Spray dust suppression vehicles to help Xining governance dust pollution

12 reporters from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to reduce the impact of city dust brought on the atmospheric environment, effectively inhibit various types of construction, demolition, municipal construction site and coal dust pollution sites, Xining municipal government decided to implement the spray to the city’s various construction site by car spray dust operations.

It is reported that the city of

, the comprehensive management of air leading group office recently sent a letter spray car purchase quantity and related issues to solicit the county people’s government, the Industrial Park Management Committee and the Lake District Management Committee opinion, decided to use the car spray dust in our city construction site, for the comprehensive pollution control work smoothly lay base. The main function of the spray car is to spray water into the water spray to dust more work surface, fog droplets and dust adsorption, thus play the role of dust. Spray car is divided into two kinds, one for the car spray car, the main feature is the water tank and power supply are vehicles, can be moved to various areas of mobile operation. The other one is pulling type spraying vehicle, the main characteristics of relying on the pipeline connection operation area and water supply spray. The application field of the spray truck is mainly the coal dust disposal of all kinds of coal yard and the ore yard in the open pit, the dust control of all kinds of demolition, the construction site and the road dust, the dust control of the waste site, etc.. (author: a)
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Xining city north of the vehicle positioning bus to achieve zero

since March last year, the North District in the city to install on the 97 bus vehicle positioning system, through multiple holiday peak car node, the north area of the discipline inspection departments to carry out all-round, all-weather monitoring, as of now, has not found a case of illegal use of the bus, to achieve zero private bus.

is reported that, in order to avoid the regulatory process as a mere formality, a mere formality, Chengbei district established management agency official car electronic monitoring system, designated by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the region responsible for the supervision of the official car vehicle system. Central control computer located in the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, you can always view the monitoring of vehicle operation, and regularly publish monitoring information. The development of the region’s official car use management approach to regulate the use of vehicles. Of Gongjusiyong, holidays are not sealed, leaving provisions area violations, intentional destruction of the vehicle terminal and impede signal transmission to avoid regulatory behavior, making the accountability system, the official car management realizes the transformation from "control" to "control", to effectively curb corruption under the wheels". read more

West District issued in 2012 the first batch of investment projects

This year is an important year in 12th Five-Year, the link between the preceding and the following

this year is an important year in 12th Five-Year, the link between the preceding and the following. According to the West District Party committee, the overall work of the district government, West District Development and Reform Bureau early planning, early arrangements, and reported to the district government agreed on February 24th issued the first batch of construction project investment plan. read more

Wholesale jewelry store where to open

small ornaments can add color to the present, so many friends love jewelry stores, opened a jewelry store, of course, need to go to the wholesale products, then the wholesale jewelry stores in where the business will be better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

open a small jewelry wholesale stores have a good store address will enjoy better economic benefits, so the location is to pay attention to what? Of course is to find a stable source, then, where tourists come from? Is reflected in the choice of shops, looking for lots of shop, a good natural to address investors in business confidence, and in the regional transport facilities, do business better. read more

Volunteer service in the heart Huangzhong County Da Cai Xiang Qian Gou Village Party branch secre

the first "Qinghai man" contest, the twelve is to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen congress spirit and province, specific action to carry out the construction of civilized Qinghai activities, publicity tree, a group of influential in the province within the scope of the advanced models, will be a strong impetus to the province to form a good habit that good, "good, good, to recommend advocating good", spirit power for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai. The day before, Qinghai good 20 candidates to determine, from today, Qinghai daily launched the "Qinghai good · moving around" column, the advanced deeds of successive print candidates, please pay attention. read more

Xining entrepreneurs in Chengdu have a home

December 25th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, thirteenth session of the three Committee was informed that, in Xining city of Xining chamber of Commerce was established in Chengdu, it was established that Xining businessmen have their own home in chengdu".

it is reported that in 2012 the City Federation of industry and Commerce in accordance with the standards, adhere to the steady development, structure optimization, dynamic management, purification industry market environment, promote the city’s economy healthy, sustained and rapid development of the overall requirements, and vigorously promote the construction of industry associations. In the relatively mature conditions, the focus of the operation of the industry to carry out research, adhere to standards, strict procedures, repeated brewing, give full play to the industry of democracy, careful organization, the establishment of the Xining chamber of Commerce in Chengdu. From the perspective of the current operation of the chamber of Commerce, the effect is very good, the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League also use this platform to set up the first group in the province outside the League – Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League mission in Sichuan. The establishment of the Xining chamber of Commerce in Chengdu, not only to fill the gaps in the city without the chamber of Commerce in the province, but also for the entrepreneurs of the Xining entrepreneurs in Chengdu to build mutual exchanges, Baotuan development of a good platform. (author: a)
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Secret new layout of modern service industry in Xining

fashion consumption, dining entertainment, high-end retail…… Jianguo Road, Dashizi, commercial lane, ushering in a new era with a new look!

high-end business, comprehensive free trade zone, science and technology street…… New Lake District, Beichuan, north of the city, will be the most popular way to bloom in Xining!

tourism distribution center, city sub center, Buddhist cultural tourism…… Dan gar, Doba, rouchard, the future will be a new attitude to attract the attention of the world. read more

The province’s leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Se

11 the afternoon of 17 March, the province’s leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee seminar party held seminars, study and implement the "on the new situation in the political life of the party" China several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations".

provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, chairman of the provincial cppcc. Provincial Standing Committee, discipline committee secretary Dorje Geltan presided over. Provincial Standing Committee Ma Shunqing, Wang Xiaoyong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and he attended the meeting, attended by the president of the people’s Republic of china. read more

The province’s first passive ultra low energy green building demonstration project started

8 10, Qinghai Province, Ledu City, East Sea area of Lishui Bay ultra low power passive green building demonstration project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Ledu District, marks the first passive in our province low energy demonstration project entered the implementation stage. The project will save more than 90% of residential, residential four seasons temperature will continue at 20 – 26 degrees celsius.

passive ultra low energy consumption housing, is not active heating and air conditioning system can ensure the indoor comfortable environment of green building. Popular to say that the passive house, winter without heating, summer without air conditioning, usually do not have to open the window, can make indoor average temperature reached 20 to 26 degrees Celsius, the annual average humidity reached 40% – 60%, indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases content reached the international standard. At the same time, it can greatly improve the living quality and health index, which is the trend and direction of the development of the construction industry in the future. read more

The implementation of the implementation of the implementation of roll up your sleeves and go again

1 20 afternoon, the provincial people’s Congress after the closing of the provincial government, the first time the party held plenary meeting, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun presided over the meeting. He stressed that to focus on four major requirements, solid "grasp the new idea of" four changes ", focusing on the" hundred days tackling action "an important starting point, focus on the implementation of the implementation of re implement the key, dry place in reality, in the forefront, to achieve annual goals and tasks on schedule. read more

Xining 111 institutional village hardening road 530 km

this year, Xining city will be unified 111 administrative villages in the overall program of the province’s military enterprises build a model village activities. It is reported that, according to the "Xining military enterprises demonstration village construction planning, the village of 111 units will be 530 kilometers of road hardening. Up to now, 27 demonstration village road hardening project has issued a funding plan, a total mileage of about 145.2 km.

it is understood that this year’s "111 village government enterprises build a model village" activities mainly involve Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, the city’s Chengdong and 5 counties, 27 townships, 1 Street, the content and scope of activities than last year have increased dramatically. Village Road regulation will improve the production and living conditions of farmers and the quality of rural living environment, and promote the coordinated development of rural economy, society and environment. (author: Liu Peng) read more

Xining city traffic police detachment for the festival of agricultural products to open up the green

During the Spring Festival in

, to ensure that the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of freight channel flow, stable supply, Xining city traffic police detachment three brigade leadership attaches great importance to Xichuan Road Inspection Squadron duty requirements increase law enforcement efforts to ensure the market surrounding road traffic safety, orderly and smooth, provide a good traffic environment for the masses to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival.


brigade requires all police officers on duty, police to enhance the overall awareness and sense of service, to fully understand the importance of agricultural transport channels. To maximize the police put on the road line, increase the focus on the time, sections of the inspections, timely investigation and elimination of road safety problems; agricultural transport vehicles, minor violations to education, warning, not fine, do not deduction, no deduction certificate; in case of bad weather, asked the police, police officer through propaganda, reminder etc. safety reminders for agricultural transport vehicles. At the same time, in the sea of Kunlun Lake Road intersection, Haiyan road and Lake Road, Lake Road, by increasing the post, directing the flow of snow melting agent, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents and traffic jams; police assigned to take various forms of agricultural transport vehicle drivers, passengers, market traders in traffic safety education, focusing on the fatigue driving, vehicle overloading, speeding violations harm and adverse weather conditions such as driving safety knowledge propaganda, raise awareness of traffic laws and traffic safety awareness, and enhance their consciousness of comply with road traffic laws and regulations. (author: Xu Jianbin)
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Xining drinking water testing station through the national certification

field test qualified, blind sample testing qualified……" In December 18th, with the national certification and Accreditation Committee of experts mouth jumped out of a "qualified", the national water quality monitoring network in Xining city monitoring station through the national identification, the detection of 106 indicators of drinking water quality. This means that the escort of the Xining monitoring station, Xining people’s drinking water will be more secure. read more

North of the city in 2013 in the first quarter of 457 new market players

April 11th, a reporter from the Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of the enterprise registration department was informed that the first quarter of this year, the north area of new market players 457, of which 377 individual industrial and commercial households, 75 enterprises, farmer cooperatives 5, compared to the same period last year 332, an increase of 37%. Up to now, the main body of the North City market reached 12413, of which individual industrial and commercial households of the family, the enterprise of 1650, farmer cooperatives, 85 households. read more

At the beginning of the business should dare to deny themselves

for entrepreneurship, everyone has their own sentiment, today, Xiaobian for you to bring the successful entrepreneurs sentiment, I hope to give you some help. 1 days before the shop chairman Yu Gang published "business sentiment" speech, he talked about entrepreneurs should dare to deny yourself, you do not reform his own life, others will reform your life.

if in the business do not want to be a hundred years old, can not do an evergreen enterprises.

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7274 people take the computer exam

In September 20th 2014, the second half of the National Computer Rank Examination (hereinafter referred to as NCRE) test, a total of 7274 people participated in the examination of our province, an increase of 471 over the same period last year, 3 exam at the Qinghai University, the Qinghai Normal University and Qinghai University of nationalities, including an exam grade to four grade 4 level, 17 subjects content. Will end on September 23rd. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the examination, the province on the examination work carried out a special deployment of the test sites for technical training and assessment. For the center to further enhance the awareness of the importance and seriousness of the national examination, strengthen the examination of the work of the leadership, the security work placed in the most prominent position; improve the system, standardize management, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of test environment; for the weak links exist in the work of examination and possible problems, formulate emergency plan effectively effective preventive measures and emergencies, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.   read more

Gao Yunlong stressed in the Gan River ndustrial Park research efforts to increase scientific and te

November 9th, accompanied by vice governor Gao Yunlong responsible comrades in the provincial government office, the provincial science and technology department and the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and other relevant departments, to the Gan River Industrial Park in the deep part of enterprise spirit, preaching the Party of eighteen, in-depth research work of science and technology innovation enterprise.

in the morning, braved the cold, Gao Yunlong and his entourage to Qinghai Lu Fengxin constant Co. Ltd., Qinghai hundred high pure materials development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Huajiang source industrial limited company, Qinghai Saline Lake Haina Chemical Company Limited Qinghai Gan River Chemical Engineering Design Research Limited company, the aluminum processing, high purity ferrosilicon, calcium carbide, chromium alloy project research, in-depth understanding of the production and operation situation especially to the actual difficulties encountered, and sought to promote the innovation of science and technology advice. When the park enterprises to rely on internal R & D centers or research institutions outside the province to carry out scientific and technological innovation, Gao Yunlong very pleased. He hoped that the business enterprise give full play the main role in technology innovation, increase R & D investment, in-depth study of the good way of financing, make full use of advantages of science and technology enterprises in the capital market and the national science and technology innovation policy, continue to promote technological innovation in the spirit of the Party’s eighteen big lead. read more

CPPCC members of the city’s SME development

In September 12th, the city CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, Ma Ning, Bai minde rate is part of the city CPPCC survey of small and micro enterprises in our city development and the ongoing "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment work

9 12, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Fade, Ma Ning, Bai minde rate is part of the city CPPCC survey of small and micro enterprises in our city development and the ongoing "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment work.

after listening to the Municipal Economic Commission on the city’s development of small and micro enterprises and help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment "work report, visit Xining family hotel, Qinghai Tianqi Po flower bee two Small and micro businesses, the members on how to alleviate the influence of small and micro enterprise development funds, land, personnel and labor etc. the problem, in a heated discussion, and puts forward some opinions and suggestions, which in the small and micro enterprises in the construction business base into low-income housing construction ideas has some constructive opinions. Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Bai Minde in the speech, fully affirmed the development of small and micro enterprises in our city and the city "to help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting the structure of work activities, and puts forward three suggestions for future work: : one is to attach great importance to the development of Small and micro businesses and services. small and micro enterprises is an important force in developing local economy, promoting employment, adjusting the structure, but also the main force in the development of social productive forces. Including all levels of government, the CPPCC, including all aspects of society, we must establish the concept of service for the enterprise, and effectively serve the development of small and micro enterprises good service, good responsibility, full responsibility for the behavior of corporate services and obligations. two is to effectively do practical things for the enterprise, seek practical results. The more difficult the enterprises, the government should be more warmth, more to work fine, deep and solid, especially in the capital, land and other aspects, to enterprise development ideas, ideas, when the matchmaker, and jointly promote the development of small and micro enterprises in the city. To help enterprises to plan a good development planning, clear development ideas, in the introduction of the project, new product development, introduction of talents, brand and so on to help the enterprise to strive for support, to help enterprises solve the bottleneck restricting the development and practical difficulties. three is required to transform the concept of small and micro enterprises, refining internal strength. of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially Small and micro businesses to abandon the main content, Qiuwen on concept, seize the opportunity, first to develop, on to stronger, large and strong, bigger and stronger fuss efforts, and constantly improve the management level, promote the enterprise scale, level, level. read more