trojans have no excuses when it comes to dominating the Pac-12.MORE: 2019 Pac-12 predictionsMeyer could do that, and he could probably do it faster than Carroll did. Imagine being Helton knowing that. It’s arguably more pressure than Ryan Day will feel at Ohio State this year.last_img read more