With virus in rearview, campaign for Catalan vote kicks off

first_imgMADRID (AP) — Political parties in Spain’s Catalonia region are scheduled to start campaigning for an election set to be held in two weeks The northeastern region has loosened a ban on traveling between municipalities to allow for political rallies with reduced attendance and mask-wearing and social distancing requirements.. That the vote will take place on Feb. 14 as scheduled is not 100% confirmed. The election taking place as scheduled on Feb. 14 is not 100% certain. Catalonia’s High Court needs to confirm its preliminary decision earlier this month to overturn a regional government order to delay the vote for nearly three months due to health concerns.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s student earns Gates scholarship

first_imgSaint Mary’s freshman Clarisa Medina stands at 4-foot-11 but her short stature does not hinder her plans for a big future.  “There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m going to be successful,” she said.  In May 2012, Medina found out she was accepted to become a Gates Millennium Scholar. Of the 26,000 high school seniors who applied for the distinguished scholarship, she was one of the lucky 1,000.  “Students apply annually from all U.S. territories and states.” Medina said. “The program is more prestigious than any university’s admission process, including Harvard.”  Medina applied online in December 2011 and wrote nine essays discussing community service, activities she engaged in during her weekends and summers and the type of courses she had taken to prepare herself for college.  “We also had to write about things that have happened in our lives that we had to overcome to get to the point where we want to be, she said. “There are three rounds and in the final round they determine if you can become a Gates Scholar based off of socio-economic need. If you are chosen you get up to 10 years of education at any university of our choice.”  Medina is the first Gates Millennium Scholar to enroll at Saint Mary’s College. The financial aid office had never heard of the scholarship before Medina.   Medina was first introduced to Saint Mary’s through her sister and current sophomore, Cecily Medina.  “She loved it so much here and she strongly encouraged me to come,” Medina said.  “When I came to visit I liked the classroom size, it was very appealing to me. I feel as if I have so many opportunities here. I get to double major and go abroad. It’s the ideal place to master the basics and go on to a higher level of education, perhaps a PhD.”  Medina, a double major in global studies and political science intends to minor in justice education and Spanish as well as earn her MBA from Notre Dame during her last year of college.  Medina finds another advantage of Saint Mary’s is her ability to participate in two different sports. “I run cross country and play softball here,” she said. “It’s a great stress reliever for me and my team provides me with an additional support system.” The second of eight children, Medina relies on her sports family to help her transition from her home environment. “It is really difficult coming from a Hispanic family because we are very close knit and dependent on each other,” she said. “It’s so loud at home and here everything has been pretty quiet. I know I just have to remind myself to sacrificed that for a reason and that reason was to get an education and to have an opportunity that my parents never had.”  “I am very proud of [Clarisa],” Cecily Medina said. “When she won the scholarship it wasn’t just her winning, it was our entire family winning.”  Despite engaging in an enriched athletic and academic life, Medina has not forgotten her background in service. “I plan to open a camp here that I created back home,” Medina said. “It’s called Run the World and I believe that it is the reason why I got the Gates Scholarship.” Contact Rebecca O’Neil at roneil01@saintmarys.edulast_img read more

Best Gear for Back to School

first_imgAugust is bittersweet as we begin to say goodbye to summer yet we are filled with the anticipation of fall and, for many, a new school year almost upon us. Here are our picks for some of the best gear for heading back to school.1. Hydro Flask 32-ounce Wide MouthThis is the water bottle of the future, er, make that present. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, campus, yoga, the office, and anywhere else you need to stay hydrated due to its double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel construction and wide mouth. For every purchase they give five percent back to a charity of your choice. $31.99; www.hydroflask.com2. Green Guru Ruckus PackThe Ruckus is everything I want in a versatile commuter pack: extremely durable both inside and out, comfortable to wear, integrated laptop sleeve, big and simple with a few handy pockets. Made from upcycled mountain bike tubes and other upcycled/recycled materials. $149.95; www.greengurugear.com3. Costa CorbinaNobody says summer – and campus – fashion meets function like Costa shades. The Corbina is a large-fit frame with a wide wrap and no-slip Hydrolite lining to keep them in place no matter what. Lens options include Costa’s 580G (glass) or 580P (polycarbonate). $179; www.costadelmar.com4. Helly Hansen Women’s VTR Mesh CapriMulti-colored capri stretch pants…Got to have ‘em. The VTR Mesh 7/8 capri from Helly Hansen offers un-matched style, fit, performance, and moisture wicking for the street, gym, and trail. $55; www.hellyhansen.com5. Lululemon Men’s Metal Vent Tech TLululemon for men? Yep. And it’s not just for yoga. These performance T’s are perfect for hiking, lifting weights, and hitting the town. You can still be a jeans-and-t-shirt guy and have apparel that breathes and moves with you — and will drive the gals crazy. $64; www.lululemon.com 6. Sol Republic Deck Wireless SpeakerOf course you’ve got options when it comes to wireless, portable sound, but the Deck is the only one that features “Heist Mode” whereby five people can connect via Bluetooth at the same time. This thing sounds awesome, is perfect for outdoor parties, and has a 300-foot wireless range. $199.99; www.solrepublic.com7. Cudas Flip FlopsFor a go-to pair of flip flops, and again, you’ve got choices, why not go with a Blue Ridge based company that delivers comfort and style for under 30 bucks. Guys: roll with the wide-banded Cruiser for beach-lifestyle simplicity. Gals: The Havana are way cooler and sexier than those strappy flats. $24; www.cudas.com8. Alite Barrel Bike BagLadies, outfit your cruiser bike with one of these beach-inspired handlebar bags from San Francisco’s Alite Designs – a company that focuses on simple, functional and forward thinking designs for the everyday outdoors enthusiast. It converts to a trendy cross-shoulder bag when you reach your destination. $50; www.alitedesigns.com9. SalewaWith men’s and women’s specific models, the Salewa Wildfire is one of the best hiking shoes available and is very popular with AT through-hikers as well as hard-core trail runners. Fit, construction and durability are nearly unmatched. Available in Gore-Tex and non-GTX. $159/$129; www.salewa.us10. Farm to Feet Greensboro SockEverybody needs a good pair of socks, so why not go with something made in the U.S. that will last? Lightweight merino wool withstands the rigors of trail runs, gym class, hikes, dress shoes with less funk. Now available in low, 1/4 & 3/4 crew heights. $15-19; www.farmtofeet.comlast_img read more

Work on the Military Pentathlon Course Enters Its Final Phase

first_img On June 20th the Brazilian military pentathlon will acquire one of the best military obstacle courses in the world, which will host the competition in this sport during the 5th Military World Games Rio 2011. Five hundred meters long and with twenty obstacles, the S-shaped course is located on the grounds of the 26th Parachute Battalion, in Deodoro (Rio de Janeiro), next to the Fencing Gymnasium. Due to the demanding requirements imposed by CISM, the International Military Sports Council, the obstacle course’s construction can be compared to that of a road, from the foundations of the obstacles to the drainage system. The course has a pitch of 2.5 cm on the sides, so that rainwater will run down into the channels. The rubber surface is the Italian Mondo brand, found in the best tracks in the world. The material is durable and allows for better performance by the athletes. There will also be two locations for timing, one in the middle and the other at the end of the course. “The know-how will be used in constructing new tracks in Brazil,” said Maj. Ferreira Pinto, manager of the Military Pentathlon for the Rio 2011 Games, whose team provided technical support for the work. On the 22nd the athletes competing for the Brazilian team in the 5th Military World Games and the referees will have their first contact with the course. Between June 27th and July 2nd there will be a tournament involving the Brazilian team, the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN), the Air Force Academy (AFA), the Naval School, and the 26th Parachute Brigade. By Dialogo June 16, 2011 Brazil needed a large structure like that and the organization is doing a great job. Congratulations to the organizers and to the athletes Brazil on top. PQD 96/6 N 61167 and I will be there to support this great event. Tel 76812437last_img read more

Argentina and Chile Conduct Bilateral Exercise on Naval Strategies

first_imgBy Eduardo Szklarz/Diálogo October 19, 2016 A delegation from the Argentine Navy’s Naval War School (ESGN, per its Spanish acronym) participated in the XVIII Bilateral Crisis Games 2016 at the Naval War Academy in Viña del Mar, Chile, from September 5th-9th. The annual exercise is part of the academic cooperation between the two navies and has a rotating venue, switching back and forth between Chile’s Naval War Academy and ESGN. “The idea of these games is to create a forum for discussion on topics of strategy, but always within the academic environment of the two schools,” Captain Gustavo Lioi, ESGN chief of operations and participant in the exercise, said to Diálogo. “There are no binding conclusions. These are academic debate forums on different topics that involve both navies,” he added. The Argentine delegation also included Captain Félix Eugenio Plaza, director of ESGN, Professor Rear Admiral (retired) Julio Alberto Graf, and Captain Claudio Villamide, chief of education. Other participants included Argentines deployed in Chile as part of the Southern Cross Joint and Combined Peace Force, made up of military members from both countries. Chilean Navy Captain Enrique Alvayay, director of the Bilateral Crisis Games, told Diálogo that the initiative aims to strengthen mutual understanding between the Chilean and Argentine navies. “[The goal of the exchange is] to articulate, analyze, and solve problems stemming from international crises, for which, due to their nature, the use of combined naval forces would be a priority with the purpose of increasing our mutual trust and operability within the framework of international security,” he said. Help for a fictitious island The Bilateral Crisis Games are based on mock scenarios in which naval issues, or issues mostly in the naval sphere, are resolved. “This year’s exercise was based on a binational force under a United Nations mandate that was tasked with providing humanitarian aid and peacekeeping on an island,” said Capt. Lioi. The fictitious island was hit by a hurricane that destroyed its electrical infrastructure and roadway system. Taking advantage of the collapse of its central government, other countries were plundering fish species in its maritime waters. Faced with this situation, the United Nations, whose mandate included Chile and Argentina, ordered naval forces to control the plundering in the maritime area and to provide humanitarian aid and assistance for rebuilding on land. “The binational maritime force had to plan the assistance for hurricane victims on land, protection of ships with humanitarian aid, and ways to monitor fishing,” said Capt. Alvayay. “This generated a political and military strategy to resolve interagency issues with the intervention of NGOs and other organizations, because, obviously, the solution to this sort of problem is not military,” added Capt. Lioi. “At the same time, the operational level was resolving the issue of using military force to complete these tasks (humanitarian work on land and ocean monitoring) to assist countries that had requested it.” In fact, Chile and Argentina share similar legislation and perspectives on not interfering in the problems of another country unless there is a United Nations mandate that authorizes it. “We didn’t go to that island of our own accord, but because the government of the island had requested the assistance of the United Nations to reestablish its operating conditions after recognizing that it was in over its head with the collapse of its infrastructure and political capacity,” clarified Capt. Lioi. Mechanics of the exercise The games took place over the course of five days in the Naval War Academy in Viña del Mar. The operational level was working with representatives from the Southern Cross Force in one room, while the strategy- and decision-making level was located in another room. After each work day, the groups came together for a plenary session in which they presented their conclusions and explained how they addressed the different circumstances generated by the direction the games took. The participants met again in their separate rooms to work, resolve their challenges, and present the debates. “On the fifth and final day, there was a final session with general conclusions,” said Capt. Lioi. The importance for Chile and Argentina The Bilateral Crisis Games are relevant at many levels, according to participants. “In a didactic exercise such as this, you theorize about topics that can then be put into practice in terms of doctrinal standards or standards for use of resources,” said Capt. Lioi. “But the games are also important in a much bigger sense. Remember that Argentina and Chile were on the verge of war (in 1978, because of a dispute over the Beagle Channel that was resolved through the mediation of Pope John Paul II),” he added. “In this sense, the systematic work that the two navies are doing is making everything come together in an atmosphere of trust,” emphasized Capt. Lioi. “Working with each other is becoming more and more natural, both in the academic sphere and in the work of the armed forces,” he concluded. Meanwhile, Capt. Alvayay said that exercises such as this allow for increasing mutual knowledge among members of partner navies. “They also allow us to identify the important and unique capacities that the naval forces could make available to civilian authorities to increase international cooperation in areas like disaster relief, protection of marine resources, and maritime security,” concluded Capt. Alvayay.last_img read more

Millennials and trust: Opportunity or demise?

first_imgEven after all the name calling (narcissistic, lazy, and indecisive- as described in a NY Times article) marketers are recognizing the potential of Millennials as something important to their bottom line. Afterall, these are the consumers that will drive our economy for the decades ahead.Some key facts uncovered by the Pew Institute:Roughly 43% of Millennials are non-white, the highest share of any generation. This trend was driven by a wave of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who immigrated to the U.S. for the past half century. Their U.S. born children are now becoming adults.About half of newborns in America today are non-white, and the Census Bureau projects that the full U.S. population will be majority non-white by 2043.Racial makeup of Millennials is a key driver in explaining this segment’s political liberalism, yet it is not the only factor. Across a range of political and ideological measures, white Millennials, somewhat less liberal than the non-whites of their generation, are more liberal than the whites in older generations.19% of Millennials say most people can be trusted, compared with 31% of Gen Xers, 37% of Silents, and 40% of Boomers.What is somewhat alarming, is that Millennials have emerged into adulthood with low levels of social trust. Millennial racial diversity may partly explain their low levels of social trust. A 2007 Pew study discovered that minorities and low-income adults had lower levels of social trust than any other group. The research finds that people who feel vulnerable or disadvantaged, find it riskier to trust because “they’re less well-fortified to deal with the consequences of misplaced trust.” Remember, the average financial institution’s consumer model is likely based on the baby boom generation.Millennials are also the first market segment in modern history to have higher levels of student loan debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than their two immediate predecessor generations (Gen Xers and Boomers). Unlike previous generations, they don’t want to follow the career footsteps of their parents, as they have seen the impact of the great recession on their parents.Earning trust from Millennials will be no easy task. But we do know that they trust people over brands. Without any consumer input, Millennials don’t tend to buy anything. When shopping, most of them look for user-generated content to help them buy. Keep in mind that Millennials are very social and do want to share, so it’s in your best interest to get them talking and responding.Here are some ways you can start building Millennial trust by leveraging user-generated content:Put member opinions front and center. Let shoppers know you want their opinions, and display them everywhere in the purchase or sales cycle. Remember, Millennials won’t buy until they get trusted information.Show Millennials opinions from people who matter most to them. Give them the insights from experts or ambassadors, people like them.Always take action on Millennials’ suggestions. We all want to be heard. When you improve products or change policies based on first-person consumer input, spread the word. Create two-way conversations that build loyalty. And make sure you follow-up on App reviews.For brands to survive, they’ll need to capture Millennial goodwill. Just don’t forget, the average Millennial buys ideas, beliefs, and products from people, not businesses. 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Bryan Clagett Bryan is on the executive team and singularly focused on driving revenue growth through a variety of new initiatives that help financial services and fintech become ever more relevant to … Web: https://www.strategycorps.com Detailslast_img read more

Mistakes and successes: The first 100 days

first_imgThe day is here—your first day on a new job! Your emotions are a mix of resourcefulness and anxiousness with a high degree of enthusiasm. You left for work on time and showed up at least 15 minutes early with packed nutritious snacks and water so they are at hand when needed. You brought a personal item or two for your desk space. Your attire fits in with the culture and you walk with a smile of openness and confidence. How you show up for the first day, and the next 99 days, sets the tone for your success.Show up ready: Arrive in plenty of time to do whatever you need to before the start of the work day; manage traffic and parking, use the restroom, pour coffee, and say hello. Be ready at your space at least five minutes early rather than walking in at the start time and taking 15 minutes before earning your new salary!Dress for success: Be neat, conservative, and, perhaps, dress for the job you want next after you demonstrate success with this new one. continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Village of Deposit has a police problem; here’s the solution

first_img“I think this sets an example for how communities are going to have to move forward,” Moore said. “Small communities have got to start thinking outside the box because with the new state mandates and such, there’s no way around it.” Moore told 12 News he believes the village’s police force decision will influence other smaller communities like Deposit. Now, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is stepping in, as sheriff David Harder announced today that the BCSO will station one full-time deputy in Deposit to help oversee the community. But in the end, Moore is happy his area is getting what he thinks they need: a quality service at a reasonable price. Joining the sheriff in the announcement was Broome County Executive Jason Garnar and Deposit mayor Bryan Moore, both of which are excited about the move. (WBNG) – After months of not knowing, the village of Deposit finally has answer to their police department issue. They are getting a world -class police department coming into their village,” Garnar said. “You won’t see a beat missed out there.” For Moore, the decision to abolish the Deposit police department wasn’t easy, but the tax benefits played a factor. “We felt like that was the only fair thing to do, to give it all back to the people,” Moore said. “Like all small communities, we struggle with business, and things are starting to turn around for us. We’re hoping that with getting a huge property tax deduction that that will draw people into us.”center_img The village will pay the BCSO $60,000 to contract their services. “What we’re paying for is a dedicated patrol in the village,” Moore said. There’s always somebody out there on patrol that can respond, it may take them five minutes longer or something, but they’re going to be in the area,” Harder said. The deputy will take over officially on March 1st. Last January, the village voted in favor of abolishing the village’s police department, leaving many residents and town board members curious as to where protection in the community would come from. Harder added the sheriff’s office will be looking to add new equipment and resources to help keep up the safety standards in Deposit. Village taxpayers will save over $200,000 per year with the new policing situation, with a 22 percent tax deductible going back to them as well. last_img read more

DevSecs goes Dutch

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Flamengo star Pablo Mari pictured with Edu flying to London to complete Arsenal move

first_img Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 25 Jan 2020 7:46 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link14.1kShares 1 min. story Comment He will now undergo a medical and pen personal terms as the Gunners look to wrap up a deal worth around £7million before next Friday’s transfer window deadline.Mari, 26, has had an interesting career, having been bought by Manchester City but never actually playing a match for the Premier League champions.Edu Gaspar, dirigente do Arsenal, e Pablo Marí no Galeão. pic.twitter.com/wcKhlL9D9r— Victor Gammaro (@vgammaross) January 25, 2020 PLAY Video Settings The Spanish centre-back will now undergo a medical at London Colney (Picture: Getty)Arsenal are on the verge of announcing a deal for Flamengo defender Pablo Mari, with the centre-back spotted flying to London with Gunners technical director Edu to have his medical.Mikel Arteta has made no secret of his desire to bring in reinforcements in the January window, with a central defender one of several positions he was hoping to strengthen this month.And Edu has been working hard to secure a new recruit, finally convincing Flamengo to sell Mari despite the Brazilian side being loathe to lose such an important player.According to GloboEsporte, a breakthrough in talks was made on Friday and the Spanish defender quickly boarded a plane to London with Edu which will touch down on Saturday lunchtime.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Flamengo star Pablo Mari pictured with Edu flying to London to complete Arsenal movecenter_img Full Screen Instead, he was sent out on various loans – to Girona, NAC and Deportivo La Coruna – before landing a permanent deal to Flamengo last summer in a deal that was only worth around £1m.He quickly established himself in the first team and became the first Spaniard to win the Copa Libertadores, while he got a taste of life in the Premier League when he played against Liverpool in the Club World Cup final. Advertisement About Connatix V67539 Advertisement Pablo Mari took on Liverpool’s star-studded attack at the end of last year (Picture: Getty)Arsenal’s back-line was heavily criticised against Chelsea last time out, with Shkodran Mustafi gifting the ball to Tammy Abraham before David Luiz was sent off as he tried – and failed – to rescue the situation.With the Brazilian suspended, Sokratis having been out of action with illness and Calum Chambers picking up an ACL injury that will take between six and nine months to heal, Arsenal’s lack of depth – and quality – at centre-back has become all the more noticeable, prompting an acceleration in talks for Mari.Arsenal fans will hope Mari is even half as good as the last player Edu unearthed from the Brazilian league, with Gabriel Martinelli having shone since swapping South American for North London.MORE: Mikel Arteta reveals conversation with Dani Ceballos over Arsenal futureMORE: Mikel Arteta dealt transfer blow with Arsenal target Layvin Kurzawa set to join Juventus from PSGMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man Citylast_img read more