WeChat Shanghai dragon drainage optimization tools indispensable

is a new mode of drainage site optimization in the era of network economy and a micro-blog mobile terminal development. I referred to as micro drainage. WeChat has no distance limit, registered users of WeChat, and around the same registered "friends" to form a connection, users subscribe to the information they need, businesses by providing information, promote their own websites and web pages, so as to realize the point-to-point communication. The user clicks to optimize the website ranking method. read more

With the new interpretation of the myth of Shanghai dragon burst

rational and mature Shanghai dragon may need to search such a dangerous situation of baptism, the myth was shattered so quickly, small series can be trapped inside from the external interpretation.

2, the myth of internal

what Shanghai dragon really end

let us restore the 2012 this year to Shanghai dragon myth shattered.

, the Shanghai dragon word foreign goods from him a landing platform for domestic search market may be too much mystery as everyone, seems to do a web site of the Shanghai dragon can want to wind, rain in the rain. But as 2012 of the domestic group purchase website burst, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix myth shattered in Shanghai all-powerful in love. 2012 to Shanghai dragon myth hit a time mark, and the brand new burst. read more

2012 Shanghai love the new algorithm analysis

Some fresh content of

on the evening of 26, Baidu convulsions, I believe we all know, many large and small stations have suffered varying degrees of combat, I do site, after adjustment of 26 Baidu, many of my words are off, traffic is not to one thousand. In many webmaster group to see everyone in the discussion, many people complain, the data are dropped; face update Shanghai do not know how to face the Dragon Er adjustment, now almost a week, my own analysis, analysis of the following short, everyone exchanges; read more

Don’t let the weight of dispersion How to use the canonical tag of non standard optimization

of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, help included problem solving repetitive content, repeated display and avoid the same weight content site the weight, so as to enhance the standard of "the optimization rules for web page ranking.

long ago, love Shanghai often received a large number of webmaster complaints and reflect, the content for the website content is included, there are often second pages of content pages as the main page in the rankings, but always ranked the first page. Just imagine, if users often search when some words to see the display results page is second pages instead of the first page, the user will have what kind of ideas? Of course, who do not want the user to click on the second page, and then click on the first page second page from inside." read more

Love Shanghai algorithm further mature image display function improved

everyone should have the same feeling, changes this year, love Shanghai is too big, others do not say, went straight to the theme of today, love Shanghai pictures, a few months ago, love Shanghai in the search results display introduced the image display function, the algorithm also just launched, no further mature, so we first see is some search results show marked the text of two words, two words and text color and font description of other colors are not the same, and the other is out of the ordinary, so the benefits is to increase the click rate of it is inevitable, but this should be love Shanghai pictures the function of preview, then love Shanghai slowly in the long tail word Guan Jian launched a direct display pictures of the search results, of course, this time still pictures and pictures in parallel, But the picture is generally appear on page second, in the home of Guan Jian and core word basically is to see, since it is the test well, so that is in the improvement and progress of this work, happy to see that, through their own search and chat with everyone in the QQ group discussion of this thing. read more

How to optimize the content will be the best gift for the user experience website

, a station in the article to the original

then as a webmaster is in addition to optimize the user experience, who did not want to let the user to see after your site is without any help to the user some things, especially there are a lot of garbage and advertisement block some websites, this kind of website not only can not give the user experience will cause some shadow to the user, allowing users to not come back next time your site. In fact, everything is in order to after all is said and done the website user experience. The author in this two years has been responsible for optimization of the website of the plush gifts, the most important is to use the experience, especially the gift website, want to win more customers to make the user experience is a must, but also try to buy gifts to customers to create user experience. Here with you a simple talk about how to optimize the content will have the best experience for the user gifts website. read more

Different personalities how to learn Shanghai Dragon


The biggest characteristic of Yong Analects; head painThe biggest characteristic of

third: don’t spend

second: throw their root

Shanghai dragon how to learn? Is often seen and heard the topic, but people always repeat to ask this question, why? Before the answer does not make a positive answer, are general details. Today the author from several different personalities, to share learning methods and learning the Shanghai dragon, the pros and cons of:

advantage: "Shanghai dragon book" the thin, easy to read, not what pressure, content sharing examples, come straight to the point, read more

Chen Europe and the United States lost track wearing amamori and Liu Huipu have leftGG bans the use

      arbitrage is refers to the site, mainly through the on-line advertisement to get traffic, this site is not usually directly to shlf1314 and Adsense on the establishment, but to advertise online to get traffic in order to improve the site shlf1314 Adsense to earn advertising revenue, through the way of difference.

by the end of July 14th, jumei’s share price is over $2, the market value of only $three hundred million out of the two numbers compared to 2014 after the listing of the 39.45 flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum and $5 billion 780 million, has shrunk by 95%. read more

Don’t put an end to its inferior Shanghai dragon is ultimately a superficial reform

of course I side with this example, from the beginning of the Tao do now, just 2 years time, one of my friends from Japan made thousands to earn only 800 months now, this gap is definitely not for you I can feel, remember that last year he was in the best of spirits said he wanted to buy a house in the city, but this time he obviously didn’t have the clout, in the large-scale K 6.28 stations, 10 stations in his hand is K 6. So he began to publish information, refer to the so-called master, to obtain a more efficient way, so all kinds of God, various wacky practices emerge in an endless stream site is K, the result? The situation has not been resolved, instead lost the best "turn over a new" opportunity, until today still no reply and website ranking. read more

[mobile search] how to make love in Shanghai accurately identify the page type

2. at the top of the page DOCTYPE tag

in sub domain etc.

URL to contain general mobile has become the trend of the name, such as "m./wap./3g./mobi./mobile./mob/wml/", can reflect the

as an important part of the agreement, whether DOCTYPE mobile is also very important to check whether there is mobile related statements, such as the openmobilealliance, xhtml-mobile, xhtml-basic, wapforum, DTD, compact html

after a round of mobile H5 project, have seen a lot of mobile page recognition and optimization of the foreign article, more important is many times and people love Shanghai related dialogue and to solve the problem, I will summarize some of the common HTML identification details of the two part, for the promotion of the mobile search engine recognition, the page is included, so that more the quality flow early, more distributed to their pages. read more

Alexa ranking master online interview recordWhat is true for your personal point of view

here I don’t say those senior Wangzhuan, only said a simple click and hang up some Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, I know a lot of people every day to find some what click Wangzhuan site, and then click to register an account, a few cents a day, for such people, I have what I think is not out the garbage cans, the society created you, mean to think the problem with your head, not to say that you head to the wall, the question is very simple, find a few people to spend money on top of cooperation as a software or scripts can be together well, what did you do not understand it! Sometimes I will understand that a few hours a day, hang machine that is interesting to you? See a better project, do not rush to the operation, you think first, there is no simple way to make work easier Relaxed。 I added a 2 Click Wangzhuan group, one of which is a commissionable station built, every day outside in the group is about certain rebate zero a few cents today, I thought about this group, money is only a webmaster people only, there is a group of in the group discussion, are software linked to click on the station, a station in the N click on the hanging, income according to a station about a month, everyone can hang 30 dollars I know, of course, this group is conditional, here we will not discuss its condition, I want to say is you > read more

After the black June website optimization we decide on what path to follow

solution: delete the web page black hat optimization trace, continue to increase the site, mainly to the original and meaningful articles, but the original must occupy a certain proportion.

3, home is K, but also increase the inside pages included

1, K is completely a page not left

if your website appeared in such a situation, congratulations you than the first good, relatively easy to recover.

in the love of Shanghai anti cheating strategy and data update, resulting in many websites have appeared about several situations: read more

Case study how to within 1 months an education network P rose from 66 to 1089

the construction of the chain should be in pursuit of the correlation, the chain Education Forum education network, relatively easy to attract visitors. Do not take from the search engine, considering the target users than pure search engine and the construction of the chain more efficient.

four, Links.

The exchange of

is the education network, so there is a lot of educational resources document. Based on the site to download the document, then add anchor text links the site in the header of the document, to be prominent. Then do anchor text links in the document title, title font as bigger than copy number two. The last is to organize the document to the Shanghai library on love. Of course, love Shanghai library upload audit is one of the techniques, is to have a period of time, the time for the 8:30-10:30 here, the following are some of the library before the upload, these are the next day by the. read more

265 League FlashGet express dedicated channel download official upgradeThe way the stationmaster is


poison broadcast League information, please webmaster update advertising code in time, so as not to unnecessary loss.

thanks all the webmaster friends for their support of the league!

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit ". Online question and answer management ". We will be happy to answer your questions!

network for several years. For Chinese webmaster especially those like me as a network of webmaster life is really have their own experience

did not earn money to make money, earn money to make money, earn a lot of money to do more.

3. plan.

in front of the computer’s time is really too fast, sometimes look at that and see what this is not a day passed. I had to work later that did not mean not to engage in their own freedom in a foreign company, after the resignation of every 8

read more

A clear understanding of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai, the need to adhere to, when you are full of confidence to do Shanghai dragon, will know, the original Shanghai dragon is not as easy as you imagine, a month later, after half a year, a year later, you may not make a difference, this time, would you please tell me, will you insist on it. You may not know, a simple keyword, to do a good job ranking, time in about half a year, and a difficult words, at least more than a year’s time, even two or three years, so for a long time, you can really afford it. read more

Discussion on the practice of Shanghai love is so confusing

on the second day morning, I go to work to see a collection of love Shanghai and Google, the situation is this: love Shanghai included the home page, and Google included several pages, these are considered normal, because it is so, so I started to promote work.

recently, I a new website, were submitted to the Shanghai love with Google, but the actual situation is included and the former railway station is different, so I am very confused. Taobao cosmetics supermarket in 2011.03.10, officially launched successfully, this site is mainly related to the main products, Taobao cosmetics such as weight loss, breast enhancement, acne, whitening, freckle, increased, website content mainly to Taobao products and related articles as the center, the overall framework of the site is fairly clear, part I of the original. It should be said that it is a good site. So, I was in the afternoon to the two major search engines were submitted to the web site, look included. read more

Download website noted that the three elements to enhance the user experience be nothing difficult

  now many download sites are used to decorate love pictures or Flash Web interface, we also mentioned above, many sites have been downloaded into the advertising page, if add pictures to decorate the interface, so as can be imagined, the site is open speed will be slow. Now the vast majority of users are 2m bandwidth, pictures and flash too much will cause the user access pressure, so download sites should be a warning.

  now Wangzhuan way has become more and more diversified, with money, click on the ads sell products and services through the Internet and so on. Through the guide users to download software to get profit is a kind of way which is why Wangzhuan, download website was born. But the download site is also not good to do, mainly because the market is very competitive, many webmaster to do stand, but one day there are a few people to download software. This is a very painful thing. read more

How will lead to excessive site optimization of Shanghai dragon


5, or acquisition: speaking in front of acquisition is love Shanghai recognized, and then it will have what problem? Many net acquisition when playing a little smarter, a collection of articles, not from scratch reproduced, such as an article is divided into 3 pages, then he is from the beginning of the second page collection, this.

so, I also give a I often see, (because I also have to help enterprises website well) in the ECSHOP mall system, many commodities businesses are collected, or a synchronization with Taobao, Ali, Jingdong, so this is also true, but 80% of the customer requirements acquisition product reviews, even before I have developed this plug-in, now I have been blocked ZhengZhan related content with the plug-in plug-in. read more

Ali shares Sina micro blog will bring what nformation security in suspense

the custom properties, such as you focus on a commercial micro-blog account or the so-called grassroots large, the micro-blog account released out of the marketing information. In the past these marketing information micro-blog operators rarely intervene now intervention more, for example, these requirements must be involved in the "micro" system, information required by the operator of micro-blog audit, and to participate in profit sharing.

will give us what?

broadcast nature of the promotion, resources are limited, but the coverage is very wide, the theory will cover all micro-blog users. To the user experience, the position is not too much too much. The user will be subject to certain interference, but basically can be controlled in the range of tolerance, do not worry too much about the micro-blog is full of hard advertising. The custom properties of promotion, is almost unlimited resources, depends on what users really concern. If you have never concerned about commercial accounts or grassroots large, should have little access to marketing information. But this situation may be due. read more

A new way of loving love Shanghai Shanghai advertising recommendation

I don’t know why this recommendation from

2012 is Shanghai dragon Er are very hard to force a year, love Shanghai frequent update algorithm, all kinds of fire, right down, K station, can adhere to survive the end of year is not easy, especially small and medium-sized webmasters, but we insist on Shanghai dragon, but don’t let me see hope, especially at the end of World War II 3B in the first quarter of 360 staged, with the continuous bigong search, love Shanghai began the rise of the wolf, is behind the various slobber, discredit, blockade… As a result, the technological innovation has come to a standstill, and rape in the user experience is reaching new recruit. For the love of Shanghai, the grassroots webmaster may be of little importance, commercial mode after all the love of Shanghai decides some special industries and large enterprises it is shaking Qian Shu, therefore, more likely to search 360 small owners some expectations, not subversion, but to seize share, to create a relatively open environment of course, hope can in technological innovation and user experience more effort. read more