North of the city in 2013 in the first quarter of 457 new market players

April 11th, a reporter from the Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of the enterprise registration department was informed that the first quarter of this year, the north area of new market players 457, of which 377 individual industrial and commercial households, 75 enterprises, farmer cooperatives 5, compared to the same period last year 332, an increase of 37%. Up to now, the main body of the North City market reached 12413, of which individual industrial and commercial households of the family, the enterprise of 1650, farmer cooperatives, 85 households. read more

Ma Fang Chengbei District Community Health Service Center officially opened

Recently, the North District invested 7 million 600 thousand yuan in the north area of Mafang community health service center officially opened, the center construction area of 1743 square meters, with a total of women’s health care room, consulting room, consulting room, Department of Chinese medicine experts, physiotherapy and rehabilitation of child care, pharmacy, functional division, Radiology, laboratory and other 11 departments. The center has 36 professional and technical personnel, among them, the subtropical high title 3, intermediate title of the top 5, junior titles of the 26. The center now has a full automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood cell analyzer, urine analyzer, color Doppler ultrasound, ECG and X machines and other diagnostic equipment. read more

Successful people analyze the advantages and disadvantages of women entrepreneurs

Wei Mingdong: in the field of coffee investment, it should be said that between 60% to 70% of women are doing investment. From the point of view of our cooperation with them, they are more delicate and more sensitive to some of the more attention to new things, more interested in the sensitivity of some fashion things will be higher than men. But there are also some shortcomings, such as their emotional, for some reason is not very concerned about the actual operation, more is to listen to someone else’s feelings on the views of their own business to determine. read more

You have to know the 6 entrepreneurial marketing skills required

no matter how large an enterprise, marketing is the problem faced by enterprises. Want to start a company, you must first understand some marketing skills. Marketing today is no longer the past, crying, but when the target consumer demand, you are there. The following is the introduction of 6 entrepreneurial marketing skills, take a look at it!

1, your marketing program based on what?

in the face of our customers in the case of failure, we see a lot of enterprise marketing is to follow suit, or the boss decided to clap, thus making the marketing plan, it is not possible to produce how obvious effect. read more

How sweet spring nuts

nutrition health experts have spoken, this time to lose weight is to do two things, that is to live in the mouth, stride leg. But many people will complain to complain to the tone of, let me stick to exercise may be, but don’t let me eat it is to my old life. It’s not that you don’t want to eat it, it’s what you eat. What is the weight loss taboo you have to hold on. Such a trend in the era of weight loss, what can satisfy people’s desire to eat, but also to eat a healthy not fat, what has a broad market prospects. Dried fruit. read more

Can be used to name the shop

shop named a variety of ways, and consumers in order to attract more consumers, in short, to the store to get a more innovative name. Anyway, now the shop to do business not only to work in business strategy, even a name is we have to make a fuss. A word of the business is good: advertising a board, it seems that there is no life; a newspaper, sales growth.

Now the name of the importance of

is more and more big, how are you in this competition is not flashing flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? Other famous celebrities, has always been the focus of public opinion, if we can skillfully use these things as a name in its own right, obviously than myself a rare name much better. By other people’s reputation for their own money is also a small business success tips. read more

The new law the use of SkyDrive Adsense promotion upload website information resources

website promotion for individual webmaster can be said to be the most important thing, how to better promote their website is a compulsory course for personal webmaster, in addition to directly enter the URL and the important way to get traffic outside through the search engine. Website promotion is often the most difficult thing to do, not only need to work hard to adhere to, but also the need to make rational use of time, resources, energy, pioneering thinking in order to achieve the best results of the promotion. At present, the personal website of fierce competition, many similar sites, in addition to the conventional want talent shows itself, promotion, pay close attention to the development trend of the Internet, looking for new opportunities for promotion is also very important. read more

The end of the 5 week of Chinese COM total net increase of 12 thousand U S net reduction of 26 thou

IDC network ( on 05 August 06 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency shows that at the end of the 5 week, the total China domain.COM rose to 7020109, a net increase of 12661, compared with last week, the increase is reduced. The United States.COM domain name is still a downward trend, negative growth of 26068. Below, please look at the data review and analysis of IDC.

  (Figure 1) the end of the week of the world’s total.COM domain name list TOP10 read more

The 11 day of the day of the courier received 24 million the last day of delivery only 20

yesterday, the State Post Bureau announced the double 11 express the highest volume of business on the day of about 24 million, an increase of about 41% over last year, but with the previous Tmall announced a huge difference in the amount of the transaction volume of more than 100 million. Insiders said that this is because this year, double 11 orders will be shipped in batches, the first wave of courier peak has passed, the future is expected to be the 7 wave peak.

the last 20 days before delivery read more

Micro blog electricity supplier fell to the effect of the collapse of the U S

news June 28th, billion state power network that the entire May Sina micro-blog drainage effect is obvious in April on the electricity supplier, the top ten B2C sites of short chain reflux ratio only two more than 5000% Dangdang Gome in May, the overall situation has declined.

from Sina micro-blog data center data show that this year in May the share of hits the mainstream B2C electricity supplier website short chain for months continued to rise, the top ten B2C sites accounted for 83.1%; but the share declined slightly compared to April. For example, Tmall for several months to occupy the first share of short chain share, but in May its share of 9.3 percentage points lower than in April. read more

Amazon’s market value is still lagging behind WAL MART sales


technology news Beijing time on July 24th evening news, thanks to a strong second quarter results on Thursday, Amazon’s market value beyond America’s biggest retailer WAL-MART.

Amazon on Thursday released a strong 2015 quarter results of fiscal year second, revenue of $23 billion 180 million, net profit of $92 million, exceeding analyst expectations.

affected by this, Amazon shares in after hours trading sharply 17% to $564, a market capitalization of $262 billion 700 million, compared with WAL-MART’s market capitalization of $233 billion 500 million (based on Thursday’s closing price higher than 12%). read more

Highlight the electricity supplier price war Huihui assistant piercing eye Gome online advantage

August, the electricity supplier war peak phone again, the reporter through Huihui shopping assistant in August 18th 10, were selected and Jingdong both Gome online parity in the sales of proprietary products than low-priced goods accounted for the proportion of the total number of commodity category of coincidence. Prior to the benefits of assistant had released the same day the details of the 815, the United States and the United States to win a large online, and according to the latest statistics, the United States online and Jingdong in the low price of PK once again occupy the upper hand. read more

104 click on the Taobao 73 single transaction is the master of Amoy treasurer

this is the Tao guest so surprised? Some people will understand the Taobao store manager the generalization ability is very strong, in fact, today the topic with the generalization ability of basic detached, A5 on the promotion of the technique has published numerous articles on excellent, promotion seems to end, neither painful nor itching. I spit on the promotion, in fact there is no routine promotion at all, thinking problems ask why you can grasp. Anyway, why Taobao store manager is Taobao guest novice best tutor? Actually flow in the brain is the only guest jiumingcao, like many market Taobao store manager thinking, where every day this traffic, while ignoring the conversion rate, the number of visitors to know the sales = * conversion rate, I recently in Taobao customer data pay attention to their surprise store found 104 hits produced 73 single transaction, when I released the data post a lot of people have said I’m bragging, indeed I was surprised, but in fact the data is so. read more

Baidu alliance amnesty Google’s gate on

      the latest news, Google recently because of the Adsense title by a large number of webmaster public condemnation and contempt, but this is not what Google really let can’t sleep is contrary to their ban, Baidu is in the internal implementation of the amnesty policy alliance.

      I was also very surprised at the beginning, so I wrote a letter to the Baidu union administrator, the Union asked me to look at a related note:

"if your site recently 30 days average daily number of search (search) + daily show the amount (subject + (business) to show the amount of daily radio service) is less than or equal to 3, the system will automatically determine your username is invalid. read more

Google Adsense to adjust to improve the quality of web pages

today, the news release, said the Google Adsense policy has been adjusted. There are two specific changes worthy of attention.

1. asked to publish this to improve the quality of the page.

2. can add more links to.

1 Google now requires Adsense publisher compliance "quality wizard spirit to do a website, which is similar to the Adwors Publishing Wizard, so that users get a better experience, easy Adsense content. This requirement is not mandatory.

2, Google allows Adsense users to place 3 link units on a web page instead of the previous 1 link units, which will be more conducive to Adsense users to get revenue. read more

Can make money free items really less and less

free Wangzhuan project, that is to say you can join some profitable investment projects, it is the novice favorites, such as the PTC click on the station, hook, investigation, coding and so on can be free to join, members do not invest a penny can do these projects, then in revenue. But the free Wangzhuan project to do is less and less, adding the number of a lot less, because the project income is less and less, so we have to turn to invest in projects.

for free items, everybody in the 08 year can do a good job, then free Wangzhuan PTC, although in addition to NeoBux, click on the other projects are not seconds to pay, but there are a lot of friends to do the full of sound and colour. Until 09 months later, free has entered the trough. Let all the friends get hit, but also a lot of other areas of the steering. Some people continue to do research projects, because of its good reputation, as long as there is an offline that is worth doing, and a lot of income. While some people are turning to investment, like some funds and foreign exchange speculation, and so on, the risk is big, but also do a good job of income. read more

Junior students do Nanjing people’s Taobao site

"dog in the manger never do things." In the face of the Jiangsu Business Daily reporter, the source of the light to say his motto".

23 year old

to the source was a student at Sanjiang University Department of computer science major in computer, when it comes to business he has his own unique insight: "an elite IT once said" don’t ever work for others ", this sentence let me benefit.  
read more