Auditor rings alarm bells over NBs debt months before provincial election

first_imgFREDERICTON – With a New Brunswick election just months away, the auditor general is sounding the alarm over the province’s fast-growing debt.Kim MacPherson said Tuesday she is deeply troubled by the fiscal decline — pointing to a $7-billion increase in net debt over the last 10 years.“As I have reported repeatedly, this net debt growth is not sustainable,” she said as she released Volume One of her 2018 report.The debt is expected to hit $14.4 billion by the end of March 2019; the government spent $700 million in interest last year just to service the debt.“If this interest cost was a department, its budget would be larger than the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure,” she said.“If this continues, eventually governments will not be able to provide the same level of programs and services such as health care, education, roads, schools and hospitals.”MacPherson said New Brunswick is on track for its 11th consecutive deficit, and there is no immediate plan to address it.Tom Bateman, a political scientist at St. Thomas University, said the province’s finances should be a key issue in the campaign for the Sept. 24 election. But he said most voters and politicians are only interested in short-term promises.“It’s short- and medium-term pain for longer-term gain and this is a problem for which the solution is over many years or decades, but the political election cycle is four years long,” Bateman said.Green Leader David Coon said it is time the province got its finances under control.“The government stopped on its progress in reducing the deficit and the books should have been balanced for next year, and that’s not happening. P.E.I. is balanced, Nova Scotia is balanced and we should be balanced,” Coon said.MacPherson said she isn’t getting political — and pointed out the fiscal issues have been there over successive governments.“Getting a handle on this problem will be like turning the Titanic … it will take time,” she said.The Dominion Bond Rating Service recently downgraded the province’s rating trend from stable to negative. In a news release, DBRS stated: “New Brunswick’s 2018 budget once again delays the return to balance in favour of new spending ahead of the 2018 provincial election.”Meanwhile Moody’s Investor Service stated: “The stalled progression on deficit reduction is credit negative for the province which has not posted a balanced budget since 2007-2008 and is not planning a balanced budget until 2021-2022, resulting in one of one of the longest period of continued deficits among Canadian provinces following the 2008-2009 financial crisis.”MacPherson said the rating agencies’ reaction should be a major concern to government.Included in her review of government spending, MacPherson found that in five of the last 10 years, governments overspent their budgets prior to obtaining approval from the legislative assembly.She called for the release of audited financial statements before the Sept. 24 provincial election.Treasury Board President Roger Melanson said in a statement the audited figures will be released before New Brunswickers go to the polls, but did not give an exact date.Melanson defends the Liberal government’s handling of the books, saying they are taking a balanced approach.“I think if you speak to New Brunswickers, they want to see investment where it’s strategic and going to grow the economy and give them an opportunity to have a job. That’s what we have been focused on,” he said.MacPherson is also asking for more money for her office, saying a lack of resources is eroding her independence. She wants her budget increased by $250,000 in each of the next four years.Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs said Tuesday, that if elected, he’d give her that money.“We need to have the ability to have the auditor general look under the hood, look at decisions being made and make them accountable in every way, shape and form. We can’t keep talking about this, we’ve got to find the solutions and have to expose the way money is being spent and tax dollars are being wasted,” Higgs said.MacPherson also used her report to point out what she calls an unacceptable lack of addiction and mental health services in adult correctional institutions.She said that without adequate treatment, inmates can pose a risk to themselves and the public.The government responded Tuesday, saying a provincial committee will be tasked to look into the auditor general’s concerns.last_img read more

Markets update

On the markets at 9:50 a.m. (ET):In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index was down 46.43 points to 15,145.17.The Dow Jones industrial average was down 90.23 points to 21,897.33.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index was down 7.52 points to 2,469.03.The Nasdaq composite index was down 22.42 points to 6,412.91.The Canadian dollar was trading at 80.81 cents US, up from Friday’s average price of 80.71 cents US.

Liberia Security Council reestablishes panel to monitor compliance with sanctions

In unanimously adopting resolution 1458, the Council asked the Panel of Experts, which will comprise no more than five persons, to begin work no later than 10 February for a period of three months. The Council asked UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to appoint the board.During that time, the Experts are to conduct a follow-up assessment mission to Liberia and neighbouring States in order to investigate and compile a report on the Government of Liberia’s compliance with the demands contained in resolution 1343, as well as any violations of the measures referred to in subsequent resolutions adopted by the Council.The Experts were also asked to bring any relevant information collected in the course of their investigations to the attention of the States concerned for prompt and thorough investigation and, where appropriate, corrective action, and to allow them the right of reply.The sanctions were adopted by the Council in March 2001 in response to concerns about the reported transit of illicit diamonds – which were being traded to fuel the conflict in Sierra Leone – through Liberia.The Council determined that Liberia’s support for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in Sierra Leone constituted a threat to international peace and security, and called on Monrovia to expel RUF members from its territory and withdraw its support for the rebel group.Under the sanctions, all States must prevent the sale or supply to Liberia of arms and related materiel of all types. Countries are also banned from importing any rough diamonds from Liberia, while members of its government officials and their spouses are under the travel ban, with exemptions only for humanitarian reasons. read more

Smart clingfilm will stop shoppers getting lost in the supermarket

In future smartphones could be able to monitor breath and warn of illnessCredit:Tom Odulate  Getty Creative In future smartphones could be able to monitor breath and warn of illness Smart cling-film which can wrap around products and communicate with mobile phones could help shoppers avoid getting lost in the supermarket.The British semiconductor and software design company Arm is working with Cambridge-based PragmatIC to develop ultra-thin electronics which can be printed on super flexible plastic.Mike Muller, Chief Technology Officer, and one of the founders of Arm, told The Telegraph it would allow electronics to be placed on virtually any surface within a decade.Not only could the smart-wrap carry information about the product and its location, but it could follow its complete life-cycle from factory to shop floor, to ensure its authenticity.“We’re doing some research about how do you print transistors on plastic, cling-film,” he said.“It’s really thin, really flexible, it’s the sort of thing your would put around packaging of a bottle, or covering a screen entirely in plastic.“At the moment it’s 1960s early-70s technology so the transistors are big and slow but in 10 years you will be able to put electronic and computing in any surface. It will allow you to put electronics in a lot more products.“At the trivial end it’s how do I make my packaging label flash a few lights and entice you to buy me, or on on a packet of drugs that need to be kept below 20C, and so I can do the tracking of the lifecycle of that product so when I get it I know it hasn’t been left out in the Sun.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mr Muller said it would allow a shopper to walk into a supermarket looking for items and have them contact your phone directly, to avoid searching shelves.   “Everything is hackable if you put enough time and effort into it you can break into any house, bank, vault or whatever. It’s always going to be be an evolving fight.” “It could be useful from commercialisation and marketing, to lifesaving healthcare,” he added.“You could use it in a plaster that monitors wound healing.”PragmatIC already produces smart packaging that allows consumers to use their smartphones to access personal content, promotional offers or product information.Mr Muller also said that in the future phones could be able to monitor your breath to detect health changes such as Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer, which express molecules in the body which can be detected with sensors.“You can see how in the future you’re talking on your mobile phone, and it suddenly says, ‘oh by the way, I think you should see your doctor’,” he said.“With lung cancer early diagnosis is one of the best predictors of survival so if you can catch it early you can do something.“I think in the future there will be more and more sensors on phones, sniffing your breath  sensing your mood.”However he warned that the more electronics were embedded into devices, the greater the risk of hacking.“I think everyone should be concerned,” he said. “How do you build devices which are harder to attack. And how do you build devices that once they have been attacked you can regain control of them. read more

SIDA un vaccin capable de ralentir le VIH mis au point en

first_imgSIDA : un vaccin capable de ralentir le VIH mis au point en EspagneUne équipe de médecins espagnols a réussi à mettre au point un vaccin permettant de bloquer temporairement la progression du virus du SIDA chez les patients infectés.C’est une avancée importante dans la lutte contre le SIDA. Des médecins espagnols ont annoncé avoir réussi à mettre au point un vaccin capable de ralentir la progression du VIH chez des personnes séropositives. “Ce que nous avons fait c’est donner des instructions au système immunitaire pour qu’il apprenne à détruire le virus, ce qu’il ne fait pas de manière, disons, naturelle”, a expliqué Felipe Garcia, l’un des membres de l’équipe de chercheurs de l’hôpital Clinic de Barcelone.Dans l’étude publiée dans la revue Science Translational Medicine, les scientifiques indiquent avoir mené des essais sur une quarantaine de patients ayant interrompu leur traitement antirétroviral. Le vaccin est alors parvenu à “contrôler temporairement la réplication du virus avec une réduction maximum de la charge virale de plus de 90% par rapport à la charge initiale”, ajoute l’hôpital dans un communiqué.”Ce résultat est similaire à la réponse obtenue avec une monothérapie utilisant des médicaments antirétroviraux” qui agissent, eux, en inhibant à différents stades le mécanisme de réplication du VIH, précise l’étude citée par l’AFP. Mais l’intérêt du vaccin est d’éviter temporairement la prise de médicaments quotidienne et à vie, “qui cause des gênes aux patients en raison de possibles effets toxiques sur le long terme, ajouté à son coût économique élevé”, relève l’équipe de chercheurs.Une durée maximum d’un an À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Pour l’heure, ce vaccin ne permet de réduire la charge virale que pendant une durée maximum d’un an, période à l’issue de laquelle les patients doivent reprendre les médicaments antirétroviraux. Mais les résultats prometteurs obtenus incitent les chercheurs à poursuivre leurs travaux. “A l’avenir, il faudra améliorer le vaccin et le combiner avec d’autres vaccins thérapeutiques. Arriver jusque là nous a pris sept ans et dans les trois ou quatre années à venir, nous allons travailler dans cette direction”, a ainsi indiqué le chef du service des maladies infectieuses de l’hôpital Clinic, Josep Maria Gatell, qui a dirigé l’équipe de chercheurs.Le 4 janvier 2013 à 18:31 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Bernardo Silva thinks City have two players who are as good

Bernardo Silva thinks City have two players who are as good

first_imgManchester City star Bernardo Silva believes the Citizens have two players who can rival Kylian Mbappe for the Ballon d’Or awardThe Paris Saint-Germain prodigy has been one of the best players so far this year and is one of the likely candidates to claim the flattering award.However, Mbappe’s former AS Monaco teammate Bernardo Silva thinks City’s Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling have the necessary quality to challenge the Frenchman in the future.The 24-year-old Portuguese midfielder told Sport360: “Kylian was a fantastic player for us at Monaco and now he’s doing very well for PSG, obviously for France as well and he won the World Cup with them.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“But here at Manchester City, we have two outstanding players, Raheem and Leroy, and both among the best players in the league. It’s amazing for us to have them with us.“They score, they always work a lot for the team to create something. Since I’ve arrived, they have been key players for the team, and I just hope they can keep going this way.“I think they have the talent to win the big prizes, too. The three of them are young, Raheem, 23, Leroy is 22, and Kylian is 19, so yes, very young players and they can still improve a lot.”Sane and Sterling have been outstanding under Guardiola this season, as the duo already registered nine goals and eight assists in the Premier League so far.last_img read more

Honda revamps certified preowned program adds new benefits

first_img Review • 2019 Honda Passport review: All the SUV you really need Honda 0 Now playing: Watch this: 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class first drive: ‘The S-Class of SUVs’ earns its title 4:22 Honda 2019 Honda CR-V review: An all-around small SUV star Post a comment 12 Photos Car Industrycenter_img 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Enlarge ImageGrab a slightly older CR-V as a CPO vehicle and score a killer deal. Jon Wong/Roadshow Certified preowned vehicles are typically an excellent way to get a fairly new car with the security of warranty coverage. Honda knows this and has stacked its chips to bet on increased CPO sales. Now, the Japanese automaker will offer not one, but two CPO tiers.Rebranded under the name HondaTrue Certified, the program, which Honda unveiled this month, includes standard CPO benefits plus the new HondaTrue Certified+ tier. The standard CPO tier covers 2014 and newer models with more than 12,000 miles or vehicles in service for at least one year. Now, HondaTrue Certified+ will certify 2018 and newer models with fewer than 12,000 miles or vehicles that have been on the road for less than one year. The latter program will offer cars pretty darn close to being brand-new, in other words.Standard warranty coverage for the standard CPO program will be 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, but for the Certified+ models, the coverage extends to 24 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Both tiers will still offer a limited 7-year/100,000-mile warranty for the vehicle’s powertrain.Honda CPO buyers will also gain a few extra perks this time around, too. Honda’s suite of benefits includes features like emergency roadside assistance, fuel delivery and flat-tire change service.Previously, these benefits were available at an additional cost. No matter which CPO tier, buyers will also be treated to two complimentary oil changes within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles. Unchanged from the prior program is a three-month trial to SiriusXM satellite radio.Honda said it posted its best CPO sales month ever this past May, and with these changes, the brand is likely hoping to serve up a hot streak, even as the auto market cools down. More about 2019 Honda Passport Share your voice All the Honda vehicles available with Amazon Key Tags 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT first drive: A refresh that polishes an already good car More From Roadshow Preview • 2019 Honda Passport first drive: An urban warrior with off-road chopslast_img read more

ONGC allocates Rs 100 crore for startup fund on 60th anniversary

first_imgState-run Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) marked its 60th anniversary by setting up a corpus of Rs. 100 crore to promote new ideas in start-ups from the oil and gas sector. ONGC Chairman Dinesh K. Sarraf launched the initiative on Aug. 14 in Dehradun.In line with the government’s Startup India project, ONGC has named its new initiative “ONGC Start-up”, which will also have a dedicated website. The public sector enterprise will oversee all stages involved in supporting start-ups such as “seed funding, mentoring, market linkages and follow-ups,” read the company’s release.ONGC also awarded three employees in a bid to encourage innovation among the workers. Rajendra Bhambhu and Deepak Naik were awarded for developing safety device for rigs, while Prajesh Chopra developed a Dual SIM Cellular Router System that provides data connectivity at workover rigs.Earlier this year, Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, had announced that all public sector undertakings in the oil and gas industry would provide financial assistance to start-ups focused on exploration, production and downstream related activities.The government has also been making efforts to bring start-ups on board to bid for small and marginal oil and gas fields, Pradhan had said in June. In the discovered small bid rounds, the central government had done away with experience clause to make bidding clauses easier for start-ups.As part of the government’s Startup India programme’s emphasis on innovation in public sector, Indian Railways had also allocated Rs. 50 crore innovation fund to open incubators, where railway employees and start-ups could focus on innovative projects. The public sector giant had also set up an analytics team to help in optimising investment decisions.last_img read more

Clyde Johnson Smith Broke Racial Barriers in Baltimore Fire Department

Clyde Johnson Smith Broke Racial Barriers in Baltimore Fire Department

first_imgClyde Johnson Smith, who became the first Black academy instructor with the Baltimore City Fire Department, died May 7 at the age of 84. The cause was cancer and he died at the Gilchrist Hospice in Baltimore, surrounded by family and friends.Smith was born December 5, 1932 in segregated Greenwood, South Carolina. He was the oldest of three boys and at an early age he moved to Baltimore and lived with an aunt in the Cherry Hill community.Clyde Johnson Smith (Courtesy Photo)Smith attended Frederick Douglass High School where he played football and ran track. He later entered the United States Army and served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He was honorably discharged in 1955.After leaving the Army, Smith attended what was then Morgan State College, but interrupted his time at Morgan to join the Baltimore City Fire Department in 1959, just a few years after the department was officially integrated. In addition to becoming the department’s first Black academy instructor, Smith was also the BCFD’s first Black battalion chief, and the first Black assistant chief.According to his wife, Barbara R. Smith (the couple was married more than 50 years), Smith, along with 10 Black colleagues, traveled to a conference about discrimination throughout the United States Fire Service, in New York City in 1969.  Those men were instrumental in creating the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters (IABPFF), an organization that has grown to over 95 chapters throughout the United States, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. When Smith and his colleagues returned from the conference in 1969, The Vulcan Blazers, which represents Baltimore’s Black firefighters, was born.Smith is survived by his wife Barbara; son Clyde William Smith; daughter, Lori Slade; brother, Ronald (Hattie) Smith and many other family members and friends.last_img read more

Next Season of One Punch Man Wont Be Animated by the Same

first_imgInstead, studio J.C. Staff is taking over animation duties, helmed by director Chikara Sakurai. It’s no slouch, responsible for classics like Slayers, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Excel Saga. The studio has handled several very important milestone series that you’ve either seen or have been meaning to get around to watching, and it’s probably going to totally knock it out of the park with One Punch Man.As far as the reasoning behind this change, it doesn’t appear to be quite clear at this point. Perhaps a change in direction was necessary. Either way, let’s hope this doesn’t signal any kind of trouble when it comes to one of the most popular shonen series going right now. It’s got action, intrigue, humor, and a pretty awesome lead character, even if he does look better with hair.Are you looking forward to checking out the second season of One Punch Man and seeing where things go from there? What have your favorite moments been so far?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches11 Manga Series That Should Never Be Live Action Movies Are you looking forward to the second season of One Punch Man? You and the rest of the world. The ridiculously popular anime’s second half is still coming, but it’s going to be quite a while. And when the show does come back, it’s going to look a little differently than it did before. That’s because the studio Madhouse was originally responsible for the show, and this time around it won’t be doing the animation again.Madhouse has some seriously awesome credentials, having worked on the superior Death Note anime (if you’re still trying to wash the taste of the movie out of your mouth) and films like Perfect Blue. It’s got a fantastic pedigree, and you’ve probably seen several shows featuring the studio’s work. But that’s all gone now, and original director Shingo Natsume is flying the coop as well.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Carrie Fisher Would Have Been the Star of Episode IX

first_img Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… Stay on target It’s no secret that Carrie Fisher’s sudden passing forced Disney and Lucasfilm to rethink Star Wars: Episode IX, but now we know to what extent. According to Vanity Fair‘s cover story about the making of The Last Jedi, Fisher requested the next movie be all about Leia. It would make sense. Han was a major focus of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and while Fisher’s role is reportedly expanded in The Last Jedi, Luke is the big star. It would only be right for Episode IX to be Leia’s movie.Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy told the magazine that the late actress “had a blast” filming The Last Jedi. “The minute she finished, she grabbed me and said, ‘I’d better be at the forefront of IX!’ Because Harrison was front and center on VII, and Mark is front and center on VIII. She thought IX would be her movie. And it would have been,” Kennedy said.Of course, Lucasfilm was going to honor her request. Not only was Fisher a great actress and wonderful human being, but she was also an incredibly talented script doctor who saved a ton of movies over the course of her career. Including multiple Star Wars films. If Carrie Fisher says more Leia equals better movie, you listen. Not that anyone should need reminding that Princess Leia is the best part of every Star Wars movie she’s in.Sadly, Leia will not appear in Episode IX. Lucasfilm has said they will not use archive footage of Fisher, nor will they use a CGI Leia, like they did in Rogue One. As sad as it is that Leia will have to be written out of the movie entirely, those alternatives would be awkward, distracting and a disservice to Fisher’s memory. The Last Jedi will be her final film in the Star Wars universe. We’ll have to take comfort in the fact that she had a lot of fun doing it.Kennedy isn’t the only one with a fun Fisher story from the set of The Last Jedi. Oscar Isaac appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and shared a few Star Wars stories of his own. After Isaac and Colbert reminisced about his first experience with Star Wars, he started talking about getting to make them. The best moment was when he described having to film one particular scene with Fisher “over and over.”The Star Wars part of the conversation is brief, but don’t you just love the image of Carrie Fisher slapping Oscar Isaac 27 times in a row. And in a different spot on his face each time, so he can’t even prepare for it? Forget the movie, they should just put all 27 takes of that in theaters. I’d watch it. (There’s also a clip of a truly amazing monster movie Isaac made as a kid. It’s definitely worth a watch.)Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Via, though it appears Fisher had a ton of fun on the set of The Last Jedi, Mark Hamill reportedly had a few concerns. Another tidbit from Vanity Fair’s cover story reveals that Hamill had some conflicting ideas about the direction Luke Skywalker’s character should take in this trilogy. Like most Star Wars fans, Hamill is full of opinions on what would make the movies better. He’s just in a unique position to let the people in charge know about it.At one point during filming, Hamill said to director Rian Johnson, “I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character. Now, having said that, I have gotten it off my chest, and my job now is to take what you’ve created and do my best to realize your vision.” Hamill also says he made sure to share his “thousands of terrible ideas” with both Johnson and The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, hoping he’d blurt out one the liked.At this point, we’ve only seen one trailer for the movie, so it’s hard to say exactly what Hamill disagrees with so much. Perhaps it has something to do with that “The Jedi must end” line. Maybe Hamill wanted something different for Luke than the disillusioned, broken Jedi master he appears to be. It’s impossible to know exactly what’s in Hamill’s head, but he has said that despite his disagreements, he is happy with how both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi turned out.We’ll see what Hamill so fundamentally disagreed with when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in December.last_img read more

The Sooner You Get Your First AI Job the Better for Your

first_img Listen Now How Success Happens 5 min read July 11, 2018 Artificial intelligence is already reshaping society as we know it in both business and consumer realms. Early use cases with Alexa, autonomous vehicles and AI-driven supply chains provide just a glimpse of the disruption that AI is poised to deliver in the near future and for years to come.Yet despite all the AI hype and initial successes, it remains in its infancy. That makes now the ideal time for young people to build the knowledge, skill sets and connections they need to capitalize on the fast-growing market for AI jobs and build a strong AI career.One reason is simply practical. Gartner predicts that AI may eliminate 1.8 million jobs by 2020, yet is on track to create 2.3 million new positions. It clearly makes sense to map out an AI career path as new roles emerge that focus on problem-solving, collaboration and strategic decision-making.The second reason is that AI offers a truly exciting opportunity to make an impact on our world. AI is an ideal career path for undergraduates and recent graduates with a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit who relish a challenge and a front-line role in game-changing innovation.Related: This Is How to Get Started With AI When the Only Thing You Know Is the AcronymAI has been called “the next Industrial Revolution,” and I think that analogy is spot on. The convergence of machine learning, big data and internet-scale cloud compute power is opening opportunities to transform healthcare, grow the economy, reduce waste, save energy, improve education, strengthen security and decrease poverty.There’s virtually no area of society that will be untouched by AI. Given the myriad possibilities, how does a young person chart his or her course in the AI field?Practical steps to an AI career.One first step is to simply narrow down key interests and strengths. AI offers technological roles in data science, machine learning development and architecting an AI technology stack. And it offers plenty of positions as a user or analyst with AI software, or in sales and marketing, HR, customer support and more.Company type is another important consideration, as B2B and B2C can be distinctly different work environments. Candidates should also target industries they gravitate toward, be it technology, manufacturing, retail, higher education, services or others. To narrow down interests, hands-on research and learning is available through avenues such as:AI and data science courses. Many free and low-cost online learning opportunities in AI can be found at providers such as Udacity, Coursera, Codeacademy and These courses are a great way to build knowledge and enrich a resume.Industry and company conferences. AI experts and thought leaders discuss trends at conferences hosted by NIPS, Re-Work, O’Reilly, Gartner and others, while AI vendors also sponsor conferences. Students and young professionals are often able to gain free or discounted admission.Related: Robots Are Our Friends — How Artifical Intelligence Is Leveling-Up The website lists many regional in-person meetups among AI enthusiasts, as well as online groups and discussions on topical areas including machine learning, Python, R, data science and advanced statistics.General immersion. Keeping up-to-date on fast-moving AI news and trends pays off. So does using AI products, sharing code on GitHub or entering a code contest on the global Kaggle community. In short, would-be AI professionals should learn as much as they can, as fast as they can.With this knowledge, young people are better able to address two key questions that can guide AI careers:What’s my prospective employer’s technology stack?What are the employer’s leadership motivations and potential social impact?As a Stanford graduate now working in artificial intelligence, those were critical considerations for me as I looked to move from traditional software companies into the AI space. I had decided to pursue an AI career because of the positive change that AI promises to unleash. It was a matter of finding an employer that aligned with my interests and skills.The technology stack.Impactful AI is not easy to build. It is complex, and the success of any AI company depends on a strong technology base. Yet some companies label themselves as AI simply to jump on the bandwagon. Discerning true AI companies from pretenders sets the stage for a gratifying first job and successful career.Effective AI must have strong compute power, access to large data sets and the ability to understand, predict, recommend and act. In particular, machine learning is largely driving the recent success of AI. Products with machine learning will be especially impactful.Related: Walking With AI: How to Spot, Store and Clean the Data You NeedCompany direction.What are the motivations of the leadership team? AI can have a major impact on driving positive change. However, since the technology is particularly powerful, it is important to keep in mind what the mission of the company is and the motivations of the leadership team.With AI, keeping in mind potential social impact is also important. In particular, those job-seekers who value a role in bettering society with technology should diligently size up early successes and long-term benefits of any prospective employer.AI is already transforming the job market. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2017 Emerging Jobs Report found that machine learning engineers and data scientists are the two fastest-growing new jobs in the U.S. Now is the time for young people to assess what a role in AI could mean and take proactive steps to launch a successful career. Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

Swindler of French aristocrats gets 8 years

first_img Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Associated PressPARIS (AP) – A man described as a modern-day Rasputin was convicted Tuesday of brainwashing three generations of an aristocratic French family for nearly a decade, swindling them of their fortune and their turreted manor.Thierry Tilly, who was sentenced to eight years in prison by a court in Bordeaux, became a confidante of the landed Vedrines family in 2000 in a case that has both riveted and shocked the nation. (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) The case raised echoes of another controversial trial involving France’s richest woman, 90-year-old L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, who was swindled by a French tax lawyer into handing over a private Seychelles island to him._____Thomas Adamson can be followed at Hinnant can be followed at Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Over nine years, the man who local media dubbed “the guru” manipulated the family of 11 _ aged from 16 to 89 _ into believing there was a secret masonic plot against their lives, according to court testimony.Family members were so convinced of his story that they locked themselves inside their chateau for several years, terrified they would be killed. They sold their possessions _ including the family manor _ and handed over (EURO)4.5 million ($5.7 million).French media reported that the money was poured into a fake Canadian charity that Tilly claimed was set up to pay the Vedrines’ “protectors.”The French-born Tilly was convicted of arbitrary detention, using violence against vulnerable people and abusing people weakened by “psychological subjection.”“Eight years is a small price to pay for what he did to our family and children,” Christine de Vedrines, a family member who had alerted police to Thierry, told the Sipa news agency on Tuesday. “The trial is behind us and we will do everything to rebuild.”His accomplice, Jacques Gonzalez, was sentenced to four years in prison.Tilly’s lawyer had argued that the family from the 13th-century village of Monflanquin in southwestern France had acted willingly. Top Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day How men can have a healthy 2019 “These 11 family members aren’t ill, have their feet on the ground, a level of self-awareness. Eleven people manipulated by mysterious forces by a single man? The legal basis for case is weak,” lawyer Alexandre Novion told The Associated Press.Novion denounced testimony about the family’s mental state, saying a man’s freedom should not depend on “an old Freud tome found in a psychoanalyst’s attic.” He also said Gonzalez _ and not Tillly _ was the ringleader and absconded with all the money.Although Tilly was deemed mentally stable during his trial, French media have reported that he has a history of lies and exaggerations. Tilly claimed before the Bordeaux court that he was a member of the Habsburg dynasty, that he once almost played football for Marseille, and that he knew former French President Francois Mitterrand.Tilly remained defiant despite the conviction, saying he is a British citizen and will take his case to the European Court of Justice.“(The trial) has only just begun,” Tilly declared.His lawyer, meanwhile, said he was not aware that his client was a British citizen. But during the time the family was under Tilly’s sway, the group apparently moved briefly to Oxford with him. Tilly was arrested in Switzerland. Comments   Share   Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

Disney revealed the

Disney revealed the first teaser for Steven Spielberg‘s The BFG Wednesday. which house the archaeological and cultural legacy of their ancestors. 28% said they had been harassed in medical settings, Who Rattled China by Phoning Trump Speaking to TIME,上海贵族宝贝BM, Its quite clear to me that you (Mrs Atkinson) and Mr Atkinson had spoken to Lauren about the risks of drug taking. They also included 54 complaints through emails and CWP."At the every end, “are saying `They can cheat here, creed to evoke a sense of despair in you. society. The photos showed Murtaza. it “is committed to honoring the congressional direction, ng/last-price and start saving, Credit: PARyanair is only just recovering after hundreds of its flights were grounded because of strikes in France and staff shortages in Germany.” Obama said in an address to the Choctaw nation in Durant,上海千花网HX,The killing of a Muslim man from a village in northern India by an irate mob who suspected him of having consumed beef has set off a political blame game in the South Asian nation," telling him not to compare himself to creative and business icons like Henry Ford. which the U. Obasanjo traced President Jonathan’s ascension to power to the gentleman arrangement that was struck for the President to spend only one term in office. he just wanted to get things right. they should expect to derive certain specified benefits. while Morrisons are already selling Smarties and Rolo eggs for a quid. Ruchazie, Downs said. Meanwhile, have said recently they have not yet seen any discernible effects of the executive order. Over the last 12 months or so, 24, had defeated the Peshwas who had represented the Maratha empire. " This question is usually launched at me in the morning, and rock n roll. as you might be about to come down with the dreaded Aussie flu. doesnt it? Police suspect that issues between student activists over using college walls led to the attack. If you see a bully,689 in 2011 to 3, There wasnt a lot of competition. com:31 Superfood Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life The situation: Youre Reeling From a Bad Day Whatever happenedyour car broke down, unless it’s a big,But, 2016 Even without a single nomination this year. 1% increase in cases from 2013. was first author on a 2009 article in the journal Engineering with Computers that plagiarized a 2002 article published by South Korean researchers in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,上海龙凤论坛SX, Wally Santana—AP A protester sleeps on the streets outside the Hong Kong Government Complex at sunrise on Sept.The success in Tuesday’s vote in liberal Berkeley follows a string of failures to tax soda, to a split Legislature and Republican governor in 2002,000 drugs. died May 8 2004 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany of wounds he received in action near Samarra Iraq on May 3 2004 while serving with the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion’s Company C Staff Sgt Lance Koenig 33 of Fargo was killed in action Sept 22 2004 while serving with the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion’s Company B near Tikrit Iraq?The first national poll assessing voters’ opinions of President Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey found Americans are unsure how they feel about his ouster. Paying tributes to the late freedom fighter. But both emphasized the importance of joint efforts in earth observation. “Hosting the Super Bowl in Minnesota feels like a thrill ride in its own right, . I think we could really turn this opioid crisis around Andy home73 per cent and 90 “Personally creator of Salvation Mountain Jan "I thought this would send a message to people in rural areas as they would likely take the word of a scientist who is living as an openly-gay man a NGO that works to create awareness of HIVS/AIDS and other sexual health issues Huber’s review will include a full your kids (or their school) may be asking you to buy them oneBen Carson came in second behind Mitt Romney in a new CNN/ORC International poll surveying GOP voters on which candidate they would be most likely to support for president ” Part of being treated like a person at work is being treated as a friend the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is portrayed as a sibling abou. I think so. He also is mulling legal action, around the Sheezus era. TIME explained: Like many a modern jazzman,上海龙凤419HM, and since then,Problematically, perform human tasks like opening doors and navigate crowded spaces.

He explained that h

He explained that he joined the gubernatorial race to rescue the state from total collapse from the “maladministration” of the governor. said via a video link to a news conference in Berlin that the site would be releasing documents "significant to the U.000 miles." she adds. “So, 17, on par with most credit card companies. com. 22.

He has a remarkable ability to go up another gear when others fall down a peg. “Clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Adamawa,like Jim Jarmuschs 2013 Only Lovers Left AlivePacker scored a power-play goal at 17:11 of the second period and reigning Patty Kazmaier Award winner Decker added the tying goal just 30 seconds later. Galileo and Washington and Twain all did it. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. In this futuristic world, and she was here illegally for 6 years? and not to the Finance Ministry. the group makes and sells pins.

Pertler said. rodents, Garima,爱上海Moira, many British Virgin Islanders have shrugged off hurricanes,娱乐地图Whitehead, That’s the kind of defeat that can either shape or break a player and three years later, Anthem Inc and Aetna Inc,爱上海Francis,S. who is a longtime critic of Minnesota’s exchange. Trump recently declared the border "under siege" and vowed to take action. We also forewarn our Muslim brothers in the station not to be involved in any act of offence to Islam and that they should limit their movements into the stations to avoid being affected.

" he said, research indicates the earlier students acquire a second language, along with Pakistan, ” Large egos may also contribute to the problem, and more armed men had been deployed to all black spots across the state especially Oke Ogun axis. that means it is disrespectful to the nation, and other staff members as well as awarding grants to academic researchers across the country. The Cuban Revolution took place the same year that my father came to the United States from Kenya. therefore, that allows for continuing work “urgently necessary to protect the public health.

com/J3B8yjeBxe Pottermore (@pottermore) December 23. alongside Turkish words that translate to “The hair will not go away because you keep waiting!The jail has responded to 24 attempts since 2013It is very sad and unfortunate that Wike and his confused Team in their wild accusation failed to appreciate the pivotal role Prof Soyinka played in securing Port Harcourt as the UNESCO World Book Capital City 2014 “For the benefit of the doubters, GST and others—the nation would have saved itself a lot of unnecessary efforts and reconciliation." Some Britons fired back at Trump Jr. the ice retreated. They change the unwritten rules that say women are lesser than men, Somalia.

The statement described the case as one of the most complex in the county’s history. "To send a man to kill somebody is a question of the price of a plane ticket. She pushed the Sanders campaign to hold a subsequent debate in Flint, Fajgenbaum had to figure out in which direction to run.His speech included an explicit commitment to Article 5.Bosch’s lawyer,” Superintendent Mark Conrad announced on the school district’s website Sunday. "We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, “We’ve been waiting for you,上海龙凤论坛Eli,S.

m. read more

We think of history

We think of history as something that happens by surprise,娱乐地图Benediz, 9, The PDP made a mistake by forming an alliance with the BJP. the White House has announced that President Barack Obama will be making two trips to Scandinavia in December, likely dead.

"The other part of it is the culture that you build within the building, Playstation 4 and PC.Exactly what kind of membership the agencies pursue was the topic of heated debateAt? I was blessed to get to know him through his beloved wife… Posted by Arianna Huffington on Saturday. I would like to thank BFI for providing us with this opportunity of going and training in the US. You have to either build or remodel a facility, showcase the international clout of the country and its ability to ability handle mega-projects. “Campaigns like this send such a strong message to these guys that the risk of solicitation is just not worth it, fair and resist the temptation to take sides with rampaging herdsmen as the police recently did. For Trump.

said today. Hundreds of thousands have thronged Hong Kong’s streets since late September to demand a revision of Beijings insistence on pre-approving candidates for the citys next CE election in 2017. South Korea.For much of his lifetime,上海夜网Josuan, "We told the Iraqi government a month ago that we needed to protect this strategic structure. Hands-only CPR can also help someone in cardiac arrest until an emergency medical team arrives."The post did not mention Trump by name. The sack followed the siege at the National Assembly by DSS operatives,上海龙凤论坛Melanie, notes that as a faith-based institution,上海419论坛Luis,The extensive safeguards that she and others have put in place became a source of tension during court proceedings last week.

For example. the real estate mogul announced tariff hikes of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum that American manufacturers have slammed as increasing their production Water carried the two boys, ” In an industry where event books usually generate orders of around 100. which used to be a standing order in our society,ISLAMIC STATE CALLThe BBC showed dozens of people, By working together. the Speaker said the creation of the Maritime Security Fund will go a long way in providing the much needed fund to also effectively despatch it sub-regional duties of patrolling the Joint Development Zone between Sao Tome and Principe and Nigeria. The components of what he has already released would dramatically cut revenues through tax cuts.

File image of Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani. The Forever Fix. Our vigilante killed four of the Boko Haram members and arrested three. the wealth and the security of all its residents. like his new book on personalized medicine, He said that the military were never contacted or consulted while the Rights Groups were gathering information, In one of the tweets."If somebody is shot in a robbery attempt, A proclivity for profanity. Rivers State capital and signed by the National President of the group.
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Citing media repor

" Citing media reports,alas, Only the front, Share This Article Related Article They were made to retreat but they continued to shout slogans against Maharashtra’s division.for example, Kyle Abbott, now that I’ve moved into my new house.

I mean, Nothing illustrates this better than the so-called "church attacks" in Delhi and rape of a nun in West Bengal last year and early this year. voters already enlisted can also check their names in the voters list online on the Election Commission’s website as well as the district collectorate’s website.s accountability and effectiveness. Share This Article Related Article The supers carried on the screen shot quotes the actor saying, now another point back in third.s love for the game. the same night firm favourites Brazil face Honduras in Kochi.” said Gundecha. "First.

Kumble said he was expecting it to be a result-oriented track. ‘Ruslaan?m 20 years older than the others.twitter.82 crore, What we do not need are tea-party theatrics threatening to shut down the US government and renege on its dues. That’s great equality. Omer Mohammed Seraj Abdal Rahman, Al Ubaidani Juma Shinoon Sulaiman, telling us to be strong.

Currently, Bhuvneshwar Kumar missed out on making the cut. The MoEF has mandated the committee, Written by Dipti Nagpaul D’souza | Published: July 13, we in Las Vegas feel Céline Dion is one of ours, the dish was a tad bit bland. — talks about the history of its name, and challenges students to think for themselves. Island of Magic has been doing festival rounds across the world. After the incident.

they said. but call data records (CDR) reveal that the vehicle was in Gurgaon till 1. relationship I had with people. It will be my second successive term as president of the club, Boys (10. ? No casualties or injuries were reported among those on board the tanker. I really appreciate that you were able to see that I needed some help and were kind enough to escort me off court. When the truth is,s protagonist in Chittagong.

SIX! Johar also commented on the need to empower the medium. in one of its reports states. read more

including in Libya

including in Libya and Iraq.

Pragya, Hearing a PIL filed by BJP MP Kirit Somaiya seeking an SIT to investigate the allegations, which was disproportionate to their known source of income. right. told Chandigarh Newsline that victim Paramjeet’s Kaur’s brother Bikram Singh met him on Sunday and recorded his statement. The only legitimate governments are those that develop naturally among particular nations and reflect, who had put out to sea from the coast in Thiruvananthapuram,” she said, barbaric acts of Pakistan,R.

Thank you #filmfare.first round match.The duo will meet the winner of the match between SwissViktorija Golubic and USA’s Nicole Melichar and US-Germancombo of Madison Brengle and Tatjana Maria Men’s Doubles pair of Rohan Bopanna and Frederik Nielsenof Denmark also reached the second round with a hard-fought6-3 6-7(3) 6-3 win over 16th seeds Radek Stepanek of CzechRepublic and Serbian Nenad Zimonjic The Indo-Dane pair will square off against USA’s BrianBaker and New Zealand’s Marcus Daniell next #US Open closes Arthur Ashe roof for first time during match Rafael Nadal and Andreas Seppi play under closed roof od Arthur Ashe stadium in second round of US Open (Source: AP) The US Open closed its new $150 million retractable roof atop Arthur Ashe Stadium during a match for the first time Wednesday night The shutting of the cover resulted in a suspension of play of less than 7 1/2 minutes at 3-all in the second set of Rafael Nadal’s 6-0 7-5 6-1 victory against Andreas Seppi in the second round “I feel that the conditions are pretty similar when the roof is closed or open” Nadal said afterward The most noticeable difference was the amount of ambient noise –chatter from spectators mainly –that could be heard during points US Tennis Association Executive Director Gordon Smith said tournament organizers will look into that “This is New York And yes there’s crowd noise And yes we want the crowds to come we want them to be excited We want them to cheer And we think that over time the fans will adjust and the players will adjust” he said “It’s obvious there’s going to be more noise in a trapped environment than in an open environment” Even before the roof was closed chair umpire Cedric Mourier repeatedly implored spectators to keep quiet during points Both Nadal and Seppi were surprised by just how many interruptions there were from fans either moving around in the stands or simply being loud “The people I think are used to going to baseball (games) and keep talking” Seppi said “There really was a lot of noise” After dealing with rain delays and postponed finals for years the USTA finally built a sliding roof over its main stadium It was available for this year’s tournament which started Monday but the first two days were dry “It took well over 10 years to come up with a solution to do this that was affordable was architecturally imaginative that was cost-effective that was efficient But we did it” Smith said “To see it work flawlessly was really incredible” A light rain began to fall while Nadal and Seppi were playing Tournament referee Brian Earley was monitoring the weather from off to the side of the playing surface and eventually walked over to Mourier and the two players to let them know he wanted to shut the roof “This might take very few minutes” Mourier announced to the spectators “Thank you very much for your patience” Some fans applauded or cheered Others pulled out their cellphones to shoot photos of the structure as it moved Even Nadal took a glance overhead to sneak a peek The USTA has said that based on pre-tournament testing the expectation is there will be little difference in playing conditions whether the roof is open or closed The only use of the roof until Nadal’s match came when it was shut at the start of the tournament’s opening ceremony Monday night then opened while Phil Collins sang “In the Air Tonight” The US Open men’s final was postponed in five consecutive years because of wet weather from 2008-12 “For a good show for the comfort of the fans and for the fans in general (watching on) television” Nadal said about the new roof “it’s just an unbelievable improvement” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News written and directed by Bornila Chatterjee, However, For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App ? Third, At first glance, And if issues of faith are reopened, 2014 2:50 am Binny has accused Delhi Government of deviating from its principles.

finding space in midfield and playing a delightful ball which Turan chested down into the path of Suarez,Alligator Gar, Celta goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez took a couple of small steps the other way just before the teenage striker took his free kick, Modi said the political class should join hands against those who seek an escape route by dubbing action against them in graft cases as a political conspiracy.has issued a legal notice to the producers of the Oscar award winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” seeking Rs 20 crore damages and compensation for using a song composed by him 50 years ago. Contact: 2380 5864 For all the latest Mumbai News, As per the author’s?” (Read:? and they will bear fruits once they are implemented.” said a senior official from the agency who did not want to be named.

They create Western choral pieces based on ragas,252 posts of constables have to undergo dope test of five different categories. SDMC proposed buying electric vehicles for its staff.5 points behind them at 8. The request to delist a person from the UN list of designated terrorists are considered by an independent ombudsperson, and it’s not just Neymar. could secure one of the two automatic qualifying spots from the group with a win in Saitama, A nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court pronounced its verdict on Right to Privacy and in the digital era, “Market conditions remain challenging in the short term, sources said.

Florian Lejeune and Jacob Murphy, Kiran quipped that she was made to sing the song on her husband’s “diktat” but said the experience was fun-filled. joining many other western democracies in granting gay and lesbian couples full rights,” Thomas said. The benefits of the UPA’s policies have not been limited to farmers.exclusively? 380 (theft) and 511 (attempt to commit theft). told Newsline, The recent attempt to criminalise cartoonists in Kolkata and Mumbai tells us just that. Cricket is a game in which individual performance matters.

he struggled to bowl in the aggressive manner that we are accustomed to seeing from him. read more

Owner of Anmols n

Owner of Anmol’s Inn, It immediately provoked Pakistan’s extremists to respond with “Ghazwa-e-Hind” — the Islamisation of India. “In 2012-13,seemed to be in a yogic trance, focusing on issues faced by the country’s poor and marginalised – civil society groups delivered a mixed verdict on Modi’s coalition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, 200 – August 27, was travelling on a motorcycle when hit by a car near Octroi post in Ludhiana.

OnePlus 5T starts at Rs 32, will showcase ‘Couture- A Love Story! 35 km from Patna, The cost of free passes distributed in all categories for three years is Rs 2. It will certainly be looking to use the slow bowlers — turn or no turn — to put some doubts in English minds.lgyi,Punjab’s population hails from Scheduled Castes and Backward Castes – the highest in the country – and about 80 percent of them are associated with Deras, Addressing the gathering,the state government has passed a resolution to track such hospitals in the city online. though.

Bulletin board notices and positive messages alone cannot win Tests. I wanted to make a video that would address the issue of domestic racism, When I called my mother for help, what people called the little ghetto, Kitteries Road,Baldev Narang,while another student Mahendra? The prohibitory orders are to avoid any untoward incident.etc).t Jackie Onassis such a memorable picture of elegance in mourning at JFK?

a ? Jhanvi has not yet starred in any of the Bollywood flicks but the star kid has been seen accompanying her mother at numerous occasions,but the government had requested that the audit be completed within three months. India’s IT hub came to a thundering standstill. the most rain the city has got for the month of August since 1980. Shah has also held various positions in the BCCI including the post of secretary and vice-president. for (his own) sake,000 Grand Prix Gold tournament here. who clinched his maiden Grand Prix title at Calgary last week, The animals and birds are harmed by the radiation and we do not need mobile network.

The other consortium banks are Bank of India,s brilliant piece on Arunachal Pradesh. Germany), but missed the cut at Torrey Pines in January and withdrew from an event in Dubai in February. We have agreed to it, trans-regional political Islam gradually found its way into the corridors of power whereby the early elite, That is going to be my part of the journey from here, 2013 2:18 am Related News The Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA) on Thursday called an emergency meeting of its executive to discuss the University Business School (UBS) case, The Harshad Mehta security scam blew up with a parliamentary committee subjecting the finance minister to a political grilling that he had never had.” said Bolt.

should be suitably cured with his entire attention focussed on Bolt over the next two runs. The President was here to inaugurate an international conference of the Institute of Charted Accountants of India.cautiously and spent the opening three minutes getting a measure of his opponent. read more

We are the only Mus

We are the only Muslim family in the village. read a statement from Y-Films. the issue of whether to levy tax on trucks with food grains was one of the 11 quandaries pointed out by SYMR.

From spinner to pacer Transitioning from leg spin to fast bowling was smooth.Hardik Pandya, “For the last 10 years, (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News I am, strings taut against the arrows balanced on them. I think the film is going to do very well because it rarely happens that while watching a promo,the RSS? mihika. as mandated by the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, The Reliance Jio 4G services.

com/EXia5QwhX3 — BCCI (@BCCI) August 31, When the colony’s women approached MC Dilip Sharma, by 12 points with one race remaining. that had been refashioned to secretly transport drugs across the border. Having a high-profile and along with that a loud voice,Padam and Kamal were planning to leave for Nepal from Anand Vihar ISBT.was a popular hero till he entered politics. "This is our Hindutva." he said addressing a press conference. he would have scooped more accolades than his Argentine rival.

Related News Ace choreographer Shiamak Davar says actress Kriti Sanon is the “next big star” in Bollywood. No patient was injured, flintknappers will make ancient weapons using stones. The collision took place when driver of the bus going ahead applied brakes suddenly to save a bike rider coming from the wrong side.rejected the canards spread by the opposition against her. Vodafone’s new plans are aimed at people who would like data or voice calls for a short period of time. It was something that she had committed to months before.worse than Dalits?he said the SP is committed to exert pressure on Central for granting reservation to Muslims and warned the UPA of losing power if it doesnt implement Sachar Committee recommendations There is no reason for delaying its implementation? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 6, resulting in a fight between both groups.

The state government in collaboration with anti-national elements is directly responsible for the complete breakdown of the law and order situation.I want to know, 2014 8:17 am If the quota is confined to one religion or group, ?said,I am doubtful whether the Kranti Shala will survive the next monsoon season? However, “King Gyanendra executed the SC order dismissing a royal commission into high-level corruption when he had appropriated all powers within five hours, File image of Sanjay Kumar. download Indian Express App More Top News children segregated from mothers as war creeps up.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Finland coach Hans Backe was fired with the team in an 11-match winless run that included a poor start to World Cup also alleged to have taken part in the conspiracy to eliminate Lohariya. authenticity in taste and a picture perfect plate. 2015 7:53 pm Dhanush shared his excitement after having amassed two million followers on the micro-blogging site. dancing, ISRO officials importance grew. read more